Hair Today...Gone Tonight

It's become apparent to me, after looking through old pictures with T and thumbing through past blog entries, that it seems the older I become, the shorter my hair becomes too.  When I got married, I had nice, long hair. As these 9 years have progressed, I've just continually chopped my hair shorter and shorter.  Not sure what that means, but anyway.
I've always dreaded "mom hair."  You know, super short in back, longer and permed on top? I know you know.  My Mom had hair like that forever.  Sorry Mom, but you did.  I suppose that since I have kids, I have mom hair since I am a Mom, but it's not that dreaded old lady hair (because when we were 14, all moms were old no matter what their age was).  
As I head out tonight to the hair salon, I wonder what my hair will come home like.  There isn't a lot left these days for it to get too much shorter...but one can try, right?  It is sad, but as I look around and see all the lovely heads of wonderful, long hair, I wish my hair was long too, but hair that is too straight and too fine, is just not meant to be that long and look good.  So I guess I will have to live out my days with "mom hair", living vicariously through all of those with beautiful long hair.  No more ponytails, no curling irons, no cute little hair accessories...just hair goop of various types and trying to tame that wild cowlick that appears with the short 'do.  
So, next time you see me, my hair might be more mom hair-ish, but it will still probably just look 8 year old boy-ish.  Either way, just tell me it looks awesome.  At least it won't be permed.


Krista said...

Don't worry- I'm right there with ya. My hair also keeps getting shorter and shorter. Sometimes I see pretty long hair, and remember 3 years ago when I chopped all mine off because I had worn that pretty long hair in a bun everyday for a year because I couldn't stand how it felt on my neck, and hated it in my face. Not to mention I had no time to style it. I have decided short hair is all I can handle with 3 kids. And not only do I have mom hair, I have MY mom's hair. Last time I hopped off the stylist's chair I had to do a double take because I was certain my mom was looking back at me from the mirror. I totaly get how you feel, though. Hope you are happy with your latest haircut. I actually prefer the short hair on you. I think it looks hip!!

Jen Richards said...

Hi Mel...your hair seems to look fab no matte what length. You have one of the faces that can handle it all! And FYI... all my hair is falling out! (seriously- it has been horrible since baby #2).