Ahhhh, thank you!

For some reason I was thinking about what modern day amenities I could just not live without, so here is my list:
Air conditioning. I think I would seriously die from heat if it was not for central air.
Washing machines. I would walk around the dirtiest, stinkiest person if it weren't for washing machines. Hand washing clothes is not something that happens very often here.
Running water/toilet paper. These two go hand in hand and really need no explanation.
Paper towels. The paper towel companies must be in business solely because of how many rolls we go through, it is unbelievable.
Slurpees. I had a slurp this last week for the first time in I don't know...oh it was a grape, lime, orange, watermelon, 7-up slice of brain freeze heaven.
Shoes. I could never be a barefoot kind of gal....never.
DVRs. How on earth did we ever live without these wonderful time saving inventions?
The Internet. Do you remember having to go to the library to research your papers and pull out the encyclopedia? Do kids these days even know what an encyclopedia is?
Watermelon. Not really a modern day amenity, but so missed during the winter months.
Contacts. So happy to be able to wear these. Nothing wrong with a funky pair of glasses, I love mine, but contacts just make the day better.
Volume control on kids toys. Why wasn't this thought of earlier and why didn't I think of it?
Dishwashers. Now if I could just find someone to load and unload mine, we'll be in business.
I know there are a million more things out there that makes my life a billion times easier and more efficient, but that's what I've got today!
Now...how can I get 7-11 to deliver me a slurpee??


Kind Hearts

On a day that started out in a less than desirable manner, I had an experience that replaced the feelings of wanting to crawl back into bed.
We pulled into the garage on our way home from church when Mark realized that he had left his church binder on the roof of the car. Of course, it hadn't survived the ride home. Since Mark had some people coming over shortly after we got home, I jumped back into the car and headed back over to the church. I figured it would be in the parking lot or some way along the highway (lost forever). As I pulled up to the church I spied some flapping white out of the corner of my eye and sure enough, there was the binder! Sprawled across the entrance to the highway. Now it would have been wonderful if the binder was all intact, but no, it had been run over a few times, papers strewn everywhere, binder broken...you get the picture.
So I pull the car over to the side of the road, put the flashers on and get to work. I soon realize that this won't go very quickly in my four inch heels, so I take them off, tuck them under my arm and start picking up papers. I have to stop every so often to let cars pass by (luckily it is not a very busy spot on Sunday afternoons!) but thankfully it wasnt a windy day so nothing has flown too far away.
A few more cars drive by and I wonder what they are thinking seeing this crazy lady in her polka dot dress and bare feet picking up all these papers...I know I might do a double take!
But as I finished, I noticed this maroon colored SUV drive by, stop, doors open and this lovely couple run out and start helping me pick up papers in the middle of the intersection! I wanted to ask them why, but I simply smiled, said thank you and that they didn't have to do this. She smiled, looked at me and said "no, we don't have to, but we want to". I don't know who they are, I will probably never see them again in my life, but to whoever you are, THANK YOU. I know you will never see this, but please know how grateful I am for your kindness today. So if anyone reading this hears a similar story from your friends who stopped to help a crazy lady in a polka dot dress...that was me, and please tell them thank you again.
A perfect Sunday example of helping others in need.