Six Weeks. SIX WEEKS??

It's amazing how 6 weeks can feel like the longest time frame ever, yet can also feel like if you blink it will be here.  Right now, I think I am in the middle somewhere.  Probably deluding myself by leaning more towards to the "6 weeks is forever" mentality.  I think it is going to bite me in the bum!!
When I think about all the things that need to be done, bought, organized, decided....there is not enough time.  But when I think 6 weeks, 42 days...man that's forever from now, there is tons of time for everything.  There is one thing I have realized about myself from all of this...it's just easier to worry about it later than figure it out now.  If I don't think about it, it will all work out, right?  The thought of making a list of everything to do stresses me out, so if I don't make the list, then no stress, but the kid might not have a name, things to wear, somewhere to sleep...
Why is it exciting the first time around, but not so much the third time around.  Maybe because I don't get to go buy cute little outfits, pick out room colours, bedding etc.  Instead I get to wonder who gets to share a room, can we put someone into an unfinished, unheated basement, will the boy hate the new baby and try to hit her on the head with the butterfly net???  Definitely not as fun and day-dreamy as preparing for baby #1.  I suppose it will all get done in time, and if not...well as long as we set up a "crib" and have a name, she won't mind so much if she doesn't have her own room to start life out.
Now, if we can just figure this name thing out.  Seriously people...no suggestions?  We're running out of time!