Mo' Money Mo' Problems

Oh, if only I could say all of my problems were due to an increase in money...but alas, that's not the case.
In fact, every day I think, "we should set up a budget."  Have we done it?  Not so much.  We tried it a couple of times.  We sat down, looked at how much we spent each month, and on what.  Then we set a budget in each of our variable amount areas.  The next month, we looked at it and said, "Oh, look we spent more than we wanted to."  Awesome budgeting folks.
How do you budget?  How do you set aside money for those things that aren't monthly expenses, like when the kids need new pants?  They don't need them every month, but maybe every 4-5 months.  And what about haircuts?  I don't get one every month.  Do I just average those out and have a million little accounts set up for hair cuts, kids clothes, grown up clothes, random purchases...?  
I know some people do the envelope system (X amount for groceries...when it is gone, it's gone), maybe some have a grocery account, gasoline account, mortgage account, etc.  But what about all those little things?  Like birthdays, Christmas, new clothes because none of my old ones fit me, a new book or two, items from Target that you just can't say no to...things that aren't a monthly occurrence. 
We have a long term savings and a "fun savings", so I don't worry about that, but just the month to month stuff.  Do you just average it out?  Do you keep track of it using some sort of computer software program, your brain, a spreadsheet....what works for you?


Four Seasons?

It's been a little heavy around here lately, hasn't it?  Let's lighten it up!
So, it's April.  April 18th to be exact.  We're supposed to get snow tomorrow.  Awesome.  Actually I really don't have negative feelings at all about the chance of snow.  It won't make me bat an eyelash or whine for a second (there are better things to whine about - like SuperTarget not carrying French macarons anymore!!!)
Snow in April doesn't bug me because I know the high is in the 40's, the snow won't last longer than overnight, and hey, the longer it stays cool, the longer it is until the heat of summer arrives.  And we all know I am not a fan of hot summer temperatures (and by hot I mean 80).  
So here is to one more snow fall, a week of 40 and 50 degree temperatures and putting summer off just that much longer.  If I can wait until June (or July)  to pull out shorts and t-shirts...that's all right with me!
Let's raise a glass to Christmas in April! :o)


One More Try

I've had something on my mind for awhile but have debated discussing it because I don't want anyone to think it is directed at them, but I just feel the need to get it out there, so I am diving on in!  Please don't think it is directed at anyone in particular.
I've been wondering about this since my days in high school (hundreds of years ago) and have still not come up with a satisfying answer.  Does there ever come a time when you just stop trying?  When it comes to relationships, whether friends or family, is there a time when you've just given everything you can but have gotten no where and have nothing left to give?
When I was younger there was a guy I was "in love" with, had been for years.  We were friends, but nothing more.  I am sure everyone and their dog knew I liked him, but nothing ever happened.  Even after I "fell out of love", I was still friends with him.  After a few years he sort of pulled away from our group, I still invited him to things, called him, tried to stay in touch.  It wasn't really working.  I decided I would give it one more shot to stay friends with him and invited him to something (I have no idea what it was), he was all for it, should be fun.  The day came and I called him to work out the where and when of it all and I was told he wasn't home.  I was disappointed but not surprised.  Anyway, I continued to get ready and as I did, the phone rang.  It was his Dad. He was calling to tell me my friend was home now and to talk to him.  So his Dad put him on the phone and we had an awkward conversation with an end result of him being beat and he wasn't going to make it.  That phone call was probably one of the last times I spoke to him.  We may have crossed paths a few times after that, but nothing of significance.
Since then I have always wondered if I should have kept trying?  When something becomes apparently one sided, how long do we continue trying?  It becomes hurtful, embarrassing, a clink in your self esteem, when honest efforts are repeatedly ignored or shunned (whatever the "good reason").  You begin wondering, "is it me?", "did I say something?", "do I smell?"  
Is there an appropriate amount of time to try?  If you've been trying for 2 years, is it acceptable to stop, to just leave the ball in their court?  Whether it be your brother, sister, parent, crush, friend...can you just willingly stop trying and feel okay about it?  I think you can, it's tough but sometimes it is all you can do.  
My friend's Dad spoke to me later to thank me for trying to reach out, I told him I hadn't done a lot, that I was just trying to be a friend.  But, I guess when someone doesn't want to return the sentiment, there isn't much you can do.  And sadly, there comes a time when you just have to stop.  Probably sounds a little harsh, but that's just how life is I guess.  Eventually I think the attempts just start to seem desperate.  If calls or emails go unanswered/unreturned, and invites are constantly turned down or never reciprocated, what can a person do? Stop.  Stop calling, stop inviting, stop making an effort.  
That's not to say the caring stops.  I still think about my friend all the time and wonder what he is up to.  I get little snippets of how he is doing from mutual friends, but I don't remember the last time I actually spoke to him.  And I think that goes for everyone.  You never stop caring, even in the worst of strained relationships.  I am sure there isn't a parent out there who stops caring for their child no matter how strained their relationship may have become.  But, for yourself, sometimes you just have to take care of your own mental health.
And no, this is not a cry for help, or a pleading letter to a friend or family member.  It's just a rambling from someone who would like to think she tries to be a good friend, good sister, wife, daughter, mother...but wonders if she could do more...or if it's just that I smell?


TP or not TP

So I usually buy the Target brand of toilet paper, because it's the cheapest for how much you get, but the last time I bought tp I went with a name brand because it was on sale.  I have come to discover that the Target brand is way better.  The name brand feels like one ply construction paper compared to Target's brand.  Who would have thought??  
I think I will stick to buying Target tp...why mess with it if it's good?  One thing for sure, next time I will not be buying (nor will I ever buy) Charmin.  I'm sorry Charmin, but your marketing has got to change.  Does anyone want to watch animated bears going to the bathroom, have tp stuck to their bum or wiggle around the woods because they have to go??? I don't, and I won't ever buy your toilet paper, solely based on the fact that your commercials creep me out.


For the Love of Benji

While watching one of the early morning "news" shows, Donald Trump was on talking about a myriad of topics from how awesome he is to how awesome the country would be if he were President.  Of course the conversation took to the current administration and Trump's thoughts on how Obama is doing.  Obviously, Trump is not a huge Obama supporter, but I liked how Trump said he wished Obama was doing a great job and that the country wasn't going to Hell (or something like that). 
At one point in the conversation (it wasn't really an interview since Trump never lets anyone else talk), the topic of Obama and his birth place came up.  He went off how three weeks ago he would have sworn Obama was born in the U.S., but now he has huge (or should I say "uuuge") doubts and that he has a team of people in Hawaii, right now, investigating.  What a waste of time and money.  I sat there wondering why it is such an issue.  Why does it matter if you were born in the U.S. or not?  If you are a citizen, whether through birth or naturalization, then why can't you run for President?  Arnold can be Governor of California but not run for President?  How is it any different?  If there are worries about loyalties or spying...it would be okay on a state level?  I don't get it.  Maybe because I wasn't born in this country...but it just seems a little outdated to me.  
So someone was born in Australia, they moved here when they were a year, became a citizen, graduated University, worked hard, had some great ideas for the country, but because they were born in Australia...nope, sorry.  Seems strange to me.
Maybe it's time the whole "born in the U.S." thing needs to be rethought.  Or maybe the powers that be should watch that episode of 30 Rock.  
All I have left to say is, Trump, move on.  Put your money and resources to better use...the country will thank you for it.  Oh, and please, don't run for President.  I don't think I could take the lack of h's in your debate speeches.


Take Two

I think it is high time this blog got back to basics.  Rants, raves, rambles...all the stuff it used to be, regardless if anyone reads it or not!!
And with that, I begin blogging again.  Not about kids (that's for the other blog that even family doesn't look at!), just about daily musings, beefs, products I love, hate, covet...all the crazy that goes on in my head, it's all going to spill out for you! Lucky!!
So here we go.  Enjoy, ignore, laugh, cry, vomit...whatever moves you.


Mish Mash

Do people even read blogs anymore?  I know I do.  But it seems like people aren't blogging too much these days.  Is Facebook to blame for all of this? 
I don't think so...well, not for my lack of blogging anyway.  Over here it's mostly due to rugrats and lack of exciting activities.  Since we now seem to be snow free (fingers crossed) maybe we will get back to venturing outside and interacting with the world.
I have enjoyed looking at the stats of this blog and how the entry titled "Nightmare on Elm Street" gets the most hits from our blog!  Those horror flick fans must be so disappointed when they find out it's about DSW and not Freddy Krueger.

For posterity's sake, the Birthday was wonderful this year.  The hubster surprised me with taking the day off work and we dined at Denny's for breakfast (oh nothing like the 'burbs restaurant choices).  We spent the entire day at the zoo enjoying the 50 degree weather and watching horses "fight"...not once, but twice.  Within a matter of minutes.  Thankfully the T's are too little to know the horses weren't actually fighting.
We came home and decided to drop the kids off with friends while we went to dinner.  Sadly, we wound up at another chain, close to home, since I had a sinking feeling the wee T would not fare too well with a babysitter.  We enjoyed a meal, sans children, picked up the obligatory birthday ice cream cake, and headed to eat cake with our friends.  We pulled up, I opened the car door and was met with the screams of a certain 8 1/2 month old.  He had done alright, but spent a good chunk of the time in tears.  Good try bud.  We'll try again another time.  When we got home we quickly opened some gifts and then got the kids to bed.  It was a good day (I'd post some pictures but they are on the phones...and well I don't feel like figuring that out right now).

Now for the required audience participation part of the program...two questions this time:
1) Ladies..where do you shop for clothes? Good quality, decent prices.  I am in desperate need of new clothes and will hopefully be embarking on a mini spree in the next couple of months.  I need direction.  What are your must shop at store, must have items of clothing...tips...all things that come with restocking a "wardrobe".
2) The Anniversary approacheth and we want to take a trip without kids...where are your fave vacation spots, or places you've always wanted to go/must go before you die?  If you knew this would be your only kid free vacation for awhile would you go somewhere you've already been and loved or would you try somewhere new?