Feed Me Seymour!

OK, my brain has officially quit.
My new hatred in life....dinner. Well, not eating it, not even making it...just trying to come up with something to have that we haven't already eaten a gazillion times.
So, anyone have any no-brainer, good dinner ideas to share with me? I am open to new things, I just don't want to have to buy 936750 ingredients to make it (Rachael Ray!). I know I saw some great ideas from a couple of my pals blogs, I just need to go and jot them down.
It's not even 1:30 yet and I am dreading having to think of what to make for dinner tonight. We had a meal plan a few months back, and it made dinners so much easier. No standing in front of the fridge, opening and closing the doors saying, "what do you want for dinner?" "I don't know, what do you want for dinner?"
Oh to eliminate that conversation altogether.
So if you don't mind sharing recipes/ideas with me I would love love love to hear them! Or if you have any new ideas on old standards (chicken, pasta, salad)....our menu could use a kick (or two) in the pants!


Day One

Got off to a good start today, only ate half of a brownie at the BBQ!! I even got in a trip to the gym when we got home.
Of course they have to put a McDonald's AND a Dairy Queen right across the street from the gym...but I succeeded and drove right on home. Oh but how good a soft serve cone, or a blizzard or a chocolate dipped cone would have tasted after a day outside in the sun.

One down...many more to go.


I'm a Loser Baby...

So, is it true that if you put something in writing for the whole world to see, you have to follow through with that thing?
Let's see if it is true.
Starting tomorrow it's good eating habits and regular exercise. None of this mainly good eating habits and sporadic (of late) exercise.
I'd love to drop 10 pounds by mid-July, and another 10 by September. Is 20 pounds in 4 months doable? I mean I'm not on the Biggest Loser campus or anything, but I think it can be done without depriving myself of an occasional ice cream or extra serving of pasta (it is whole wheat noodles!)...I guess time will tell.
I'm also trying to rope Mark into this, we will see if he fights or comes along for the ride.
Luckily I think all of the treats are out of the house (except for a handful of chocolate chips which may meet their demise tonight). Now if I can just stay away from the chips and goodies at the BBQ tomorrow....I think I can I think I can I think I can.
Getting to the gym will be the hardest with mark's work schedule and no child drop off at my gym, but we'll make it work.
Here's to letting the world in on my plans, perhaps wioth a few prods and inquiries every week or so, it will make me stick with it and actually get it done. You'd think just the hint of shopping for a new wardrobe would have given me all the motivation in the world, wouldn't you??
So here's to Me (and Mark)!!


All the News That's Fit

  • Ok, so he won. No, not him, him.
  • The cops in MN are looking for a kid and his Mom who fled the state to avoid having chemo. The kid doesn't want it, he's 13, his parents agree. Why is the state so bent on bringing him back? He's old enough to understand that without chemo he will probably die, but he wants to try some other alternative methods. He's 13, not 3, he knows the risks. If it was all his parents idea then yes, step in, but come on, aren't there more serious things happening that require police time and effort?
  • TV channels are introducing their fall line ups. Eli Stone and Pushing Daisies get cancelled, but NBC made another season of I'm a Celeb, Get Me Out of Here? AND cancelled Medium?? Tragedy. Luckily CBS picked Medium up.
  • It was 97 degrees here the other day...I hate the heat.
  • LOST was AWSOME. Now I have to wait until January or February to find out what happened AND it'll be the last season. I am stocking up on anti-depressants and kleenex now.
  • Facebook is lame. Can anyone explain to me it's purpose/relevance? And while you're at it, explain to me why I keep logging on and checking my profile?
  • SYTYCD starts tonight...wooot wooot! I should be on that show.
  • How does anyone know how to go about obtaining a surface-to-air missile?? I wouldn't know the first person to talk to about that, maybe it's just me.


Sad Story of the Day

I realized today that the 11 month old who has never really been in the sun until this past weekend has more of a "tan" than I do. Nothing like sitting on the lawn and noticing the eye blinding, glow in the dark, pastiness that is the colour of my legs. Actually, I guess it would be an absence of colour?
I try to tell myself that my chances for skin cancer go way down, but that never lasts long. Oh well. Thankfully summer doesn't last that long in Minnesota and before you know it I'll be wearing pants and the people around me will be happy again!


What Not To Wear....EVER

Yesterday as I left Target to go get a couple of things from the grocery store I saw something that made me wish I had my camera with me, not to mention made me throw up in my mouth a little.
A grown man, probably in his 40's, in full on denim bib overalls. Oh the horror. I'm not sure why these things still exist, do we really need them? We have pockets in pants, pockets in coats...do we need a one piece article of clothing with a middle of the chest pocket?
Oh I wish I had a picture of him, description alone can not do him justice.
I guess they are trying to make them more fashionable with "low back" bibs...is that like low rise jeans? Not sure I want to see overall crackage.
I'd apologize to anyone who wears these in case I have offended you, but I can't. I just can't... maybe some public bashing will make you burn those bib overalls for good and make the world a better place for all of us to live.


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Oh Mondays, I have such a love-hate relationship with you. This Monday the hate is definitely winning, with no chance of the love pulling off a win in the 9th. Sorry for the baseball lingo...trying to gear up for the road trip of a lifetime (insert sarcasm anywhere in the last part of that sentence, sorry Mark! I still love you).
So here's the rundown of the score so far:
  • Bad - 11 month old not wanting to sleep very early this morning and later this morning
  • Bad - 11 month old crying at every thing today
  • Good - wanted to binge on every item of chocolate in sight at Target but resisted
  • Bad? Good? - spending more time at Target now than when I was employed there (bad for the bank account good for my sanity)
  • Good - had some french toast this morning
  • Bad - ate it while a certain someone wailed because she wasn't getting her watermelon fast enough
  • Ugly - ate Kraft Dinner for lunch...shudder
  • Bad - have to take car in for oil change tomorrow...how will I entertain the kid for 30-40 minutes???
  • Bad - realized that TAR is over for another season, how I will miss you Browsie
  • Bad - I have to pack again tomorrow
  • Good - T has yet to yank the clip out of her hair, I think that is a record!
  • Bad - today reminded me that summer is coming and I hate the heat
  • Ugly - apparently ants have decided to take over my kitchen sink and will not go away. I don't have a clue where they are coming from and they seem to just keep coming back
  • Ugly - we have hard water (which we knew) but now our new dishwasher has decided to leave this white, crappy, powdery, residue all over our dishes (that it never left before) and it will not go away either!! So now I have to find citric acid to try to remedy this mineral deposit problem - or buy a water softener ($$!)
  • Bad - I'm pretty sure I'll be able to add a few more bads to the list before 5PM


A Moment Long Overdue

Today I walked into a 7-11 (or sev as we like to call it here) for the first time in I don't know how many years. As I walked inside, the aroma of Slurpee hit me like a wall. Oh Slurpee, how I have missed you. It's been probably a year since Slurpee and I last saw each other....too long in my books. There were many trips to the local sev during junior high and high school, it's like going to church, you just have to go.
I can remember my first Slurpee...mmmm orange. It's a good memory.
As I went to fill up my 22 oz Slurpee cup I was happy to see all of the usual suspects for me to fill my cup with, all but one (had it been there, the amount of perfection would have been intangible). I started with a little 7Up, then some lime Crush and topped off with orange Crush. If Grape could have been there...wow, it would have been quite a moment.
So in honour of my Slurpee, I thought I would share with the world a few Slurpee stats.

  • Canadians purchase an average of 30 million drinks per year (that's almost as many as the population of Canada!)
  • Winnipeg was named Slurpee capitol of the world for the 9th time in a row in 2008 (we rule!), even though we are a very, very chilly city (Slurpees in the middle of January, you betcha!)
  • Stores in Winnipeg sell, on average 8330 drinks a month, the rest of Canada - a paltry 5990 per month
  • The Pina Colada flavour is not kosher
  • The term Slurpee was coined in 1967 by Bob Stanford
  • Slurpee is in my spellcheck because apparently it needs to be capitalized!

Thanks Wikipedia for all of your knowledge. We love you Slurpee!!!