David Hasselhoff and a bunch of Mormons go to Vegas.....

It's a good thing Max Hall doesn't have good enough vision to see what's going on around him, and it's hard to believe a Mormon named Bronco could look this awkward stuck between a black man and a showgirl.



Here are a few reasons I am happy to live in Minnesota right now.
  • Still no sales tax on clothes or shoes of ANY price.
  • We'll definitely have a white Christmas this year.
  • Even in snow, driving doesn't hurt as much anymore.
  • The end is in sight.
  • This store at the MOA.
  • This restaurant being 20 minutes away.
  • Heaven less than a mile away.
  • Being close enough to home to get the ingredients, if I run out, for the Christmas treat!


Modern Journalism

Is this really the most newsworthy item happening in the world right now?
Apparently, since every news outlet, whether it be ET, Inside Edition, Anderson Cooper, MSNBC, The Soup, Regis and Kelly, The View etc., etc., etc., made it their top story last week. I guess the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are over. Every African country is at peace with itself. World hunger has been cured, global warming is over and the U.S. economy is nearing heights it hasn't seen in 54 decades.
I love how entertainment "news" shows now seem to be on par with "hard hitting" news shows.
Celebrities have overtaken top news stories and we all have the 24 hour news crawl announcing Brad and Jen's divorce to thank for the mainstreaming of all things celebri-news. Personally, I'm just glad that I can find out what Britney's favourite gas station snack is since 8364 paparazzi's are there capturing it on film to sell to the highest bidder.
That's my pet peeve for today! Thanks for reading.


Calling All Exercisers

So the unthinkable has happened...I have gone back to the gym. I know, I know, it's only been two days, but it's been two days in a row! This news won't solve any economic crisis or create world peace, but small steps kids, small steps.
Now this is where I need your help. In making the decision to get back on the exercise track, I have discovered that when shuffle is chosen on the ipod most of the songs seem to belong to Mark and we all know Mark and I have nothing in common when it comes to music, except maybe Kelly Clarkson. So most of my work out time is spent fast forwarding through his tunes to try to find some of mine. While I love my tunes, not all of them lend themselves to keeping the motivation up, so I need your help to put together a good gym mix. What are your faves?
Just one thing to keep in mind... I have music ADD like no one else. Even on songs I love, if I can get through 2/3 of a song, it's either a fabulous song, or I haven't heard it in forever (like Young MC's Bust A Move) but usually I will fast forward to a new song or turn to a different channel on the radio.
So give me some rocking, beat blasting, mind focusing tunes!!



Jeff has posted quite a bit about music and his favorite songs and it got me wondering what my favorite songs are and why. I've previously listed my favorite all-time music videos, but wanted to try something different today. For those that know me, you have seen my eclectic taste in music. So what makes some music, or some musicians, great? I think more than the beat, lyrics or genre it comes down to feeling the emotion behind the music. Some musicians are simply creations of producers looking to send mindless pop to impressionable youth without any substance or feeling behind it with the purpose of making millions of dollars (see most eighties and nineties pop music for an example). When I listen to music I want something that I can feel because the person singing it is "in it". So without further ado, here are some songs and artists that I think personify being "in it" and created great music:

Otis Redding: watch this video and I think you'll agree that Usher doesn't have enough soul to wipe up Mr. Redding's ball sweat after a show.

The Who gave voice to a whole generation.

Sam Cooke: this is change you can believe in.

Marvin Gaye: listening to this gives me a little songasm every time.

Eric Clapton: whether it's Layla, Tears in Heaven or numerous others, you can always feel his music.

Queen. Three words, Freddie F'n Mercury.

Nirvana makes me want to chase the dragon more than anything else, except maybe Lou Reed singing.

What do you think? Who did I miss?