Who Are You?

What is the deal with all of the anonymous comments lately? They're not even from random people commenting on my rants, raves or ramblings. They're from crazy, unknown people trying to direct people to scary, cyber sites where who knows wait awaits them, or some other devious scheme.
Never mind the excitement it brings to see that someone has left a comment only to have the bubble burst to see it's just a cyber crazy. Oh well, I guess it's just part of this blogging world, isn't it? Even our blogs get junk mail. So now on top of the thousands of credit card applications, airline reward program applications, insurance companies trying to get me to switch...I now have blog junk mail. I'm thinking I'm going to strike it rich due to my vast Nigerian connections.


Why Didn't I Think of This Last Year?

If we can post our statuses, tweet our abbreviated thoughts, and put videos online of cats scratching themselves, surely I can blog my Christmas cards, right? As the days go by and the cards sit in their store packaging, I realize I will probably have to buy more cards and more stamps which means braving the post office with a kid in tow. And I am just too lazy this year.
So in keeping with these modern, technological times of ours, here is your 2009 Christmas card.

We wish everyone a happy and safe holiday. May the new year bring you what you wish for and more!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Love M, M & T.

*besides no one wants to read anything about our last year, it's about as boring as you can get and past family photos have taught me to just not bother. So you're really not missing out on anything. Maybe we'll try again next year!


It's THAT Time Again!

I'm going to make these next week....

...anyone want some?

Melissa, next time you're in NYC, check out dirtcandy. It's a restaurant by an ex-pat who just put Nanaimo bars on the menu. Although, they're a mint and sweet pea mix, so not sure how they'd taste, but it might be the closest you get since you don't live by me anymore!


The Girl Effect

It's probably a bad thing when you get sick of seeing your own blogs, isn't it? It must mean others get even more sick of previous posts! I need to step up and get this blog rolling again.
It's not for lack of trying, I would really love to share my many opinions with all of you, but I think the main topics of interest currently on the news are either ridiculously bloated in the coverage they are receiving, not worthy of being one of the top stories or not even being talked about because the world here doesn't seem to care for one reason or another.
When celebrity family problems became the night's breaking news is news to me, but surely there are other stories out there that should be shared. Isn't that what TMZ, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood and all those types shows, are for? Someone has to keep Mario Lopez employed.
Has anyone heard of the GirlEffect.org? I am not a usual Oprah watcher, but one day I decided to watch. I saw the video and listened to the issues they were talking about and was astounded.
From women dying in child birth, to women being raped and left for dead, treated as social outcasts, children sold into sex slavery to young girls being offered to men with AIDS due to their belief that sleeping with a virgin will cure the disease.
Do we really care if Tiger Woods had sex with other women? Isn't that a personal family matter?Why aren't these other issues, worlds away from us, being brought into view? Because they aren't salacious, they make us feel bad, guilty, sad...for the things we could be doing to help. It's amazing to think that in this world there are children who can not go to school because of their gender, families without enough money having to sell their children, communities that still hold such archaic beliefs about women, rape, AIDS....
I know this is far from uplifting, but its just been something on my mind lately. I haven't experienced discrimination in one form or another (that I am aware of) but this really hit home for me, it made me really see what's out there and it has left me truly perplexed.
Sorry for the downer of a topic but sometimes that's just what needs to be said. Check out this link and the video above, it's interesting and educational.


Looking Ahead

I wish I had something exciting to say kids, but I don't.
I've been trying to come up with something witty, thought provoking, even something mildly amusing, but I've had no luck. Many posts have been started and deleted...I just want to update my blog so I don't have to see that last post. So I guess I will just give you a here's to list:
Here's to:
new shows this week
25 days until Christmas
no snow in MN yet
shopping without the wee one in tow
family members to entertain said wee one
online shopping
Christmas candy
cookie exchanges
shortened upcoming church services
Christmas lights and wreaths up on my house
a hubby who puts them up for me
Nanaimo bars - oh how I can not wait for you!!!
appetizers on Christmas Eve
watching T on Christmas morning
Christmas tree shopping next week (yes Mark, next week)
no more work travel for Mark this year
holiday dresses
candy cane kisses (and mint and cherry cordial)
going to the 'Peg for the holidays this year


Pinky and the Brain

Something strange happened today. Given my last post, it shouldn't come as a surprise at all!
At some point between going to bed last night at 10:00 and waking up at 6:40 this morning, I seem to have lost my mind. I'm not sure where it could have gone, but I'm pretty sure it's not under my skull.
Here's the evidence so far: 1) A week or two ago I was helping at a church service project sewing fleece hats. I had a bit of trouble with my machine to start off but after some re-threading of the bobbin it was smooth sailing, up until the last 10 minutes or so. For some reason my machine would not sew forward anymore; the needle would stop when it got to the top. If I turned the wheel backwards it was fine, but if I turned it forward, nothing. Great, new machine busted. so I called a local repair place this morning and they said to bring it on it. T and i hoped in the car and away we went. So the guy there is a genius. I had barely walked in, told him the problem and about 10 seconds after he set it on the counter, problem solved. The bobbin holder (for when you're winding thread on it) was in the locked position - hence why the needle would only go backwards. It was a cheap fix monetarily, but quite pricey for my pride. Oh well, at least I didn't have to dip into the bank account for that one.
2) After the sewing shop incident we headed out for a few groceries and a quick, albeit unnecessary, trip to Target. I know better than to shop on an empty stomach, but I think I had safely passed from an empty stomach to a never ending pit. I bought way more crap than I should of including ready to bake chocolate chip cookies, and 3 packs of the refrigerated jello puddings (they were on sale, and only 60 calories!!). The worst was in Target however, we stopped by the cafe on the way out since it was almost lunch and I downed the bread sticks. SO. GOOD. Pizza Hut bread sticks have to be the best, but I know I must check my brain at the door to eat those things.
3) This one is the kicker. It sealed the case of the missing brain. Mark is in New York today, well he should be there by now. He called me this morning from Boston and asked me about a few restaurants we had been to while we lived there. I told them what they were called and where they were. Then I got sad. I wanted to go eat there. It almost made me want to be back in New York. ALMOST. Until I remembered what the cost of rent was, and the loud neighbours, and the smells...and that I have a kid now and I would probably become a hermit if I lived in NYC with a kid. And Mark would have to make a LOT, and I mean a LOT, more money.
Maybe it's just because it's getting close to Christmas and the Rockettes touring show isn't coming to Minneapolis, and all that other holiday stuff. Christmas was really the only time I enjoyed NYC. But you've already heard that story.
So I guess for now I will live vicariously through Mark eating all that yummy food while T and I dine on pancakes this evening. Maybe next year I'll head out for a Christmas time visit and enjoy the holiday scenes. Until then, the Holidazzle parade will have to suffice, along with the snow, the cold and the warmth of my car, not the freezing subway platforms.
4) Still waiting on this one, but I am guessing it will happen some time around when dinner is being made. The pancake mix calls for water, but I'll dump vinegar in or something. Maybe I will forget to turn the stove on and stand there yelling at it for 10 minutes. Whatever it is, I have no doubt about it happening before bed.
So if anyone has any idea where my brain may have run off to, please feel free to let me know!


The Neverending Abyss

I'm at a loss for blogs. Nothing seems worthwhile to blog about. Or if it does, I've already blogged about it and no one wants to read me go off on my soapbox again (seriously, why does the fashion world insist on either size zeros or relegating "normal" sized women to plus size modeling?? Why not just have a lovely mixture of models of all sizes? It would be so much easier and so much more realistic.) Ok, I am done with that rant.
Other than my above mini rant....I am really at a loss. I could continue with odes to family members when I am having a mental block, but I'm not sure any of my family want their mugs up on my blog and the embarrassing stories that accompany them...oh the day the dog ran over my sister will forever live on in my mind, complete with a running laugh track. Still makes me laugh every time.
Perhaps my brain has finally given up on me now that it gets zero to no exercise anymore. Well, if you can call TV exercise, then it does get some. Someone in my family recently asked me what I wanted for Christmas, specifically if there were any books I wanted, and I sat there blankly, trying to think and all that went through my head was "books...books...books..." followed by a very loud silence. I don't even know the last book I read. Well, I do, but I think it's the only book I've read all year and it took me much longer than it should have for me to finish it, and I didn't care for it that much in the end.
Maybe I need to have some political debates with Mark, if only to get my brain going again. But who wants to read about my political thoughts?? If any of my readers are like Mark, than no one wants to hear/read/see them. Thank goodness for Entertainment Weekly and W...I can at least blog about celebrity crap and the absurd prices of designer clothing (oh if only I could afford them).
Oh well, at least the last post has been pushed down from immediate viewing.


Falling Off the Wagon...And I Can't Get Up

So last year I decided to begin my get healthier kick about this time of year...well I think it was a few weeks before Thanksgiving. Crazy time to start, right? I don't know what it is about this time of year, but here it is almost November and I am starting to think about it again. I've done pretty well this year. Like anything else in my life, I kind of go through cycles. I do really well at it for weeks at a time, and then not so well for weeks at a time. Usually the not-so-hot periods last longer than the stick-to-it periods. I've decided to torture myself again, but with a bit of a Halloween reprieve. I don't usually go all crazy and rule out all sweets, sugar, junk etc., but I do try to limit them and amp up the exercise. Which for me means more about setting aside time to exercise, not just running around after T (which can take up most of the day some times!), and not so much limiting the junk. However if I know it's Thanksgiving and there will be pies and treats, then I'll make sure the day before I eat well and so on and so forth. Now we're not going for marathon results here or Biggest Loser poundage (although I really think if they'd let me on the show and stay for a week, maybe 2, I could reach my goal and they could kick me off), but small steps...sometimes they're the hardest!
The hardest thing might be getting Mark to jump on board with me. This coming month is pretty busy work wise for him, and he's going to be travelling almost 2 weeks out of the month and that's no good for trying to eat healthy, or exercising, right? We'll see. If I only give him broccoli and steamed chicken to eat at home, maybe we can offset the trips to Carl's Jr., Denny's and the sort, while he travels.
Anyway, I've never been very good at dieting, I don't have a strong willpower about it and when it comes right down to it, I'm pretty lazy, but we'll give it a shot. I think the most weight I've ever lost was during my third trimester, go figure!
I guess this means I need to cram all the junk down my gullet this weekend before I hit the grocery store for all things defined healthy. Any one have any great snack ideas for me? Ones that let you have a good quantity as well as taste? More so, ones that actually fill you up?
We'll see how this goes, exercising might be the trickiest thing to work in to the schedule when you have a husband who travels, works late and a 17 month old (and a gym membership to a place without childcare). Maybe I can force myself back on the treadmill downstairs and work off season two of Lost. I made it through season 1 last time I was on a positive roll...I just have to get back on the wagon. Keep your fingers crossed.


Be Careful What You Wish For...or Ask For

In a seemingly neverending blog-drought, I put out a request for blog topics. While I only did this a short time before writing this blog, I got an idea I couldn't pass up. Okay, so it's probably not exactly what the suggester had in mind, but it's my blog, my idea!!
This is for my niece Janna. I wish I had all of my pictures scanned into my computer because I would have some great pictures of her! But alas, I only have some from the last few years.
I was 13 when Janna was born, she makes me feel old daily as she is now a University student; I used to babysit her!! Now I think she might actually be a little bit taller than I am.
She wants to be an anthropologist and loves all things Egypt (well she did last time I saw her, maybe it's changed now). She loves Chancers (our old Chocolate Lab that my parents adopted when we moved to NYC). She has been a vegetarian of sorts for most of her life. One of the funniest things I remember about her was one Sunday night, everyone was over for dinner, we were having some sort of beef product that Janna didn't want to eat. This was at the very beginning of her no meat days so she was around 10. I asked her if she would just take one bite and if she didn't like it, she didn't have to eat it. She screwed up her face, looked right at me and said, "Auntie Mel, how would you like it if I cut out your eyeball and ate it??" Oh, it still makes me laugh today. I don't get to see her a lot anymore since I have moved away from home, but every now and again she will type me a hello on Facebook..she used to think I was cool once upon a time. She wanted this blog to be about how she is the awesomest niece ever, and she would be...if she were my only niece! But she is the most awesome 18 (almost 19) year old nice I have. Although, once she sees this and the pictures that follow, she'll probably hate me (just be glad I don't have your baby pictures on here!!).
Many moons ago, one Christmas Eve (she's the tallest one).
Being a sullen faced teenager.
She has the cutest, best smile of anyone I know!
Showing off her moves in the dance recital.
Growing up so fast!!
Being silly...she is the best silly girl ever!
Reading to her cousin...T sure loves Janna! She can't wait to see her at Christmas time!
Janna, you know I love you and you are awesome!! You'll always be my favourite, awesomest, oldest niece I have! And don't worry, I won't tell Auntie Lisa that I am your favourite Aunt!
You better be home a lot when we come up for Christmas Janna Banana! None of this hanging out with your boyfriend instead! Love you!!


Power of the People

Anyone watched Flash Forward? I have the first three episodes on my DVR and I want to know if they are worth an investment of my time, or if I should just delete them?
Are there any new shows out there that you are loving that I should know about (other than Glee since that has a series recording already set)?


Good Sports

It's seems that right now, all we have going in my house is the following:

It's not that I don't like sports, I do! I just need some of this in my life, this time of year:
Sadly, it's very rare to find either of the above on any of the 16 gazillion channels we pay for (and no I am not paying for the NHL channel). What's even more sad? Missing these guys.
I guess it's true, you do never know what you've got until it's gone. Come on American sports channels! Show some games for me!! And put a cherry on top of the sundae by showing CBC's coverage so I can have Cherry and Maclean!!


Ways to Make the World Better

I don't know about you, but I think my life would be exponentially better if the following would just go away (girl, don't go away mad...just go away - thank you motley Crue!!)

Come to think of it, I think the entire world's life would be better if these two would just GO AWAY, we do not care! How these two became "celebrities" is beyond me. How they stay in the media is beyond me (a good PR person is my guess). But why they think anyone cares what they think, do or have to say is truly beyond me.
Now he is just sad. A reality TV show about you, your wife and 8 kids does not make you a celebrity. Hanging out with Michael Lohan definitely does not make you a celebrity. You're a 30 something year old father of 8 - buck up and take care of your kids instead of trying to be the celebrity you think you are (because you're not).


The Last Team to Arrive, MAY Be Eliminated!

Three things I miss almost as much as LOST during the summer came back this weekend. Last night TAR started up for their 15th season, which meant Phil AND Browsie (loved his appearances last night) and this morning I was greeted to an always stomach pain inducing, eye watering hilarious recap on www.ew.com by Josh Wolk (I think I love him almost as much as I love Phil....but not quite).
It was so great seeing Phil back. I am most excited for this season, it should be a good one!!



As I sit here wiping my seemingly, never-ending runny nose, I have discovered what it is in life that I want. It's really quite simple actually, and I have wanted this for years...about 8 years to be exact. I don't remember when I first discovered this want, but I know it was probably some time around September 2001, maybe October, but not much after that.
Sadly, there are many reasons I will never have one of these for my very own, but if you don't mind, may I dream about it for just a second?
How nice it would be to have one of these when I come home, when I have an errand to be run, or when I have chores to be done. It would be so lovely to not worry about simple things, mundane things, messy things or day to day things. To have all of the little things taken care of, the extra things done without asking, the wheel oiled that makes the days go by.
I don't know how much I would have to pay, but I am thinking it wouldn't be a very high price tag, actually I could probably get one at a pretty good deal. Sure, there would be some work on my part, but nothing that would cause me to pause and debate my choice. Days would be filled with the things I wanted to do, hobbies, fun, work (if I wanted), trips...all things anyone would love to fill their days with right?
As I sit here, I am even more determined that this want should be mine. I can't think of one downfall to the addition of this to my life. Oh yes, I guess there is one downfall; I would have to move to Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont or Iowa...and I hate unpacking.

*Just in case the subtlety has gone over your head...I'd like a wife, but I can only get one in 4 states right now.
**And just in case...this post is totally facetious. Although it would be awesome to have a wife.


Happy Thoughts

First there was this:
(Dawson's Creek, for those not in the know)

Then came:
(The Skulls....Walker and Jackson, could it be a bad movie??)

And now:

For every stage of my life, Joshua Jackson is always there...could I ask for anything more? :o) How do you mark the stages in your life?


Deep Thoughts

Here's what's been on my mind lately.

I don't think I can get to any of those places on one tank of gas can I?


Manners Anyone?

So I didn't watch the VMA's (does anyone watch them anymore?), but I did catch the news this morning. One of the morning news shows was going through the headlines and when they covered the VMA's, they mentioned how Taylor swift was interrupted by Kanye West while she was accepting her award. I guess Kanye wasn't too happy that Taylor had beat out Beyonce and he had to let the world know. Beyonce later won for best video and graciously asked Taylor to come up and give her acceptance speech without interruption this time. That was all wonderful, and friendly and all that. However the best part was when they cut back to the news guy, all he said was "What a jerk." Man, if I had been eating my cereal, I would have spewed milk everywhere I was laughing so hard!! LOVE IT!
Kanye seriously needs to just go away.


Paradox or Pessimism?

Ever notice that the people telling us that we don't need a lot of money for style, we don't have to be a size 2 to be happy, we are beautiful no matter what...are always rich, skinny and gorgeous?
When do we see a middle income person showing us decorating or fashion tips, a size 12 person telling us about the secrets to a happy life or an average looking person showing us beauty tips? Do you think that Miley Cyrus shops at WalMart now that she has a clothing line there? Did Isaac Mizrahi shop at Target while he designed for them? He did come to target headquarters (and I met him), but I never saw him buying things in the store. When Oprah shows us her favourite things (that none of us can afford) is she just rubbing it in our faces?
Just things to ponder this Wednesday morning.


Tuesday's Pet Peeve

Today on Good Morning America, they had an interview with a woman, who became a model after losing 70 pounds, leaving her weight at roughly 90 pounds. She had been told that if she lost 70 pounds, she could be a super model. This all while she was on high school, totally healthy and on the cheer leading squad. After years modelling and still being told she wasn't thin enough, she gave up trying and went back to her healthy size 12 self and is now a very successful plus sized model.
OK, Since when is a size 12 plus size?? When a size 0 became the seemingly acceptable size for models? When I was just out of high school, I paid my dues to the retail world for many years. During some of those years, I worked for a store that carried "regular" sizes (2-16) but I also worked some shifts for the "plus" size (14-26) store of the same chain. I'm not sure who started calling a size 12 a plus size, but I would like to meet that person and give them a good, swift kick.
While I was going to University, I was driving home, listening to the radio and heard a commercial for a modelling opportunity for plus sizes, size 10-14. SIZE 10???? What? Seriously people, someone has got to stop with this arbitrary labelling of plus sizes. Why can't we just go with being healthy and not numbers? You might be a size 2, but have 30% body fat - it doesn't automatically mean you are the picture perfect image of health. Just as someone may be a size 12 (gasp!), but be in perfect health.
At one of the malls I worked at, I worked across from a store that catered to young teens, and we would see them dress their mannequins sometimes, as they struggled to get outfits on, or done up. We would often tell them just to put a bigger size on the mannequin and clip it if they needed to, so it looked like it fit properly. We were shocked when they told us that they were using the biggest size they had. If the clothes you sell, don't even fit the mannequins in your store, how do you expect them to fit people??
Perhaps if we stopped obsessing with celebrities and cellulite, young girls could grow up feeling good about themselves no matter what size the label on their pants say.
And that's today's rant. Thank you.



...you could be a fly on the wall, would you want to know what people said/thought about you when they didn't think you were listening?


Grab Your Depends

I have watched this video SO many times, but had forgotten about it until a week ago. Since then I have watched it many more times! Each time I think I pee my pants.
Watch it, and be prepared to change your undies!


Are You Guilty?

Here's a fun article I read on cnn.com;

"Facebook, for better or worse, is like being at a big party with all your friends, family, acquaintances and co-workers.

There are lots of fun, interesting people you're happy to talk to when they stroll up. Then there are the other people, the ones who make you cringe when you see them coming. This article is about those people.

Sure, Facebook can be a great tool for keeping up with folks who are important to you. Take the status update, the 160-character message that users post in response to the question, "What's on your mind?" An artful, witty or newsy status update is a pleasure -- a real-time, tiny window into a friend's life.

But far more posts read like navel-gazing diary entries, or worse, spam. A recent study categorized 40 percent of Twitter tweets as "pointless babble," and it wouldn't be surprising if updates on Facebook, still a fast-growing social network, break down in a similar way.

Combine dull status updates with shameless self-promoters, "friend-padders" and that friend of a friend who sends you quizzes every day, and Facebook becomes a daily reminder of why some people can get on your nerves.

Here are 12 of the most annoying types of Facebook users:

The Let-Me-Tell-You-Every-Detail-of-My-Day Bore. "I'm waking up." "I had Wheaties for breakfast." "I'm bored at work." "I'm stuck in traffic." You're kidding! How fascinating! No moment is too mundane for some people to broadcast unsolicited to the world. Just because you have 432 Facebook friends doesn't mean we all want to know when you're waiting for the bus.

The Self-Promoter. OK, so we've probably all posted at least once about some achievement. And sure, maybe your friends really do want to read the fascinating article you wrote about beet farming. But when almost EVERY update is a link to your blog, your poetry reading, your 10k results or your art show, you sound like a bragger or a self-centered careerist.

The Friend-Padder. The average Facebook user has 120 friends on the site. Schmoozers and social butterflies -- you know, the ones who make lifelong pals on the subway -- might reasonably have 300 or 400. But 1,000 "friends?" Unless you're George Clooney or just won the lottery, no one has that many. That's just showing off.

The Town Crier. "Michael Jackson is dead!!!" You heard it from me first! Me, and the 213,000 other people who all saw it on TMZ. These Matt Drudge wannabes are the reason many of us learn of breaking news not from TV or news sites but from online social networks. In their rush to trumpet the news, these people also spread rumors, half-truths and innuendo. No, Jeff Goldblum did not plunge to his death from a New Zealand cliff.

The TMIer. "Brad is heading to Walgreens to buy something for these pesky hemorrhoids." Boundaries of privacy and decorum don't seem to exist for these too-much-information updaters, who unabashedly offer up details about their sex lives, marital troubles and bodily functions. Thanks for sharing.

The Bad Grammarian. "So sad about Fara Fauset but Im so gladd its friday yippe". Yes, I know the punctuation rules are different in the digital world. And, no, no one likes a spelling-Nazi schoolmarm. But you sound like a moron.

The Sympathy-Baiter. "Barbara is feeling sad today." "Man, am I glad that's over." "Jim could really use some good news about now." Like anglers hunting for fish, these sad sacks cast out their hooks -- baited with vague tales of woe -- in the hopes of landing concerned responses. Genuine bad news is one thing, but these manipulative posts are just pleas for attention.

The Lurker. The Peeping Toms of Facebook, these voyeurs are too cautious, or maybe too lazy, to update their status or write on your wall. But once in a while, you'll be talking to them and they'll mention something you posted, so you know they're on your page, hiding in the shadows. It's just a little creepy.

The Crank. These curmudgeons, like the trolls who spew hate in blog comments, never met something they couldn't complain about. "Carl isn't really that impressed with idiots who don't realize how idiotic they are." [Actual status update.] Keep spreading the love.

The Paparazzo. Ever visit your Facebook page and discover that someone's posted a photo of you from last weekend's party -- a photo you didn't authorize and haven't even seen? You'd really rather not have to explain to your mom why you were leering like a drunken hyena and French-kissing a bottle of Jagermeister.

The Maddening Obscurist. "If not now then when?" "You'll see..." "Grist for the mill." "John is, small world." "Dave thought he was immune, but no. No, he is not." [Actual status updates, all.] Sorry, but you're not being mysterious -- just nonsensical.

The Chronic Inviter. "Support my cause. Sign my petition. Play Mafia Wars with me. Which 'Star Trek' character are you? Here are the 'Top 5 cars I have personally owned.' Here are '25 Things About Me.' Here's a drink. What drink are you? We're related! I took the 'What President Are You?' quiz and found out I'm Millard Fillmore! What president are you?"

You probably mean well, but stop. Just stop. I don't care what president I am -- can't we simply be friends? Now excuse me while I go post the link to this story on my Facebook page.


Lock Up The Kids

You may want to be seated for this one.
It's finally happened.
Mark has ventured out on his own. Yes he is leaving the comfort of this blog for the unknown, uncensored, often to offend, world of blogging on his own.
It's up, it's running, it's Mark.
Check it out here.


A&E, I Heart You.

I am a big fan of A&E's show Intervention. I think it is a great window into addictions of any kind. From drugs, to alcohol, to shopping, to overeating; anything is game. Nothing is made to look pretty, or be hidden. It is the life of the person, and their family, for everyone to see. Anyone who watches this show and continues to do, or begins to do, drugs of any kind, must have watched with their eyes closed. Last night's episode was one of the best I have seen. Two brothers addicted to more than drugs, to each other. Talk about co-dependency.
Now, A&E has a new show, Hoarders. Unbelievable. I couldn't turn it off. Last night's episode focused on a family with the wife a compulsive shopper and the husband a hoarder. They were in danger of losing their children due to the condition of their home. There was not a single inch of floor visible, they ate meals on the bed because it was the only available surface, the kids climbed on desks and dressers to get to their beds and toys. Their front porch was the spill-off area for things that couldn't fit in the house (I think there was a bathtub on the porch), and the yard housed much more (such as a unattached/unusable deck).
The other woman the show followed was also a hoarder, but a food hoarder. Her landlord had given her an ultimatum of clean up or be evicted. She had numerous rotting pumpkins and other gourds in her home, 6 month old yogurts in her fridge, bags upon bags of rotting apples in her living room and probably many things that could not be identified. At one point, she found a rotting cabbage, peeled back the outer leaves, seeping with juices and mold, revealing leaves with their original purple colour. She then proceeded to put the cabbage back in the bag saying it was now completely edible. I think I threw up a little at this point, even the professionals had to leave the room after opening a drawer in the fridge that housed rotting, seeping meat. One professional said he had never smelled anything as wretched in his whole career of helping people. Every item of packaged food, unless it was puffed out, was to be kept; Sour Cream could never be bad since it is already sour. This woman did not like to think that food would be wasted and that most people were afraid of the expiration date, as many foods are perfectly edible long past that arbitrary date.
Like Intervention, the bring in a team to help the people..organizers, cleaners, psychologists, whatever it takes to help, if they want the help. The couple were able to get their house organized and de-junked and avoid having their children taken away from them. The food hoarder was able to avoid eviction so long as she continued to make progress on cleaning out her house. The teams are only given 2 days to get in and make a difference...I figure they must not sleep in those 2 days because I don't think I could get it done in 2 weeks.
I think this might be my new favourite show...so long as I can stomach it. Check it out, Monday nights, A&E, you won't be disappointed.


Long Lost Jeans

As I dug through my tubs of seasonal clothing to find clothes to take to a clothing swap, I discovered two pairs of jeans I have been holding on to for....well, let's just say many, many years. I have hung on to these jeans because when I bought them, it was one of "those" moments. Girls, you know the one...when you try on a pair of jeans and the heavens open up and the angels sing. Perfection; As if they were made for you and you alone. So perfect that you'd buy every pair in stock at that moment, if you could. Well, since it has been many, many years since I bought them, it's been many, many years since they have fit. They are the only articles of clothing I have held on to that don't fit me (excluding the dress my mom made me when I was 5). I have held on to them because I told myself I would fit into them again. Today I decided to test the waters and find out how very far away I am to that goal. I hesitated just slightly as I pulled on the first pair, careful not to get too excited by the fact that I could fit my leg into them (I've always been able to pull them on, just not do them up!)...but I found, much to my surprise, that I could do them up!!!!! I quickly squashed my excitement when I realized that if I sat down in them there might be a problem, but I could do them up!!! Woohoo!! One down, one to go. I began the process again with pair #2, and ever to my surprise, I could do them up as well!! Sadly, they are not ready for wearing in public, or in the house, so as not to cut any organ in two, but perhaps sooner than later I can wear them somewhere other than my basement.
Now the only questions left to be answered are; 1) are they still perfect (look awesome) and 2) are they still in style??? Bell bottoms are still cool, right?


Moments of Genius

I'll never be a person with ideas that come to fulfillment and make a million dollars or save the world or anything like that, but every now and again I get these ideas that I just feel would be a waste if I didn't at least try to make them come to fruition.
My first idea that has yet to happen, and looks like it won't again this season, is for Wade Robson to choreograph a dance to Pink Elephants on Parade. Every time I see a dance by him, or even just a picture of him the song goes through my head. It's like his theme song, but he has no idea. So maybe a write in campaign??
My second idea that I have had since this last season of American Idol, and bangs around my head every time the song plays while I run, is that Adam Lambert NEEDS to do a version of The Darkness' I Believe In A Thing Called Love. For those of you who haven't heard the song, here. skip about a minute into it when the song starts. Now picture Adam Lambert singing. Doesn't it make total sense?? I'm thinking with all those Glambert fans out there we can make this one happen. I really wanted him to sing it on idol, it would have been awesome and completely suited his scream-y, stick my tongue out, thing he does when he hits the crazy notes.
Just my two cents. Let's make this happen!!


Music Makes the World Go Round

As I embarked on my (hopefully) daily exercise regime today, I noticed something. I'm not sure what this say about me, but I found it interesting.
Since I have been exercising in the basement, I no longer have a TV to keep me entertained, and I have found it difficult to read while I run (yes run, sometimes interspersed with walking, well walking interspersed with running actually), so I have confiscated the iPod from Mark to help the time pass as I slowly die in the basement. Yesterday after the "run" I realized that when I choose shuffle it becomes more like fast forward due to the fact that 80% of the music on the iPod is either Mark's or T's, so I decided to make a playlist of my tunes so I didn't have to fast forward so much. Well, it turns out that even with a playlist of just my songs, I still fast forward as much (musical ADD), but I did listen to 4 songs fully. Want to know what they were? Ice Ice Baby, Blue Monday '88, Come On Over, and (And That's The) Way It Is. During my cool down walk Dirrty came on, so of course I had to speed up for that, and when I was seconds from being finished I had to run again because I Believe In A Thing Called Love came on and who can cool down walk to that!? Not I sir.
I am glad that I am in the basement and not at the gym because I fully believe I look like a dork as I sweat, rocking out, dancewalking, to Kylie Minogue's Love At First Sight, with my wrist weights on (who knew wrists could sweat by the way??), but there's no mirror in my basement, so dancewalk I will!!
I've stropped with my little weekly check ins...they didn't seem to do too much for me other than serve as I reminder of what I hadn't done, but since I have started exercising at home, I think I am doing better. Last week I exercised four days, in addition to park play and walks. This week I have the goal of 5 days...2 down, 3 to go. Of course, then T and I leave for 2 weeks so I am sure it will all go to pot while we're gone, but we'll just focus on the present for the time being. Now if only I hadn't bought those chocolate covered pomegranate things from Costco. They're not as good as I had hoped they would be, but they're still good. Must refrain.


Random Rants and Raves

Ok, I don't know about you, but I can't look at that bear bum anymore. :o)
Anyone out there had those Fiber One bars? Or at least seen the ads? The latest one has a guy coming back 4 or 5 times, in disguise, to steal more samples. We used to buy them all the time, because they are actually quite tasty, however, the ads neglect to inform you of one small side effect. Gas. Flatulence. Farts. Whatever you want to call it, you get it. And, if you are like some people in this household and decide to eat more than 1 in a day (like 3)....well, just ask Mark what happens if you want the specifics.
Growing up, I loved to watch You Can't Do That on Television. It was awesome TV. Alanis Morissette used to be on the show! Well, Tuesday, Barth died. He was awesome, but so gross at the same time. An integral part of the show. Where is TV like that these days? YCDTOT and Degrassi...all the good TV comes out of Canada!
I am trying to find some sort of decor to put in the bathroom now that it has a sparkly new paint job, but what do you hang on bathroom walls?? It's been harder than I thought, or maybe I am just thinking too hard about this. Anyone have any good bathroom decorating tips/ideas?
HBO's new show is ri.DIC.u.lous. And yes that was intended. Is there really no other worthy topics out there to base a show on, this is what's left? Granted, I've never watched an episode, but I really don't want to, and why would I?
SYTYCD this season just seems to be missing something from seasons past. There's no personality this time around. The dancers are great, but they all just seem to mix together and no one really seems to stand out. And this last episode, the 100th? Lame. Were those encore routines even done live? Doubtful seeing as they never spoke to the dancers. Or maybe they were live and they just wanted to give more time to the spectacular Katie Holmes number. Lame-O. Definitely not live. Definitely lip synced. Massively Lame-O. It was fun to see Wade (Pink Elephants on Parade) Robson step in with the kids for a number though.
How is it impossible that I can't find a cute pair of sandals when I live a mile away from DSW? I have been searching for 2 months now...guess I will wait until next summer.
I finally got this shirt from Express that I have wanted for months and months...and I love it. Only, it's in green and I got a discount because the seam on the zipper had ripped (2 minute fix). I wish I could wear it every day.
Oh, and stay tuned. We're going to get Mark his own little platform for all of his politics, sports, jokes, stories and anything else he can offend with! You won't want to miss this.
Until then kids...enjoy the weekend!


Customer Loyalty

After being inundated with another ridiculously, stupid Charmin commercial, I realized that Charmin is one brand I have never, and will never, buy solely because their advertising bugs me to no end. Do people really have that much trouble wiping, having toilet paper stuck to their behinds and having to use half a roll each time? If the latter is something you struggle with, a trip to the Doctor might be in order, not a different brand of TP.
Other than Charmin, I also boycott Philips and AT&T. Those boycotts are based on horrific customer service, or I guess I should say the lack of customer service. I just figure if you're not willing to help me out when my problem is something YOU did...you don't need my money. I will never own an iphone only because AT&T is the sole carrier for the device. And since early 2004 I have not purchased anything with the name Philips on it. I also don't make a habit of going into American Apparel stores. I've never worn there clothes or actually stepped into a store, but I really don't care for the owner of the company from articles and interviews I have read about him. I think his keeping jobs local, paying decent wages and having a proper work environment is commendable, but I am not a fan of some of his other thoughts and actions!
I realize that to companies as large as these are, my wee boycott doesn't have a large impact on them, but the companies to whose products I switched probably enjoy it!!
So, are there any products or companies you avoid because of past experiences, ridiculous commercials, inappropriate advertising or some other reason? Or is it just me?


Choose Your Own Adventure

As the news was on in the background last night, they were doing a story on gene testing for Alzheimer's and whether or not people would want to know their risk.
The average American has a 15% chance that they will develop Alzheimer's by age 85, but there are those people who are at a higher risk, especially if someone in your family has suffered from the disease. There is a gene called APOE, and if you carry this gene, your odds increase that you to will develop Alzheimer's. 1 in 4 people carry one APOE gene, making them 3 times as likely to develop the disease; those who carry two copies of the gene are 10 times as likely.
Most of the people who went through the testing did not have a negative reaction to their results. A few of those tested had a family member who was suffering, or who had suffered, with the disease. If it's in your family, you probably figure you have a greater risk of developing it yourself, but would you want to know just how much greater the odds were? What would you do if you found out you were 10 times as likely to suffer from it? Would you begin a journal (a la The Notebook) to remind yourself and to let others know the past? Would you change the way you lived?
What if they could tell you your odds of other diseases (cancer, tumours, brain disease, MS, etc.,) would you find out? If breast cancer was in your family, ladies would you take preemptive strikes to lessen your chances (like Christina Applegate)?
Or would you choose not to know and live out your life as it comes?
Mark once said that it would be dumb to not find out the gender of a child since the technology is there, likening it to finding out if a tumour was cancerous or not. You would never not use the technology available to save your health....so would you try to see into the future, even if the outcome wasn't a guarantee? Alzheimer's is in my family...it's not fun, but I don't know if I would want to know my risk level. I guess a part of me assumes there is a good chance I could journey down the road with it, but I think I just want to leave it as an assumption.
What about you?


Irk and Bernie

Bernie Madoff. I am sure we're all familiar with him and what he did. And yes, it sucks for those who lost their money to him, big time - especially for those who invested a LOT of money with him. Now he is in prison. For 150 years. Yes, 150 years. Think of all that time he'll have to think about the wrongs he's committed and the lives he ruined, or destroyed. He'll be able to read, relax, work, make friends, play basketball, knit, paint...anything he wants, it' not like he'll have a shortage of time.
Oh wait. He will have a shortage of time because he's going to DIE in prison, unless he has some sort of longevity secret he has been keeping to himself. Maybe he'll be the first person in modern time to live to be over 200 years old!! Right now, as he sits in his cell he maniacally laughs under his breath at how he has out smarted the system again! "Fools all of you!! I will be out long after everyone has forgotten about me and I will do it all again! 150 years and death will not stop me!!"
Here's my issue. Madoff gets 150 years for stealing people's money, yet sentences for murder, rape, and child abuse are handed out for less than 10 percent of Bernie's sentence. Plea deals are made, convicts are let out for good behaviour...you can't tell me you would rather have a convicted murderer roaming your streets over a guy who stole money from people? Jeffrey Dahmer was sentenced to 15 life sentences (roughly 936 years) and David Burkowitz was sentenced to 365 years. Those I can understand given the number of people they killed and the ways in which they were killed. You don't want those guys roaming around your street. But Bernie Madoff, really? Would Mothers run, screaming, to gather their children from the park if Bernie was coming? Would baseball games be called because Bernie was in the stands? Highly doubtful. Give the guy his sentence, he broke the law. Make an example out of him to try to keep would be thieves at bay (not likely), but let's be realistic here, there has got to be some sort of balance on the scales of justice; 150 years for stealing money and 12 years for murder....seems a little unbalanced to me.


Missed Opportunities

So snapfish has a great deal on right now...well only until the end of today (the 10th). 50 prints for 50 pennies. Awesome! I needed to print out some pictures for my grandma anyway, might as well take advantage of the deal, right?
I upload my pictures, place my order and think to myself, "Even with shipping that was cheaper than going to the photo place! Way to go self!!"
Then tonight as I am talking to my Mom and was going to mention the deal to her, I realized I paid a lot more than 50 cents plus shipping. Perhaps I missed the deal and it ended yesterday (until the 10th). To make myself feel better I went to the website, and sure enough there was the deal all big and bright right in my face. So why didn't I get the deal price??
Oh...I forgot to type in the coupon code at checkout. Idiot.
So, if any of you need photos printed and see this before midnight (in your timezone), check it out!! Just don't forget to type in the promo code or you'll be joining me at, what my friend used to call the table in math class for kids who needed some help, the idiot table.


To Say or Not To Say

If you have an opinion on something, do you always share it? Is it sometimes better to keep your mouth shut, even if you feel really strongly about something? Should you always stand up for what you think, or is letting sleeping dogs lie sometimes the better road to take?
If your opinion is different than the majority should you always voice it to try to show the other side of the story, or is there a time when being silent is the best decision?


Monday's Musings

Does anyone watch Entertainment Tonight? Or any of the celeb trash shows?
If you do watch these shows, do you admit it to people? I used to watch ET back in the day, maybe 15 years ago (ugh), but the only time I see it now is when I am changing the channel to catch my daily Wheel of Fortune fix.
I think John Tesh had the good sense to jump ship, yet somehow the show just keeps rolling ahead. Is it really any better than the tabloid magazines, Perez Hilton or TMZ? From the glimpse I got of last Friday's show, and the blatant exploitation of Michael Jackson's death, I would vote no. When did we get so obsessed with celebrity that obviously made up claims, assumptions and accusations overshadow the real news stories of the world. I admit, I like me some celebrity gossip, but when it strays over the line into inappropriateness or bad taste, I shut it down. When David Carridine died, I couldn't believe the "stories" these shows put together on the situation. Does the public really need to know the sordid details. These people have families, let them grieve without public scrutiny and prying eyes.
Obviously people are watching and reading otherwise, ET, Access Hollywood and all of the others would fade away nicely. I confess that I used to read Perez Hilton's website, but I gave it up because it seemed to be one of the best examples of hypocrisy I could give. Now, after his altercation in Toronto with wil.i.am...I guarantee you I will never type his website address again.
Anyway, just my rant for today. Nothing mind busting or important, just my two cents.


Mental Vacation

I'm guessing we've all taken the time to enjoy Mark's sentimental ode to Rigby, but I think it is time for something new to grace our blog.
Unfortunately, my brain seems to have taken a vacation (it's the only part of me that gets to go) and I have no energy or wittiness to write something. I don't think it's very often that I am at a loss of words, and there has certainly been a lot of happenings since we left for Idaho. I would love to offer my thoughts on Michael Jackson passing, but I think it's a little too late. I will say that I was shocked, saddened and a little disappointed at the amount of jokes and inappropriate comments made far and wide about the man. Yes his past was not perfect. No we don't know specifics, but the man died, he has 3 children and a family, he was probably the greatest artist to influence popular music today, have some respect. Thriller was 1 of the first 2 albums (yes albums) I ever owned. I still have them. I don't think anyone will ever top him at his highest, he will be missed. Moving on.
Perhaps over the weekend I will mull over my thoughts and get back to my overblown dream of becoming famous in the world of blogospheres.
Until then, belated Happy Canada Day to all of my Canadian fans and early Happy 4th to all of my American fans. Canada, next year I will be back to enjoy all that Canada Day goodness...it's been far too long since I was home to celebrate. So to compensate, T and I are hitting the outlets tomorrow...nothing like discount shopping to perk a gal up!


Ode to Rigby

It's time once again for my annual pilgrimage to Rigby, Idaho and it's got me thinking about my hometown. I love my hometown and wouldn't be the bitter shell of a man I am today if I had been raised anywhere else. Although I am one of the few who left the meth labs in my rearview mirror long ago, I still pine for the bambinos, big hair and pickup trucks of my youth. To give you an indication of what Rigby is like, I now live in a town named Coon Rapids and it is a cosmopolitan mecca of culture compared to Rigby.

Here are some quick facts about Rigby:
  • Rigby has about 3,000 people, and four bloodlines.
  • The largest exports from Rigby are Methamphetamines, babies and crippling depression.
  • Rigby was once featured in Playboy magazine for it's abnormally high teen pregnancy rate, but little did they know that most of these girls had been happily married for five years before having kids.
  • 90 percent of all Senior pranks involve sheep.
  • My highschool janitor was elected mayor.
  • Other towns taunt Rigby dance team members with sayings like, "It's a vagina, not a clown car".
  • The best restaurant in town is on a street named after a racist slur.
  • Joseph Conrad once visited the town and then wrote a novel based on his experience.
  • Most women don't change their last name when they get married; this isn't due to feminist ideals, it's because they don't have to.
  • Kate Gosselin is often listed as young girl's most admired public figure.
  • Most rape incidents involve a harness and oats.
  • This cake was decorated in Rigby.
  • Rigby's international sister city is Shitterton, England, but the citizens of Shitterton are too embarassed to put it on their sign.
  • John McCain made a campaign stop in Rigby and said, "this is the worst place I've ever been".
  • And perhaps the most telling sign that the standards in Rigby are too low, my life is viewed as a resounding success.


Third Times a Charm

Week 3
Got to the gym three times! Woohoo! Only because the folks were down and I could go first thing in the morning. It was nice starting the day that way, but now we're back to evenings and forcing myself that it's worth it.
Food wise was okay. I only had fries once, and I didn't even have cake/cupcakes on T's birthday celebration (don't worry, I made up for it yesterday)!
So I am still plugging away. Intending on getting to the gym 3 times this week. I made it there yesterday - 2 cupcakes means I have to go - and hoping to get there tonight. Luckily the cupcakes are gone, now I just have to get rid of the leftover lime flavoured icing in the fridge.
Not sure if I can get 5 off by next week, that would require a lot of work...if I could manage 3 before we leave for Idaho I would be happy. If I can keep it off or even lose a few while there I would be even happier!! Think I can do that Eva? Your house has no treats in it right?? Maybe I should bring my runners and gym clothes to pretend I have plans to exercise while there.
Anyway...we did hit a great burger place this past weekend. If you're ever in St Paul, check out The Nook. Great burgers, even better fries, and CHEAP. Luckily I had a salad for lunch that day!
Only like 13 more weekly updates for you to put up with - it seems just the thought of someone reading this and holding me to it sort of keeps me on track, so bear with me! It will be over soon enough. What should I reward myself when all is said and done and I've reached my goal? I'm thinking a cheesecake, brownie, fudge sauce creation from Coldstone. Oh and some new clothes!


The Beat Goes On

So I told Mark he needed to post something on here because it's been far too long since he has offended anyone, but I'm not sure he'll have the time to find a way to offend everyone (he doesn't like to leave anyone out)....so I guess we're all stuck with my ramblings.
Since it seems the only way to keep myself on track is to post my weekly doings and assume everyone is on the edge of their seat waiting to find out how the week went, here I go!!
I got to the gym twice, only ate 1 cookie all week, drank lots of water and skim milk (I know, it's pretty much water anyway), danced around the house with T (Mark wouldn't join in), walked around at the outdoor shops nearby....and tried to limit my intake at Denny's. I am happy to say that I think I have parted ways with a pound or two over the last two weeks.
This week I have made it my goal to get to the gym 3 times and I think Mark's schedule may allow for it, now just to make myself get there!! There are still no treats in the house, although that might change this weekend for the little one - everyone needs a birthday cupcake or two, right?? (Anyone have any awesome cupcake recipes they want to share?) I may still reach 10 pounds by the middle of July, although it would be nice to hit 10 by the end of next week but since I don't live at the Biggest Loser ranch I am pretty sure that won't happen without losing a limb.
Now everyone just needs to stay on my butt to make sure I get to the gym and don't make a cake or two while we are stuck inside on a rainy day!
On a different note, anyone seen any super cure sandals I should buy? I stopped by the mecca this past week and saw a couple pairs, but without a coupon to use I had to pass...perhaps one will come in the mail today? That would brighten the gloomy skies and give me a reason to procrastinate cleaning the house even longer. Visitors don't really care if your house is clean, do they?
Until then...


Crazy People

  • Total Recall
  • Footloose
  • Flight of the Navigator
  • Tron
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street
  • Fame

What's the common thread? All movies from the 80's that were loved then, and many still loved now. So why in the world people feel the need to remake ALL of them is beyond me. Seriously we need to remake Footloose? What was wrong with it...nothing!
I know I have rambled on before on this topic, but every time I hear a new remake in the works I just shake my head. I guess the movie folks have not stumbled upon my blog ranting yet. So until then, a-rambling I will go!!

Now, not everyone will admit to loving any or all of these movies, but can't these Hollywood folk remake the movies that bombed instead of the good ones? I mean there are plenty of crappy movies that might have been good if there had been better special effects etc., so why not tackle those instead of the "classics"? I mean Footloose will never be Footloose without Kevin Bacon and Chris Penn. Just like Hairspray is not Hairspray without Ricki Lake and Divine. I have not watched the new Hairspray (and will not) and there is no way I will watch a Footloose remake.
Next thing you know they'll be remaking E.T.
Come on folks, let's get some new ideas...or some old bad ones and work our magic with those instead!


It's Been One Week

I never used to like the Bare Naked Ladies...but I sure do now.
Anyway that has nothing to do with anything other than the post title.
So, it has been one week of my challenge. Let's recap (for my sake).
  • gym - twice (I know, I won't win a body building challenge or even an arm wrestling contest, but twice a week is my goal - an attainable goal with an 11 month old and a husband who seems to work more now than he did when we lived in NYC)
  • dessert - just once, but it was one of those mini, personal ones from Famous Dave's, but I didn't eat the bun that came with my brisket sandwich and I sent most of my fries back
  • one nice long fast paced walk with the kid
  • no mid day cookie baking, did make some pudding, but it's the low fat low sugar jello pudding, so it doesn't count right? :o)

No huge accomplishments but it's put me in a more motivated mood for the week. So much in fact that I am contemplating getting dressed before 10 and taking the wee one for our walk this morning. AND I also told the husband to be home so I can go to the gym. We'll see if that happens though.
I did notice that it's not just the drive home from the gym....it's every where I go - to church, to the grocery store, to Target....McDonalds, DQ, Coldstone, Chipotle...it's like they're multiplying overnight when I am not looking. Trips to Target become more difficult as I walk by their food court and smell those fantastic Pizza hut bread sticks...oh how I love them, but I resist!
Anyway, there's my report...feel free to ignore it, it's not anything to gloat about but I am hoping telling the world (or the few folks who read this) will help me to stay the course and not give in when I go to Costco and buy that XXL bag of peanut M&M's and eat them for dinner. But what a fantastic dinner that would be.....
I've also been debating getting the new Wii Active - anyone tried it or know anyone who has...any thoughts on it? Worth the money? Waste of money??

Oh, and just as a side note, I've totally been kicking Mark's trash in Scrabble lately. I think we've played 10 or 12 games and I think he's won 2 or 3. So we're both thinking we're pretty good players, but maybe we're just good against each other. Anyone else play? If so, what's your typical score...we need something to gauge ourselves against.


Feed Me Seymour!

OK, my brain has officially quit.
My new hatred in life....dinner. Well, not eating it, not even making it...just trying to come up with something to have that we haven't already eaten a gazillion times.
So, anyone have any no-brainer, good dinner ideas to share with me? I am open to new things, I just don't want to have to buy 936750 ingredients to make it (Rachael Ray!). I know I saw some great ideas from a couple of my pals blogs, I just need to go and jot them down.
It's not even 1:30 yet and I am dreading having to think of what to make for dinner tonight. We had a meal plan a few months back, and it made dinners so much easier. No standing in front of the fridge, opening and closing the doors saying, "what do you want for dinner?" "I don't know, what do you want for dinner?"
Oh to eliminate that conversation altogether.
So if you don't mind sharing recipes/ideas with me I would love love love to hear them! Or if you have any new ideas on old standards (chicken, pasta, salad)....our menu could use a kick (or two) in the pants!


Day One

Got off to a good start today, only ate half of a brownie at the BBQ!! I even got in a trip to the gym when we got home.
Of course they have to put a McDonald's AND a Dairy Queen right across the street from the gym...but I succeeded and drove right on home. Oh but how good a soft serve cone, or a blizzard or a chocolate dipped cone would have tasted after a day outside in the sun.

One down...many more to go.


I'm a Loser Baby...

So, is it true that if you put something in writing for the whole world to see, you have to follow through with that thing?
Let's see if it is true.
Starting tomorrow it's good eating habits and regular exercise. None of this mainly good eating habits and sporadic (of late) exercise.
I'd love to drop 10 pounds by mid-July, and another 10 by September. Is 20 pounds in 4 months doable? I mean I'm not on the Biggest Loser campus or anything, but I think it can be done without depriving myself of an occasional ice cream or extra serving of pasta (it is whole wheat noodles!)...I guess time will tell.
I'm also trying to rope Mark into this, we will see if he fights or comes along for the ride.
Luckily I think all of the treats are out of the house (except for a handful of chocolate chips which may meet their demise tonight). Now if I can just stay away from the chips and goodies at the BBQ tomorrow....I think I can I think I can I think I can.
Getting to the gym will be the hardest with mark's work schedule and no child drop off at my gym, but we'll make it work.
Here's to letting the world in on my plans, perhaps wioth a few prods and inquiries every week or so, it will make me stick with it and actually get it done. You'd think just the hint of shopping for a new wardrobe would have given me all the motivation in the world, wouldn't you??
So here's to Me (and Mark)!!


All the News That's Fit

  • Ok, so he won. No, not him, him.
  • The cops in MN are looking for a kid and his Mom who fled the state to avoid having chemo. The kid doesn't want it, he's 13, his parents agree. Why is the state so bent on bringing him back? He's old enough to understand that without chemo he will probably die, but he wants to try some other alternative methods. He's 13, not 3, he knows the risks. If it was all his parents idea then yes, step in, but come on, aren't there more serious things happening that require police time and effort?
  • TV channels are introducing their fall line ups. Eli Stone and Pushing Daisies get cancelled, but NBC made another season of I'm a Celeb, Get Me Out of Here? AND cancelled Medium?? Tragedy. Luckily CBS picked Medium up.
  • It was 97 degrees here the other day...I hate the heat.
  • LOST was AWSOME. Now I have to wait until January or February to find out what happened AND it'll be the last season. I am stocking up on anti-depressants and kleenex now.
  • Facebook is lame. Can anyone explain to me it's purpose/relevance? And while you're at it, explain to me why I keep logging on and checking my profile?
  • SYTYCD starts tonight...wooot wooot! I should be on that show.
  • How does anyone know how to go about obtaining a surface-to-air missile?? I wouldn't know the first person to talk to about that, maybe it's just me.


Sad Story of the Day

I realized today that the 11 month old who has never really been in the sun until this past weekend has more of a "tan" than I do. Nothing like sitting on the lawn and noticing the eye blinding, glow in the dark, pastiness that is the colour of my legs. Actually, I guess it would be an absence of colour?
I try to tell myself that my chances for skin cancer go way down, but that never lasts long. Oh well. Thankfully summer doesn't last that long in Minnesota and before you know it I'll be wearing pants and the people around me will be happy again!


What Not To Wear....EVER

Yesterday as I left Target to go get a couple of things from the grocery store I saw something that made me wish I had my camera with me, not to mention made me throw up in my mouth a little.
A grown man, probably in his 40's, in full on denim bib overalls. Oh the horror. I'm not sure why these things still exist, do we really need them? We have pockets in pants, pockets in coats...do we need a one piece article of clothing with a middle of the chest pocket?
Oh I wish I had a picture of him, description alone can not do him justice.
I guess they are trying to make them more fashionable with "low back" bibs...is that like low rise jeans? Not sure I want to see overall crackage.
I'd apologize to anyone who wears these in case I have offended you, but I can't. I just can't... maybe some public bashing will make you burn those bib overalls for good and make the world a better place for all of us to live.


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Oh Mondays, I have such a love-hate relationship with you. This Monday the hate is definitely winning, with no chance of the love pulling off a win in the 9th. Sorry for the baseball lingo...trying to gear up for the road trip of a lifetime (insert sarcasm anywhere in the last part of that sentence, sorry Mark! I still love you).
So here's the rundown of the score so far:
  • Bad - 11 month old not wanting to sleep very early this morning and later this morning
  • Bad - 11 month old crying at every thing today
  • Good - wanted to binge on every item of chocolate in sight at Target but resisted
  • Bad? Good? - spending more time at Target now than when I was employed there (bad for the bank account good for my sanity)
  • Good - had some french toast this morning
  • Bad - ate it while a certain someone wailed because she wasn't getting her watermelon fast enough
  • Ugly - ate Kraft Dinner for lunch...shudder
  • Bad - have to take car in for oil change tomorrow...how will I entertain the kid for 30-40 minutes???
  • Bad - realized that TAR is over for another season, how I will miss you Browsie
  • Bad - I have to pack again tomorrow
  • Good - T has yet to yank the clip out of her hair, I think that is a record!
  • Bad - today reminded me that summer is coming and I hate the heat
  • Ugly - apparently ants have decided to take over my kitchen sink and will not go away. I don't have a clue where they are coming from and they seem to just keep coming back
  • Ugly - we have hard water (which we knew) but now our new dishwasher has decided to leave this white, crappy, powdery, residue all over our dishes (that it never left before) and it will not go away either!! So now I have to find citric acid to try to remedy this mineral deposit problem - or buy a water softener ($$!)
  • Bad - I'm pretty sure I'll be able to add a few more bads to the list before 5PM


A Moment Long Overdue

Today I walked into a 7-11 (or sev as we like to call it here) for the first time in I don't know how many years. As I walked inside, the aroma of Slurpee hit me like a wall. Oh Slurpee, how I have missed you. It's been probably a year since Slurpee and I last saw each other....too long in my books. There were many trips to the local sev during junior high and high school, it's like going to church, you just have to go.
I can remember my first Slurpee...mmmm orange. It's a good memory.
As I went to fill up my 22 oz Slurpee cup I was happy to see all of the usual suspects for me to fill my cup with, all but one (had it been there, the amount of perfection would have been intangible). I started with a little 7Up, then some lime Crush and topped off with orange Crush. If Grape could have been there...wow, it would have been quite a moment.
So in honour of my Slurpee, I thought I would share with the world a few Slurpee stats.

  • Canadians purchase an average of 30 million drinks per year (that's almost as many as the population of Canada!)
  • Winnipeg was named Slurpee capitol of the world for the 9th time in a row in 2008 (we rule!), even though we are a very, very chilly city (Slurpees in the middle of January, you betcha!)
  • Stores in Winnipeg sell, on average 8330 drinks a month, the rest of Canada - a paltry 5990 per month
  • The Pina Colada flavour is not kosher
  • The term Slurpee was coined in 1967 by Bob Stanford
  • Slurpee is in my spellcheck because apparently it needs to be capitalized!

Thanks Wikipedia for all of your knowledge. We love you Slurpee!!!