Hair Today...Gone Tonight

It's become apparent to me, after looking through old pictures with T and thumbing through past blog entries, that it seems the older I become, the shorter my hair becomes too.  When I got married, I had nice, long hair. As these 9 years have progressed, I've just continually chopped my hair shorter and shorter.  Not sure what that means, but anyway.
I've always dreaded "mom hair."  You know, super short in back, longer and permed on top? I know you know.  My Mom had hair like that forever.  Sorry Mom, but you did.  I suppose that since I have kids, I have mom hair since I am a Mom, but it's not that dreaded old lady hair (because when we were 14, all moms were old no matter what their age was).  
As I head out tonight to the hair salon, I wonder what my hair will come home like.  There isn't a lot left these days for it to get too much shorter...but one can try, right?  It is sad, but as I look around and see all the lovely heads of wonderful, long hair, I wish my hair was long too, but hair that is too straight and too fine, is just not meant to be that long and look good.  So I guess I will have to live out my days with "mom hair", living vicariously through all of those with beautiful long hair.  No more ponytails, no curling irons, no cute little hair accessories...just hair goop of various types and trying to tame that wild cowlick that appears with the short 'do.  
So, next time you see me, my hair might be more mom hair-ish, but it will still probably just look 8 year old boy-ish.  Either way, just tell me it looks awesome.  At least it won't be permed.


Man Down

So apparently having two children has completely sucked any independent thought out of my brain.  I have tried numerous times to blog about something, anything, unrelated to children and I have had no luck.  
Although, I could go on and on about the lack of worthwhile television programming being aired between the hours of 1:00AM and 4:00AM.  The early, EARLY, news (on at 4:30AM) is much more laid back and fun than the regular early morning news.  
It seems many of my past entries have been sprouted from some incident that occurred outside of my home and I guess now that it is rare for me to leave my home, my well of inspiration has dried up.  I did venture to the mall one night, on my own, for an hour to take some jewelry in for inspection; I know, an evening of wild abandon.  I threw caution to the wind and took advantage of the 7 for $20 anti-bacterial hand soap sale going on at Bath and BodyWorks (jealous, aren't you).
So for now, I guess this blog will be neglected until I can gain control of my brain again!  I have hopes that it won't be long for that to happen, but as these last 4 weeks have shown me...it's not likely!



Just a quick little note to say Happy Anniversary Mark!
It's the big 0-9 this year, and I am sure it will be a night full of fun and excitement.  Well I guess that depends on how many diapers will have to be changed between the time you get home and the time we get to go to sleep.  Fun AND excitement I tell ya.
It's been a great nine years.  Three states, and now 2 kids later....and to think, it all began with a pan of spinach lasagna.  Who knew?

(I'd put a picture up, but apparently the only pictures on this computer are of children...I'll throw one on here later for all you devoted readers to see what we looked like on that blessed day so long ago! haha)


Weight Loss with Melanie

The one thing I have learned since adding a child to our family, other than typing proficiently with one hand, is the perfect post pregnancy weight loss plan.  I don't know why women complain about how hard it is to lose the baby weight, it's the easiest thing I have ever done.
So for all of you ladies struggling with losing all of the weight, or just those last few pounds, let me share my secrets with you...feel free to take notes.

  1. Give birth to child #2.
  2. Ensure child #1 is mobile, inquisitive and not easily entertained playing by him/herself.
  3. Make sure new child  is also high maintenance (or colicky, whichever word you prefer).
  4. Spend every day time hour holding baby while trying to entertain toddler.  Even when child is sleeping because they won't stay asleep when put down (not that they sleep for long when held either).
  5. Feed baby every 2 to 2.5 hours for 30+ minutes.
  6. Wrangle toddler from destroying every thing in the house.
  7. Spend hours that baby is awake, constantly moving.  Walking, swinging, rocking, jumping, dancing, anything that stops the incessant crying.
  8. Try to keep toddler from crying over everything (swinging in the baby swing, trying to pick the baby up by his neck, breaking Wii games etc.)
  9. Spend nights waking every 1-2 hours to either feed baby or put baby back to sleep.
  10. Reducing, or eliminating altogether, meals due to a lack of opportunity to eat.  When eating permits, options are limited to items that can be made/chosen/held with one hand that do not require stove/oven use.  
  11. Repeat daily (minus step #1).
Follow these easy steps and you will be back in your old clothes in no time.  You won't have anywhere to wear them, but at least you will know you can fit into those jeans again!


Living the Life

Today's run down so far:

  • 2AM first wake up call
  • 6AM second wake up call
  • 7AM permanent wake-up call
  • 7:15 one kid dressed
  • 7:20 breakfast made while babe screams
  • 7:50 attempt to calm babe by sitting outside, no luck
  • 8AM trying to feed babe while simultaneously keeping 2 year old from having nuclear meltdown over random things like no candy or dad being at work
  • 8:45AM babe finally asleep, 2 year old needs on the potty
  • 8:47AM babe wakes up
  • 9AM I get to eat breakfast
  • 9:10AM babe resumes crying, 2 year old needs to poop
  • 9:12AM I get peed on while holding screaming babe
  • 9:15AM put load of laundry in one armed due to carrying screaming babe
Can't wait for what the rest of today and tomorrow will bring, since the other adult in the house will be gone for work (or so he says...he just wants to get away from the crying!)