One Last Time

It's over.  Six years and it all ended last night.  I know, I know, not another Lost post...but how could I let it end without saying good-bye?
It didn't go out with the same bang it came in with, but did we really think it could?  
While it still left the door open for questions and interpretations, I completely enjoyed the final installment.  It did leave me with a few musings, but nothing that makes me jump ship and say the last six years have been a waste of my time.  I will still say it is one of my favourite shows...probably my #1 favourite (but maybe it's because we got so much Desmond over the last few episodes!)
My only quip with the finale was the unnecessary making me cry over the dog.  We don't even know for sure what happens to the dog, but let the waterworks flow.  Just typing this makes me want to start crying again.  Death and dogs...combine the two...just give me a thousand boxes of Kleenex already!
Anyway, I won't go on and on about it, but I just had to have one more mention of Lost on here since come January/February 2011 I will go into withdrawal without a new season to get excited about.  Maybe I will have to re-watch every season so I can be in denial that the show is actually over.
Congratulations to Lost.  An excellent ending to a most excellent show.


When The Boss is Away...

this is what happens.
The saddest part is the broken, pink, sparkly M in the bottom left corner (I geuss the little silver, sparkly tiara and pink "PH" were never recovered).  It was hidden amongst a sea of "W"'s in the Planet Hollywood gift store in Vegas.  The one little trinket I, for whatever reason, needed to be sure to purchase.  I guess it's more important that the key was found, but I loved my little "M".