Brain Scramble

I'm not sure which I am finding more difficult... name picking or car shopping.  Today, I think car shopping is winning.  Who comes up with prices on cars anyway?? It's ridiculous!  And there are so many cars!!  Why can't we just limit it to three choices?  It would be easier for me that way.  Too many choices makes me want to run away and forget that I have to decide.  Between names, cars, to finish the basement or not to finish the basement, sell the car/trade it in...I am in need of running away.  And in need of more money (donations are welcome).  You think there is all the time in the world, but then slowly but surely, we're in June already.  One weekend after another gone.  Work responsibility, church responsibility, fun times, trips, commitments here and there...we are out of time!  So much for a girls trip.  Not even sure we'll get one last family trip in before I am forbidden to travel.  I guess I need to hire a decision maker for me.  Someone who can sort out all the options and tell me which one is the best, when I need to do it and how long it will take to get it done.  Do they have people for that?  On a positive look, the bedroom might get painted this weekend!! It's only taken four and a half years and 12 color samples on the wall...but the end might be in sight!  
So here is to getting decisions made, in a timely manner and to a fresh coat of paint!


Today's Lesson

As I was perusing my Parenting magazine over lunch today, I came to a conclusion.  The magazine exists solely to make me (and perhaps a few other SAHM's) feel inadequate.  If we're not using cloth diapers, we are not only harming our children but also the environment.  If we are forcing our children to sleep in a crib by them selves (gasp!) from a few months old, we are making sleep a terribly scary, lonely event.  If, heaven forbid, we are not feeding them all natural, organic, non-processed, frozen food, well then who knows what kind of sickness and health issues they will develop.  On top of all of that, if we are not running a business of earth friendly baby products, writing books on eating kindly, working in television or having our own line of ridiculously overpriced children's clothing, then what are we doing with our time?
Yes, I know, it's celebrities who have an entourage of folks (trainers, chefs, assistants, money) but I am guessing most of Parenting's readers are NOT celebrities.  So...what about us folks who manage to find 5 minutes for a shower, throw in some processed, frozen chicken nuggets for dinner (carrots on the side), stay in pj's all day, maybe throw in a load of laundry or two....
Parenting, here's an idea for your next month's edition...A Day In The Life of a SAHM.  Show me some pictures of the dishes piled up, last night's dinner on the floor under the high chair, the pile of laundry waiting for someone to put it away, Mom in her pj's with disheveled hair and kids running wild, tearing pages from books, leaving a trail of toys behind them as they whiz by in a blur.  Sounds like a regular day around these parts!


The Name Game

Now the fun begins.
Since we have eliminated one gender, we can focus on actually picking a name! I thought it would be fun to get suggestions this time around...see what the people think.  (Quick disclaimer: we do not have to use any suggestions given!)  Might be a good way to get the name juices rolling to figure out to call this cupcake!
So, if you want to leave a comment/name suggestion, please feel free.  Just be aware, no entries that begin with the letter "T" will be accepted.
IF we end up choosing a name someone suggested...I'll make you cupcakes, any flavour you want!  of course, if you don't live near me, well...you'll just have to bask in the glory of knowing we picked your suggestion!  Or, come visit me and I will make you some!
Let the games begin!
Oh, and friends of Mark, if you read this...nothing that rhymes with any vulgarity or body parts please!


Drum Roll Please....

Tennyson wanted to tell you something (or just be in the picture at least, Truman wasn't really interested and wanted to take his nap..).  So here we go....again. :o)


Boys vs Girls

How I wish I had something intelligent to share with you today, but I don't.  I was just tired of seeing that previous blog title.  Even if it is true.
So, next week we will hopefully know what this little "cupcake" (as a friend referred to it) specifically is, other than a baby of course.  No, we have no hopes one way or the other.  We are mostly set for either, minus a car that can fit us all, of course, so whichever way it rolls is fine with us.  Although the last three and a half years have shone some light on the pros and cons of girls vs boys, I'm still not convinced one is easier than the other.  They are just different.  I don't know which I prefer...especially since it ultimately comes down to personality, not gender.  The things I love about having my girl are wildly different than the reasons I love having my boy.  This third one could be a girl and be totally different than girl #1...you know what I am saying.  So, that said...whatever.  As long as it is one, and not two! Of course, now I have jinxed myself and we will get an even bigger surprise next week (and an even bigger car!)
I debated having a "Gender Poll", but really, you have a 50-50 chance of being right, how hard is that?  However, if you feel the need to share a feeling, or a thought on the subject matter, go right ahead and comment away.  You've got pretty decent odds.  Maybe we'll make it interesting once we know and hold a name contest...that would be much more interesting!
In the meantime, if one more person tells me I look bigger this third time than I have with the previous two...I may just have a public meltdown.  I tell myself it's because I'm 40 pounds smaller than I was the other times, not because I am having multiples, as people like to inform me.  So, if you see me and you think I am already resembling a whale, or any other creature of such girth, do me a favour and keep it to yourself or whisper about me behind my back, don't tell me.