Home Sweet Home

O Canada!
Happy Birthday!  I wish we could be together this year to enjoy the sweet Mountain Dew, the poutine, the smarties, the coffee crisp, the chocolate chip cookies from M&M meats, the ketchup chips, the halibut from Joeys....(maybe it's the GD talking).
I'll do my best to celebrate away from you this year.  I've got all the necessities for poutine tomorrow and even some Canada Dry (diet of course).  As hard as it may be, I will not dive into the two cases of imported Dew, the smarties or the coffee crisps that have now invaded my home.  Those must wait.  I'll wear my red t-shirt in your honour and will hum our song as I putter through the day.  I'll even go get my hair cut to make sure I am looking top notch for your birthday.
So, until next year when we will spend the day together, enjoy it for me.  Put on a spectacular fireworks show (which I know will happen since Kelly is in charge), have great weather and eat lots of great summer foods without me.
Have a fantastic 143rd Birthday!!  You don't look a day over 138!

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Kyndra said...

Ketchup chips and Hickory Sticks do it for me. Why hasn't America caught on?