Gold in High Def

Extra proud to be Canadian today.


Thoughts on a Tuesday Night

Here I sit wishing I had picture in picture in picture in picture. Or at a least a DVR capable of taping 3 shows while I watch a fourth. Man did we pick the wrong time to take the second DVR back.
So I can no longer watch the Canada-Germany qualification game. Thankfully Canada was up 4-1 when the DVR kicked on it's second taping, making me miss the third period. And I can always check the score online since NBC deems it necessary to relegate all hockey games of the Olympics to MSNBC or CNBC. Really NBC? Come on.
Speaking of Olympics, I also had to miss watching the women's skicross. Man is that sport insane. What is lacking in your life to make you choose this as your sport? I don't know, but I hope I never find out. To top it off Canada won the gold and I didn't get to see it!!
It's all worth it though since Lost is taping and we all know my obsession with Lost.
However, spending my time watching American Idol whilst waiting for Mark to maybe be home in time to watch Lost has brought some thoughts to my mind. Will you let me share them with you?
1) Leggings and all forms of the "pant" - I'm talking to you jeggings - need to die, and do it quickly and quietly.
2) Didn't we already have a rebirth of 80's fashion a few years ago? Were the contestants not told about this? Or are they hoping to somehow keep it alive? While I am a larger than life fan of 80's music, the fashion should never be reproduced.
3) Idol should NEVER be watched live.
4) Once Idol hits the voting stage, why are there judges? It's not like they make a difference anyway. Unless they give them that judges save card again this season.
5) Randy should really be the judge that gets replaced. I'm not sure his comments contain enough nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc., to make up a proper, understandable sentence.
6) Kara reminds me of my friend and that's all I can think about when I see her.
7) Why people insist on singing songs by "Divas" and legends is beyond me. If you were as good as Whitney, Mariah, Madonna, Heart...would you be on Idol?
and lastly (and having absolutely nothing to do with Idol or Fox);
8) INXS is still my all-time favourite band. I don't listen to a lot of music these days and when I do, it's usually in the car for a short period of time. Lately I have come across a lot of INXS being played and it just reminds me of how good they were and how good they still are (minus lead singer issues). People might want to label them as an 80's band because that's when they had their big success, but take a listen. Those songs are timeless. It could be released today and would still be a hit. The two INXS concerts I saw while Michael Hutchence was alive were amazing. Anyway, if you're not too familiar with INXS, do yourself a favour and check out some of their songs, videos, concert footage...you won't be disappointed. For those of you who are familiar with them, do yourself a favour and revisit some songs. They just make you feel good!


Toe Tapping

When does the reality of pregnancy really set in? After the positive test result? After an ultrasound? Morning sickness? Holding a baby in your arms?
For me...it's saying good bye to my toes. I'll miss all ten of you little guys. Take care, soon you'll be on your own for a little while. Hopefully it won't be too long until we are reunited, but until then, don't count on looking pretty or being well looked after. I'm sorry if you feel smothered come summer since you probably won't be playing peek-a-boo with the outside world. I promise to wear the cutest non peep toe shoes I can find. Maybe if we're lucky we can get a certain someone to pretty you up one day, but I'm not sure you'll let any one touch you long enough for a makeover. We don't want to chance giving someone a concussion for touching you, but it is highly likely that will happen, so please don't be mad at me for neglecting you. We'll glam it up in a few months, I promise.


Blah Blah Blah

How is it that a post from a day ago is already in my nerves? Yet nothing has happened in the last 24 hours to make me want to blog, but I need to because I hate the previous post. Some times you have something you want to say, but it ends up coming out nothing like it sounded in your head. How does that happen? I've always thought I should take a class on how to transition my brain thoughts into public thoughts. But then again, I think I talk too much already, so it's probably not a good idea.
I think February is the blah month. We should change the name to Feblahary. I am a person who doesn't mind winter...but I think this year I am feeling the pull of warmer places. Not that a warm, tropical vacation, or a move to a warmer climate is in store....I just find myself daydreaming on kayak a lot more than usual. As soon as June rolls around I will be hating summer (I know it doesn't get THAT hot in MN, but 80 is my limit folks) and wishing for fall. It's just an evil cycle. I could never pull off a move to Florida or Texas or anywhere much more south than Chicago (and I don't want to live in Chicago) which sort of limits us. Mark would much rather live in the heat but he would much rather not have me whine and complain about the heat every day! Although if you asked him today, he'd probably disagree. Not that we're moving in the near future or anything. The way I see it, winter is on it's way out and spring should be here...by June at the latest. And those 2-3 months of spring/summer are great! :o)
The blahs make me want to do less than I normally do...coming up with a dinner idea is hurting my brain tonight. I can't even ponder what we will do tomorrow, that's just too much pressure! What do you do when you have the blahs? Is there a quick cure that doesn't involve a trip to the south of France? Or is that what I am going to have to do...because if it is, I'll make that sacrifice.


Thank You For Being a Friend!

As I perused the blog of some friends today a question came to mind. How many people are still friends with their elementary, junior high, high school, and/or university friends? And not just Facebook friends, but real, in-touch, email/call/mail/visit friends.
Does it make a difference how long ago high school was or where you're living now?
Of all your current friends (ones you still regularly keep in touch with, not someone you friended because you remember them from grade 3), how long have you been friends? What do you do to go that extra mile to keep in touch?


Say It Ain't So

While all of the news seems to be focused on the Saints winning the Super Bowl (good for you Saints!)...this is what caught my eye.

Howard Stern Confirms 'Idol' Talks

Howard Stern told his satellite radio listeners on Monday that he is considering leaving Sirius -- and radio altogether -- to become a judge on "American Idol."
Stern confirmed a report that Fox is interested in hiring the Sirius shock jock to replace Simon Cowell on the reality show.

(full article at www.msn.com)

If this happens...I will stop watching Idol. I know, I know, who cares it's American Idol? But it's a fun show and they do have some talented people sometimes, even if it is frustrating when people remain on the show longer than they should because they are cute or have a sad backstory. Regardless, I like Idol and I hate Howard Stern. Granted, I have never met the man, so I hate the Howard Stern I have been presented with (maybe he is a lovely man in person, but I am okay with never meeting him). Do they really think he would be the best choice to replace Simon? You will never replace Simon of course, but couldn't they at least try to find someone a little more appealing to the public? Some one with a little bit of experience in the music business, whether it be they are a singer/musician or they sign acts, write songs, etc.? Sure Ellen Degeneres isn't in the biz, but she does love music and she has said she will be more of a people's voice than a music critic. But when you take the one person who has signed huge acts, written hit songs, and has major credit in the business and replace him with Stern?? That makes no sense other than they want someone with an acerbic tongue.

Anyway...just my thoughts for a Monday morning.
On a positive note, I am excited for the start of the Olympics this Friday!! T and I have our sweatshirts all ready to break out and wear and root for the home team!! Even though she kind of has two home teams...I won't let her know that until she's older! Until then Go Canada!!


Curtain Call

As I sat watching LOST last night, alone...I realized that I was very glad no one could see into my living room! Usually Markus is home and we watch it together but he was on the other side of the country, so it was just me, myself and I to marvel in the headache-inducing insanity. And boy oh boy was it headache-inducing. I have a tendency to get a little violent when watching Lost. Just ask Mark's arms and legs. I become slap happy. If I figure something out, or some crazy revelation is made, I slap him. He usually sits a seat cushion or two away from me to lessen the bruising. I am sure he was more than happy to watch the show in peace and quiet last night!
Sadly, I realized how much of an oddity I am last night. has anyone seen the Brendan Fraser clip from the Golden Globes a few weeks ago? See it here, if you haven't. I think I did that at one point during the first hour. Come the second hour, I gave up all pride and found myself sitting on the floor watching the rest of the show after having jumped up and clapped over some other piece of juiciness. While I sat there I realized how odd it was for me to be on the floor, but I just didn't care. For some reason, standing up when faced with such awesome revelations, made it that much more awesome for me. Sitting on the floor just made the whole thing even more edge of my seat.
Now the world knows my secret. I am an even larger nerd than you may have previously thought. Thankfully Mark has put up with me and my Lost antics for the past 5 seasons, hopefully this season I don't flat out punch him in the face during the finale.
So if you ever find yourself walking by my house Tuesday nights at 8:00...please don't peek in my windows!