1988 - All Over Again

Since it is very likely that Mark will take this blog political very soon, I thought I might get a word in before that happens. Not on politics though, I'm not going there. Mark would just think "his" blog had been hijacked by some radical socialist spouting crazy talk. Actually I would probably just complain about the whole US election process, the circus it is, how no one actually lays out the specifis of accomplishing all of their promises, just what they will do, and the most annoying part of all, how it just becomes about who can take the lowest swipe at their opponent without breaking the skin.
What I would like to talk about is the only other people who seem to be on TV as much, or more, than anyone/anything political. Who might this be you ask? One acronym - NKOTB. That's New Kids on the Block for those who might be too young to know who I am talking about. Probably the forerunner for the modern day boy band, only from the 80's (how much do you love Donnie's t-shirt?).
I know this dates me incredibly, and if my 17 year old niece was to read this, she probably has no idea who they are and any semblance of coolness I might have once had has now flown out the window, but yes, I was a New Kids fan, and will happily admit I still rock out to their tunes from back in the day. I had the t-shirt with the painted hand prints on the back (Thanks David!), the tapes, the pins... my friend and I would drive down Portage Ave with my mixed tape in the tape player blaring Step By Step - we were THAT cool.
I won't get in to why I think they finally got together...it does make me wonder though since vh1's Bands Reunited tried to get them back together a few years ago only to have Joey say no. Hmm, now he is suddenly all over it? His stint on Wicked is over, Dancing with the Stars flamed out... just sayin'.
Anyway, as they've lipsynched their way through The View and now the Today Show (for the 2nd time this summer), I wonder why I am pulled into watching them. Memories of days gone by? Rekindling the love of an old favourite group? Seeing if their new material can ever top Hangin' Tough or Step By Step?
No, it seems I watch them to try and gauge the level of uncomfortableness shown by Jon, the always painfully shy looking member of the group. He makes me wonder if he even wants to be there. Perhaps brother Jordan pressured him into it? It's not like he ever sung lead on a song or was their unofficial spokesman - they could reunite without him, it would be rude, but they could. It's quite interesting to watch him give a half effort to the outdated dance steps, sleepily lipsynch his way through the lyrics... he just looks like he doesn't care. When interviewed, I don't think he ever leaps to answer a question, and when questioned directly, it's always a nice 2 or 3 word answer. Funny. After 80 million albums sold and throngs of girls screaming for him (and the others), he just doesn't seem to care, or want to be back in the spotlight. I sit there and think, "Is this the song/dance routine he just finally gives up on wand walks off stage?" I doubt it would happen, but I think it would be hilarious if he did!!
I am saddened to say while many a poster of Joey adorned my bedroom walls growing up, I seem to have outgrown the crush. Is it just me or does he not come off as little mister arrogant? Just a thought. Donnie seems to be the most successful, in a non-arrogant sort of way. Remember him in the Sixth Sense?? Did you even know he was in it?
We always laughed at my little sister because she thought Danny was the hottest and we thought he looked like a monkey.
So, am I glad NKOTB has reunited? Meh...doesn't change my life the way it might have a decade ago...okay maybe more than a decade ago. Will I buy their new cd? Nope, but I might download a few old school tunes for my mp3 player though. Boy, will Mark be excited for that and this post since this is how he feels about most of what I write. Oh well, I'll let him rant about Obama, Biden, McCain, Palin and everything in between another day - someone has to be the voice of all things craptainment on here, right?


Krista said...

I LOVED NKOTB! First concert I ever went to, in 6th grade. I always thought Danny TOTALLY looked like a monkey too- and he still does! Strikingly so. Joey was my crush, him and Jon. I did know that was Donnie in The Sixth Sense- even if his part was teeny, I thought he pulled off the strung-out psychotic murderer perfectly. And I loved the dingey tighty-whities.

Dawnell said...

Okay this has nothing to do with your post and everything to do with your live traffic feed. WE DO NOT LIVE IN NEWARK!!!!! I'm not saying Jersey City is Fifth Avenue, but Newark is the freaking ghetto and we DO NOT live there! Thank goodness we're moving to Westchester in October.

Kyndra said...

NKOTB was my first concert. I was madly in love with Jordan and kind of thought I might marry him someday. I thought Danny was horrible looking, Jon was strange, and I never understood why people liked Joey so much. It became a tradition of mine to blast out their Happy Birthday song to all my siblings on their birthdays until, oh, just a few years ago. All the same, I'm not buying their new cd either.