Let there be ART!

So it's been a little longer between blogs than there usually is...is it possible to have lost the will to blog.... ?

Here's the lowdown on the slowdown of the past few weeks.

We've never been people to move into a place and get things up on the wall rather quickly, the one exception being the penguin calendar. So it's no surprise that up until this weekend, the only things hanging on our walls were the calendar and the towel racks in the bathroom.
That's all changed now though!! The house walls have been adorned. We hung up 6 pictures on Friday! Joann's had a great sale on framing last month, so we decided to go check out their prices. Mark has a print that is very oversized and every time we went to have it framed the price was always way out of our budget. However, with this sale we were able to get 5 pictures framed for the same or less than the one picture of Mark's - so we decided to go for it!! Thankfully we loved the way all of them turned out, and I must say, it is nice to finally have some things on the wall, just to make your place feel a little more "yours". We still need to get some family pictures and odds and ends put up, but we have the foyer, living room, kitchen and hallway taken care of for now.

This past weekend we decided to take a drive and explore some of scenic Minnesota (and Wisconsin!). While we were a week or two late to see the leaves in all of their colour changing glory, there were still some beautiful reds and yellows to be seen and we stopped in a nice little city called Stillwater - cute little stores and restaurants (of which I took no pictures naturally). We ate a picnic lunch and had some ice cream. The weather was perfect for a scenic drive!

Other than hanging art on the walls, life is pretty slow. Which isn't always bad!

I guess one newsworthy tidbit is that we are looking forward to our trip in a few weeks! We are heading to Florida so Mark can partake in the NASCAR experience again (you'll never find me in attendance) and then we are off to the Caribbean for a 5 night cruise. We're very excited for the vacation. It's the first cruise for both of us, so we will see if we'll de-board the ship being converted cruisers, or tried and true traditional vacationers!! Either way it will be nice to have some time off work, visit with some family and see some new places!

Hopefully we'll have some more exciting weeks, or at least something will tick me off enough to blog about (it's either that or Mark gets back on here and blogs about baseball, bodily parts/functions, and other things that are better left in his brain)! Any one have any blog topics they want me to discuss to keep Mark away from the blog? :o)
I'll try to make next time more exciting!!


Perks of the job

Since high school, I have worked a good number of jobs for all sorts of companies. Currently I work for Target Headquarters, and I have to say, it, hands down, has the best work environment of all my jobs. My first week there, we had food and snacks almost every day, how can that be wrong? We have monthly social events, volunteer opportunities (you go on work's dime), training classes, speakers, tours, poker games...you name it - anything you want to participate in, no problem!
One of the most exciting things that Target does is bring in "guests". When I first started I was told that Brad Paisley, and Kenny Chesney had performed, a few American Idol contestants (Elliot Yamin - I would have loved to have seen him!), Fall Out Boy, Hoobastank and others. Since I started in July, there has been Trisha Yearwood (not a country fan, but she is a funny lady!), some race car drivers (didn't go to that one), and my (so-far) all time favourite.... Isaac Mizrahi!!!!

The ladies I went down with were able to slide past the crowds and get right to the front - we had a great spot! He spoke for a few minutes and then took questions. He is quite an engaging speaker. Then came the autograph session!! I can now add his to my collection of celeb autographs!
I have been a huge fan of his ever since I became aware of the world of high fashion. I used to dream of being a fashion designer and I would spend many nights in front of the television watching Fashion File and Fashion Televison (my Dad loved that). I loved his shows, and his designs. During my teenage years you would find pile upon pile of Vogue, Flare and numerous other fashion magazines in my closet, the pages dog-earred with the designs I could only dream of coming up with. Over the years, as I realized I did not have what it took, or what was needed to become a fashion designer, the piles slowly shortened and I stopped spending all of my allowance on magazines, but I have always kept the love of high fashion - even if you would never imagine it in a million years by looking at me.
It was so great to listen to Isaac today, he is so funny (who knew??), and you can tell he loves everything he does whether it is runway couture, home goods, or his line for Target - it's all Isaac.
As Mark frequently says "who do you work for??" Ahhh the perks of the job! Who will be next?


Does this face look 29?


Well it is!!
Mark turns the ripe old age of 29 today and here are some of the faces only a mother could love!

Happy Birthday Mark!! I hope your day is great and that you get everything you wish for - even a mid afternoon Zinger and Coke Zero snack!
Hope you all enjoy the montage of Mark pictures (sadly I don't have the guts to put up the really good ones).

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!!
You look like a Monkey,
and you act like one too!

Happy Birthday, Love you!!! :o)


Checking in on the Fall Season

So now that Fall is well underway (thank you cooler weather!), here's my initial thoughts on the shows I said I was going to try out this year:

Chuck - think this one will stay on the DVR. Three episodes in and it is pretty entertaining.

Reaper - funny! Two episodes in and it is good! Some very laugh out loud moments - staying on the DVR; man who knew the Devil could be THAT hilarious!?

Aliens in America - cute, funny, reminds me of The Wonder Years a little bit, I will check it out again.

Bionic Woman - only caught part of the first episode, have another episode on the DVR have not yet watched it...hoping to though!

Journeyman - on the DVR, haven't watched it yet - have 2, maybe 3 episodes on DVR, need to watch it this weekend or I might just have to cancel it without watching. Anyone checked this show out? Any thoughts?

Pushing Daises - SO much fun! I loved the pilot episode. It reminded me of a certain movie, but I am having severe brain freeze and can not think of it! It has a Big Fish / Tim Burton- esque quality to it. I am definitely keeping this one on the DVR.

SVU - returning show, awesome! Yet to disappoint. Melissa Joan Heart as a nutjob should be fun to watch!

Earl - funny as always - who knew so much could happen while you're in jail??

Office - funny, but seriously get rid of Michael, he has to be the least funniest person on there

ANTM - same old crazy Tyra, and same old crazier girls thinking they can become some huge supermodel

30 Rock - LOVE it!! Can't wait for Will Arnett's return this week

Ugly Betty - crazy antics as always, never disappoints

I will admit that I am not watching Dancing with the Stars this season. I watched the 1st 2 weeks, and I just can not get into it? Who are half of the guy contestants anyway? And why is Wayne Newton still on the show? I mean I love Cheryl, but come on, he is horrible.
The best news about Fall TV though - well, if you can call February Fall TV - LOST is back on the air on February 6th!! I totally need to re-watch season 3. Let the countdown begin!!

What are your TV opinions so far? Anything surprise you? disappoint you? Shows you can't live without now? shows you wish were never made? And for those of you who took my 30 Rock challenge - what are the results?


Iran So Far

I want to say a big thank you to Sheena for posting this video on her blog. As I don't always watch SNL...I am glad she knew about this skit and posted it because I have not laughed so hard at work in a long time.
Some things that I discovered or were affirmed in this skit - Mahmoud does look like a hairy Jake G, and Fred does a mean Mahmoud - I had to do a double take, and it was reaffirmed to me how incredibly hot Adam Levine is! I think I could watch him in anything!! Hope this makes you laught like I did!