You Better Watch Out...

Just 3 months to go...so have you been naughty or nice?




Can I Really Go on?

Is life worth living without you?
Please come back soon....we need you...even though Comcast is stupid and their new boxes apparently don't work with my brand of TV (lame-O) so I have to wait for them to find an old model, and if they can't....well, I might just have to switch to a dish and I don't know if I am ready to go there again.


Here I Go Again

I know I already posted a pet peeve, but I guess today is just ripe for them!
So I am sitting on the couch letting T take a nap and we (okay, really just me) are channel surfing. I stop on Oprah, now let me preface this by saying that generally I am not an Oprah fan, but I usually check and see what her topic du jour is.
Today I see it is about Internet predators. Kind of skeezy, but an ever seemingly increasing problem. I decide to check it out...I didn't last long.
I can handle watching shows like Law & Order SVU, and other police/murder/dark tales type shows, but I turned the channel on this one pretty quickly. I will admit some of the things they mentioned were pretty hard to listen to, but it was not the reason I turned the channel.
The first reason I turned the channel was because of a "how to" book that has been written by predators on how to do these sorts of things. The fact the book exists is not why I turned the channel, but it was due to the fact that Ms Winfrey proceeded to read the entire brochure like document out loud, step-by-step (with the kindness of censoring for the at home audience, but the in home audience got the uncensored version).
The second reason I turned the channel was after I had gone back to the show to see what they had moved on to only to discover that Ms Winfrey was now talking to a man from Wyoming whose job was to find predators. Okay fine, however they then proceeded to share with the audience a video of which the at home audience was spared from viewing it due to the nature of it. BUT the man did describe what everyone was looking at...so you got to picture things for yourself.
These two reasons together form my third reason for being highly bothered by this show. I know the intention was to bring to bring to light the severity of Internet predators and just what is out there, but do we really need to see blurred out photos of infants and toddlers? I am guessing the audience did not see the blurred images.
I will preface my next thought with this - I did not watch the show in it's entirety, so perhaps I missed something that was done that would contradict my feelings, but I didn't get that impression from the parts of the show I did see. I am all for stopping Internet predators, but does such detail about how people commit these crimes have to be given? Ms Winfrey READ (word for word) a how-to guide on how to get started in child pornography...I mean really? Granted pedophiles know this, but do we have to make the details known on such a mainstream level?
These thoughts were echoed as I watched Primetime tonight discussing some thread of unsuccessful terrorist plots. They did say nothing they would be showing was new to terrorists, but what about those would-be terrorists, or the really curious kid who might be on the brink? Do we need to delve into how shoe bombs are made, or why I can't bring that bottle of pop through security anymore?
Please, inform people of the scary things that exist in this world so that we can be informed and aware and do our best to protect ourselves and the ones we love, but can we limit the amount of information shared so that not everyone and their dog knows how to hide their computer stash of child porn or how to convince your 3 year old that it's okay to do those things? I think we'd all be a little better off without knowing.

All Bottled Up

I discovered this weekend a pet peeve that maddens me to no end.
Why does every type of pump bottle...hand soap, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, etc., never EVER let you use every drop in it? And why is it always so much more than a drop? Sometimes it seems like it's a quarter of the bottle that's left! You would think that they'd make the straw inside a little bit longer so I can actually use all of the soap I paid for! But no, I end up throwing it away and buying a new bottle... what a waste.


I Can Feel It Coming in the Air Tonight...

OK, so it's not happening tonight, but Phil it is coming soon!
Yes it is that time of year again....Fall TV season is almost upon us! While some shows may have already started, the real treasure is still to come.
I have noticed that there are not nearly as many new shows this year that I am interested in checking out. Is that because I could care less, or is it because of that pesky writer's strike we had to middle through? I am betting it's a little of both, but I thought I would get the excitement started anyway!
I am a little interested in checking Fringe out - the new JJ Abrams show on Fox. Less for the actual show itself, more for Joshua Jackson. I don't expect I will continue watching it (seeing as I missed the premiere, but shockingly (!) Fox is reshowing it tomorrow) but I thought I would give it a try.
It's not a new show this season, but it will be new to me. Might not be one I DVR, but if there is nothing up against it, I may add House to my addiction. I have been watching it over the summer and USA had this 2 day marathon on...not a bad show, although I do cover my eyes for some of the "medical" scenes.
The only other show I am going to give a try to is Kath & Kim. For two reasons: 1) it's smack dab in the middle of Thursday night TV, and 2) John Michael Higgins - love him!
Other than that, it's the old standbys:
ANTM (always lame, but it's like that car wreck you just can't look away from)
SNL (at least 15 minutes of it to see if it won't be lame)
DWTS (if it's as lame as last season, it's the first to go!)
L&O: SVU (holy guests stars Batman!! Luke Perry!!)
Ugly Betty
My Name is Earl (it better be better than last season or it will be the 2nd to go!)
The Office (I just still really wish they would get rid of Steve Carell - I know I am going to be murdered for my opinion, but I don't care)
TAR (Browsie's back!!!)
Pushing Daisies
Eli Stone
30 Rock (still THE best comedy on TV)
Hopefully the CW gets Reaper on the air soon, that show is hilarious! Especially Ray Wise as the devil - the only person on TV who can make Mark wet his pants laughing!
Of course this list is missing something and I am sure you all know what it is, but the real TV season doesn't get underway for me until January 2009...yes LOST. I hate the wait, but it is definitely worth it. Last season was incredible and I can't even begin to think about what this season will be like. I just hope Desmond is still going to be around.
Thankfully a few shows ended or got cancelled last season and lightened up the DVR load. As time goes on I sure love that DVR more and more, especially when I have to get up at 4:00AM and there is nothing but paid programming on (granted that doesn't seem to happen very often anymore, but when it does, my DVR will never fail me!).
So what shows are you looking forward to this season? Anything you're scratching off your list?


Hey Ladies

I fully planned on posting my half finished diatribe on the media’s treatment of Sarah Palin, why I am a Republican, and the flawed economic theory of the Democratic Party, but then I watched Ms. Palin speak the other night and shelved my previous writing. My reaction to her speech was quite different then I imagined it would be. Instead of feeling excited about the GOP’s chances in November, I felt proud of where I come from, the people that are closest to me and the opportunities this country affords each of us.

I have always been surrounded by loving, smart and tough women. I have a great grandmother who could take a bullet without complaint, brand cows with the toughest of men and soothe a grandchild after being stung by a bee. My grandmother taught me the value of an honest days work. Although as a kid I bitched and moaned about the level of pay and her high quality standards (even though I was filling a manure spreader), she taught me how to do a job and do it right. I thought a lot about my mother when I saw Ms. Palin speak. For those who don’t know my mom, she managed a household of seven rowdy kids, a cousin who didn’t have another home and cared for her dying father-in-law while my father lived and worked out of state. My mother is tough, the type of woman who would smack other people’s kids when they get out of line at the grocery store. All the neighbor kids knew that you didn’t cross Eva cause if you pissed her off one way she’d put a boot in your ass the other. Outside of this tough exterior, she is a caring, passionate and intelligent mother and grandmother. Mostly I thought about my lovely wife, a tough, passionate woman who can’t be easily categorized by a single title. Melanie is a woman of deep thinking, deep passion and an uncompromising belief in doing what’s right. I never realized how strong she is until the last few months. The best thing I can say about these women is that they are good people and good mothers, just like most of us have.

As a man I often talk about the Washingtons, Jeffersons and the Rockefellers who “built” this nation, but I know better. This nation is built upon the backs of strong women. That is why it is so refreshing to see someone like Sarah Palin. I think it’s great to see an elected official who has struggled through the fight of kids, jobs, school, marriage, mistakes and everyday living; someone who seeks out office not to break down barriers or prove something, but to try to make life better for their family. The pundits all debated whether she was talking to the base, swing voters, Reagan democrats or Hillary supporters, but I think it was more than that. She spoke to me as a person who struggles to make a living and tries to do what’s right every day. She spoke to me the same way that strong women have spoken to me throughout my life, and that was a breath of fresh air.


1988 - All Over Again

Since it is very likely that Mark will take this blog political very soon, I thought I might get a word in before that happens. Not on politics though, I'm not going there. Mark would just think "his" blog had been hijacked by some radical socialist spouting crazy talk. Actually I would probably just complain about the whole US election process, the circus it is, how no one actually lays out the specifis of accomplishing all of their promises, just what they will do, and the most annoying part of all, how it just becomes about who can take the lowest swipe at their opponent without breaking the skin.
What I would like to talk about is the only other people who seem to be on TV as much, or more, than anyone/anything political. Who might this be you ask? One acronym - NKOTB. That's New Kids on the Block for those who might be too young to know who I am talking about. Probably the forerunner for the modern day boy band, only from the 80's (how much do you love Donnie's t-shirt?).
I know this dates me incredibly, and if my 17 year old niece was to read this, she probably has no idea who they are and any semblance of coolness I might have once had has now flown out the window, but yes, I was a New Kids fan, and will happily admit I still rock out to their tunes from back in the day. I had the t-shirt with the painted hand prints on the back (Thanks David!), the tapes, the pins... my friend and I would drive down Portage Ave with my mixed tape in the tape player blaring Step By Step - we were THAT cool.
I won't get in to why I think they finally got together...it does make me wonder though since vh1's Bands Reunited tried to get them back together a few years ago only to have Joey say no. Hmm, now he is suddenly all over it? His stint on Wicked is over, Dancing with the Stars flamed out... just sayin'.
Anyway, as they've lipsynched their way through The View and now the Today Show (for the 2nd time this summer), I wonder why I am pulled into watching them. Memories of days gone by? Rekindling the love of an old favourite group? Seeing if their new material can ever top Hangin' Tough or Step By Step?
No, it seems I watch them to try and gauge the level of uncomfortableness shown by Jon, the always painfully shy looking member of the group. He makes me wonder if he even wants to be there. Perhaps brother Jordan pressured him into it? It's not like he ever sung lead on a song or was their unofficial spokesman - they could reunite without him, it would be rude, but they could. It's quite interesting to watch him give a half effort to the outdated dance steps, sleepily lipsynch his way through the lyrics... he just looks like he doesn't care. When interviewed, I don't think he ever leaps to answer a question, and when questioned directly, it's always a nice 2 or 3 word answer. Funny. After 80 million albums sold and throngs of girls screaming for him (and the others), he just doesn't seem to care, or want to be back in the spotlight. I sit there and think, "Is this the song/dance routine he just finally gives up on wand walks off stage?" I doubt it would happen, but I think it would be hilarious if he did!!
I am saddened to say while many a poster of Joey adorned my bedroom walls growing up, I seem to have outgrown the crush. Is it just me or does he not come off as little mister arrogant? Just a thought. Donnie seems to be the most successful, in a non-arrogant sort of way. Remember him in the Sixth Sense?? Did you even know he was in it?
We always laughed at my little sister because she thought Danny was the hottest and we thought he looked like a monkey.
So, am I glad NKOTB has reunited? Meh...doesn't change my life the way it might have a decade ago...okay maybe more than a decade ago. Will I buy their new cd? Nope, but I might download a few old school tunes for my mp3 player though. Boy, will Mark be excited for that and this post since this is how he feels about most of what I write. Oh well, I'll let him rant about Obama, Biden, McCain, Palin and everything in between another day - someone has to be the voice of all things craptainment on here, right?