Life 2.0

Well I can finally stop complaining about not being able to eat peanut m&m's anymore!!  I've eaten my fair share of them over the last couple of days and have plenty more at home that I can chow down on when I get there.  Life will be perfect now that they are back in my diet!
Our new little guy made it safe and sound (for any of you who read this that don't read the family blog), he is happy, healthy and enjoying life!  Miss T seems to like him so far, we will see once we are home and she realizes he is just not someone she goes to visit at the hospital, but someone who will live at her house and take up her Mommy and Daddy's attention.  I am hopeful she will be a great big sister and not have any issues with him.  She may just want to help out a bit too much!
It will be fun, interesting and a little scary to see how life changes and we adapt to two kids, but hey, if everyone else can do it, we can too, right?  Just don't expect my floors to be vacuumed if you stop by my house, not that they would have been vacuumed with one kid anyway, but you know what I mean.  We'll find our routine and then we'll get Mark to vacuum.
I figured I would take this quiet break at the hospital to go online for some random web surfing before re-entering life full time without a 24 hour nursing staff at my beck and call.  Hopefully soon I will be back to online ranting and rambling about random, nonsensical issues that have irked me or that I think should irk you, crying over LOST once February rolls around, and maybe, just maybe sharing a picture of the deck with you....when it is finally done and it passes inspection and we can actually use it before summer ends and the snow flies.
On that note, hope you enjoy the end of pregnancy rants, odes to candy I couldn't have and endless complaints of GD, pregnancy rudeness and all of that stuff.  If you haven't heard from me in a week or two, the kids have won and I will have lost touch with the outside world.  Please feel free to stop by if that does happen and try to pull me back in!! 



Nothing to report on the western front.
Just sitting, hanging out and trying to find things to do to pass the time.  Today is d-day, looks like it will come and go without any fanfare.  
So, since I know you are all planning your day around the announcement of our news, you'll just have to sit tight and try to go on about your day.


My Evil Side

Everyone knows I am an animal lover, not to the point of swearing off all animal products and eating meat (unless I have recently watched Babe), but a pretty big animal lover.  When neighbours talk about shooting the rabbits, squirrels and other backyard friends, so that they don't eat the plants, I don't join in the conversation.  
I will admit though when I see articles like this:

"Two hurt in first day of Spain bull running"

It sort of makes me smile.  No, I am not some sort of ill wisher on humans, but people...when you run with bulls you will get hurt.  It's the same with matadors.  I hate bull fighting with a passion.  Why it still goes on, is beyond me.  When I hear of a bull goring the matador I say, "good for the bull."  I have no sympathy whatsoever for people who play with deadly animals and get hurt.  Living with bears killed a man? Really?? He lived with bears people!  It's not a question of if, but when.  You keep a gorilla as a pet?  It ripped some one's face off?? It's a GORILLA!  Even when "domesticated" animals attack it still doesn't surprise me.  Granted for dogs, I really believe there is some sort of provocation or mistreatment somewhere along the line, in 98% of incidents, but there is always a chance with any sort of animal for the to attack.  It is a risk of being near an animal, having a pet, working with animals or even visiting them in the zoo.  
Yes it is sad when someone is hurt or killed, but in situations of bull fighting, running with bulls, playing with bears and lions and elephants (oh my!), are we really that surprised?

On a side note, I bought Mark the Cabela's Big Game Hunter last year for Christmas.  I know he likes to hunt, he knows I hate it, it was a compromise!  As I watched him play it one day, I was still a little bothered by the virtual killing until I saw him get demolished by a mountain lion.  I thought it was only fair that if he can try to kill the animals, the animals can kill him.  Hunting to me is a little funny actually.  Nothing like a man (or woman) decked out in camo, hiding behind a tree, waiting to sneak up on a poor, unsuspecting deer.  Takes a whole lot of know how to hide from a deer.  (I know, I know, Jared you will say there is more to it...it's still a game of hide and seek no matter what you say).  Hunting will never be explained in a positive light to me.  I will say I have no problem with hunting for those who must do it to support their family.  Yes, many people who hunt today will say they eat the meat....good for you.  Do you still have to hang the head in your living room?  And tell me why you shot the lion? Are you going to eat it?  Didn't think so.

Anyway, this wasn't meant to be about hunting, just my little rant about those who decide to play with big, strong, killer animals.  If you get hurt, it's your own fault.  I am sorry to your families, but maybe next time you shouldn't run with bulls, play with grizzly bears or hug lions.


A Little Pregnancy Fun

Since I have nothing much to say these days, and it seems the only thing people have to say to me is, "When are you due???"...why not make it fun?
If you care, are bored or just feel like trying to be smarter than the rest of us, wager a guess as to when this kid is coming.  My actual due date is July 13th, just in case you wondered.


Doctor Visit Friday

Well, another week, another appointment.
This time I was struck by complete awkwardness.  Given how close I am to the end, each visit entails a check to see how things are moving along.  Sitting upon the table, my Doctor and his nurse come in and we all begin a lovely conversation about the history of my hair and how it has changed since I first became a patient a few years ago.  His nurse commented on how she can't even remember me with long hair to which my Doctor replied, "didn't you have it in a bob-like style?"  None of us could remember, but we all continued to discuss the evolution of my hairstyles.  Not such a weird conversation in itself, but when you place it in a Doctor's office while one of the people is sitting on an exam table draped in a over sized paper towel...it becomes a little odd.
Am I impressed my Doctor is that observant? Comfortable in his line of work?  Polite to engage in small talk before a "check"?   Whatever the reason, it just struck me as funny, odd and a wee bit strange.
Not sure we'll have a next week appointment update...fingers crossed that we will but, I don't know.  I would love to be able to make it to next Saturday (10th), but if I can make it through this weekend...that is my short term goal.  So if anyone knows how to stave off labour from beginning, tips would be greatly appreciated.
And to anyone who may have to come to my house in the middle of the night to stay with T (fingers, toes, hairs and eyes crossed that that doesn't happen), I am truly sorry for the state you may find it in.  I have no desire to tidy, clean or do dishes.  We'll just make sure there is a clear path through the house so you don't trip and kill yourself. 
Until then!  We will let you know if, and when, anything happens (but please pray it doesn't happen this weekend or this coming week)!


Home Sweet Home

O Canada!
Happy Birthday!  I wish we could be together this year to enjoy the sweet Mountain Dew, the poutine, the smarties, the coffee crisp, the chocolate chip cookies from M&M meats, the ketchup chips, the halibut from Joeys....(maybe it's the GD talking).
I'll do my best to celebrate away from you this year.  I've got all the necessities for poutine tomorrow and even some Canada Dry (diet of course).  As hard as it may be, I will not dive into the two cases of imported Dew, the smarties or the coffee crisps that have now invaded my home.  Those must wait.  I'll wear my red t-shirt in your honour and will hum our song as I putter through the day.  I'll even go get my hair cut to make sure I am looking top notch for your birthday.
So, until next year when we will spend the day together, enjoy it for me.  Put on a spectacular fireworks show (which I know will happen since Kelly is in charge), have great weather and eat lots of great summer foods without me.
Have a fantastic 143rd Birthday!!  You don't look a day over 138!