English 101

So I guess no one is enjoying my attempt at reliving my days of fluency in French as much as I am. Someday I will be fluent again! Not that there is a great need for French in Minnesota, but that's irrelevant.
Alright kids, for those of you who don't speak French, or don't look at the labels posted under the blog entry, this is for you!!
This July, little Tennyson 2.0 will be making his/her appearance. Sadly, my appearance will probably not return to normal for many, many, many months afterward. Here's to months of peanut M&M's, chocolate milk and chocolate chip cookies. Who am I kidding, it's only a matter of weeks until the gestational diabetes rears its ugly head. But until then...who wants to bring me some key lime pie??


Commencez à Étendre les Nouvelles

Que s'attendre quand vous vous attendez à un autre paquet de joie? Moins de sommeil, moins de fonction du cerveau, moins de nettoyage de maison. Plus de bruit, plus de rire, plus de photo ops, moments plus heureux de famille. Espérons que nous avons plus de dernier.
Il va être un été long.


Sink or Swim

Well, it's finally happened.
I didn't think it ever would, but it has, and sooner than I thought too.
It's wonderful. I don't know why we ever waited so long. Sure, Mark probably has a complaint or too, but I can't complain at all since I didn't do any of the work.
Want to see?




Thanks Mark for getting it installed so soon after we got it!! I love it a thousand times more than the old one. Now, about those counter tops...


My Two Cents

Google Reader.
Do you use it? I do and I am having mixed feelings about it. While it makes blog surfing extraordinarily easy, it makes me feel lazy. I used to leave comments most of the time I visited friends blogs, now...it's rare. All thanks to Google Reader. Is it really that hard to click and be taken to the actual blog so that I can leave a comment? No. Do I? Not usually. While it surely makes it handy for checking blogs, I no longer have to devote more than a minute or so to see what's new as opposed to clicking through every public blog I read. I know the sole purpose of blogging is not to have comments left, but as a blogger, don't you like getting comments? I know I do. It's not the only reason I blog, but I think there is a part of everyone who posts that wants to see comments, no matter what their blog topic is for that day.
So tell me, does Google Reader make it easier or harder for you to comment? Do you only comment when it's a really important blog, earth shattering news or whenever it strikes your fancy? What is the proper blog comment etiquette, do we have to leave a comment at every post we read to let that person know we were there?
I should definitely comment more... so to those whose blogs I read, I do read them I promise, and I will try and be better about leaving comments, even if you don't want me to!!


Problems and Solutions

One loaf down....many more to go!! The bread actually turned out. I don't think it was the world's best bread but it wasn't as hard as a puck so I will chalk that up as a success! Not sure I would make the same kind again, but you have to start somewhere. Today I am contemplating making challah bread. It's so good. The only restaurant on Roosevelt Island served challah bread french toast, YUM! I don't know how it would be coming out of a bread machine, but it might be worth the effort. I realize making bread in a bread machine is like painting a picture using paint by numbers, but it's okay by me. Why continually fail at a task if there is something to help you succeed? It's a win win situation!
My only dilemma now is how do I store the bread to keep it from turning into hockey pucks? Ziploc bags? Are there Tupperware-esque containers specifically made to store homemade bread? We don't eat it fast enough to just wrap it up in a dish towel or something. Maybe some of you Marthas out there can help me out with this quandary.
My other quandary is finding someone to come on a vacation with me!! Girls only! Anyone interested in a few days somewhere a little warmer than the northern states/Canada? 4 days on a beach, relaxing, pools, food a-plenty, good books, good friends......let me know! I'm thinking February or March maybe?


The Year of Domesticity

I have never claimed to be Martha Stewart, nor would any one ever classify me as "crafty". Every now and again I get a bug - one that would make me look like June Cleaver (minus the apron and hairdo).
The husband always says I am crafty, but I'm not. Not in the traditional sense of the word. I don't go to craft shows looking for ideas. I don't have wooden signs hung around my home adorned with kitschy sayings. My home is actually pretty bare except for the few art works hanging on the walls.
The "crafts" I do enjoy are few and far between and pretty random. I do enjoy sewing, although I would never offer to teach anything other than how my machine works and how to sew a line. I have made a few articles of clothing, a few bags and some curtains, but I would never call myself a pro. I have attempted knitting, not much success and every now and again I will crochet, but it's usually the same, basic stitch that turns into a scarf (or if I am feeling especially crafty, a baby blanket). I have many long pieces of crocheting that have yet to turn into anything. And on occasion I have been known to paint the odd flower pot.
My latest attempt I am holding out hope for success. Mainly because I don't think I can screw it up. Although maybe I should wait until I am finished, because with me, I could probably find a way to screw it up.
I made bread once. Well, rolls actually. It doesn't really matter though because they were inedible and found their way into the trash pretty quickly. I think they may have been harder than hockey pucks. Maybe even harder than the hardest material known to man. I haven't made a second attempt...until today. I got a bread machine this Christmas. It seems pretty simple. I can't mess up too badly when all I have to do is throw in the materials, plug it in and press the buttons, right??? I guess we will see, but I won't drop dead if it comes out like a brick or in crumbs.
Stay tuned.


Starting Early

First we take the World Juniors tonight....then we take the Gold in February!!! T is all ready to watch the game (if only it was broadcast on a channel we get in the US). Mom's ready too with her sweatshirt and jersey, but I don't think Dad will be donning his Canada hockey jersey with us.
(man is it hard to get this girl to pose)