Idol Recap Redux

Just a quick post tonight, not nearly as many uncorfortable and offensive comments, I promise. It looks like America got it right by putting Adam and Matt in the bottom two and sending Matt, JT jr., home. I will admit one embarrassing thing tonight, and that is that I don't hate Justin Timberlake. Trust me, I want to despise him, he gets hot tail, has tons of money and sings in a flasetto, but everytime I see him on SNL or Sportscenter I can't help but like him.

The one thing I wanted to point out tonight is how lame it is to have a guest singer on a show who uses an auto tuner. It reminded me too much of this video not to post it.

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Krista said...

Yeah, I thought the Jamie Foxx performance was weird...if I wasn't looking at it I could have sworn it was Kanye West. No likey.