Stealy Dan

Don't people have better things to do with their time other than try to fraudulently tap into my paypal/bank account and steal money from me? What's the deal?
I guess they think I won't notice some odd withdrawal, from a man with an obviously made-up name, for hundreds of Euros. Wrong!
And so now I have nothing better to do than spend time online and on the phone making sure this person (probably from Nigeria - scam central or so I have heard) doesn't take my money. Keep trying buddy, there isn't a whole lot to take!
At least I can be happy that they tried to take it from the closed account and not the open account account! I would like to say thank you to paypal for noticing this apparent fraud and putting a hold on my account as to ensure the validity/invalidity of this purchase.
Usually when I see an ad about identity fraud and such, I don't pay much attention, but seeing as this is the third time someone has tried to infiltrate a bank account/credit card maybe I should...thankfully only one of those times resulted in lost money that our bank happily refunded to us. How someone can figure out how to withdraw money from your account, using an ATM, when both of your ATM cards are on your physical beings, I will never know.
So be careful out there kids, pay attention to your online purchases, accounts, credit/debit cards...you never know when, where or how it might happen!
Oh and to any fraudulent blogstalkers out there...STOP TRYING TO STEAL MY MONEY!!

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Kyndra said...

How annoying!! Ugh, I am dreading the day this happens to us - because I feel in this day and age, it isn't a matter of if but when. How sad is that.