A Moment Long Overdue

Today I walked into a 7-11 (or sev as we like to call it here) for the first time in I don't know how many years. As I walked inside, the aroma of Slurpee hit me like a wall. Oh Slurpee, how I have missed you. It's been probably a year since Slurpee and I last saw each other....too long in my books. There were many trips to the local sev during junior high and high school, it's like going to church, you just have to go.
I can remember my first Slurpee...mmmm orange. It's a good memory.
As I went to fill up my 22 oz Slurpee cup I was happy to see all of the usual suspects for me to fill my cup with, all but one (had it been there, the amount of perfection would have been intangible). I started with a little 7Up, then some lime Crush and topped off with orange Crush. If Grape could have been there...wow, it would have been quite a moment.
So in honour of my Slurpee, I thought I would share with the world a few Slurpee stats.

  • Canadians purchase an average of 30 million drinks per year (that's almost as many as the population of Canada!)
  • Winnipeg was named Slurpee capitol of the world for the 9th time in a row in 2008 (we rule!), even though we are a very, very chilly city (Slurpees in the middle of January, you betcha!)
  • Stores in Winnipeg sell, on average 8330 drinks a month, the rest of Canada - a paltry 5990 per month
  • The Pina Colada flavour is not kosher
  • The term Slurpee was coined in 1967 by Bob Stanford
  • Slurpee is in my spellcheck because apparently it needs to be capitalized!

Thanks Wikipedia for all of your knowledge. We love you Slurpee!!!


Krista said...

Wow! I had not idea you loved Slurpees that much. I like them once i na while, I used to make Marshall run to the Sev all the time when I was pregnant with Drew. Did you ever go to that one they opened on the Lower East Side? We made a special trip down there one time just for the fountain drink. That is one thing I missed when we lived there...no gas stations ]=no fountain drinks! I love that you are brave enough to go with the suicide flavor. It sounded tasty.

Erin said...

oh man, we used to go to sev all the time! Oh the memories...

Weez's Daily Zoo said...

Lemonade Slurpee is the ultimate!

laurel said...

yum! a sev opened up on church st and chambers last summer, just blocks from our old place. one of the best days of my new york life!

Melissa said...

fun slurpee facts. as a slurpee lover myself, i feel more official now that I know a little bit more about the drink i love so much.
PS - Amazing RAce? What do you think???