Say It Ain't So

While all of the news seems to be focused on the Saints winning the Super Bowl (good for you Saints!)...this is what caught my eye.

Howard Stern Confirms 'Idol' Talks

Howard Stern told his satellite radio listeners on Monday that he is considering leaving Sirius -- and radio altogether -- to become a judge on "American Idol."
Stern confirmed a report that Fox is interested in hiring the Sirius shock jock to replace Simon Cowell on the reality show.

(full article at www.msn.com)

If this happens...I will stop watching Idol. I know, I know, who cares it's American Idol? But it's a fun show and they do have some talented people sometimes, even if it is frustrating when people remain on the show longer than they should because they are cute or have a sad backstory. Regardless, I like Idol and I hate Howard Stern. Granted, I have never met the man, so I hate the Howard Stern I have been presented with (maybe he is a lovely man in person, but I am okay with never meeting him). Do they really think he would be the best choice to replace Simon? You will never replace Simon of course, but couldn't they at least try to find someone a little more appealing to the public? Some one with a little bit of experience in the music business, whether it be they are a singer/musician or they sign acts, write songs, etc.? Sure Ellen Degeneres isn't in the biz, but she does love music and she has said she will be more of a people's voice than a music critic. But when you take the one person who has signed huge acts, written hit songs, and has major credit in the business and replace him with Stern?? That makes no sense other than they want someone with an acerbic tongue.

Anyway...just my thoughts for a Monday morning.
On a positive note, I am excited for the start of the Olympics this Friday!! T and I have our sweatshirts all ready to break out and wear and root for the home team!! Even though she kind of has two home teams...I won't let her know that until she's older! Until then Go Canada!!


Erin said...

I'm with you on this one. I won't watch at all if Howard Stern is on the show. I've never even listened to him, but from the things I've heard he's a little too crude for my taste.

Grandma Smith said...

Howard Stern is probably the most disgusting person I can think of. If they actually pick him up (out of the gutter) and put him on Idol I am differently done. He shouldn't be heard on TV let alone seen.