Modern Journalism

Is this really the most newsworthy item happening in the world right now?
Apparently, since every news outlet, whether it be ET, Inside Edition, Anderson Cooper, MSNBC, The Soup, Regis and Kelly, The View etc., etc., etc., made it their top story last week. I guess the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are over. Every African country is at peace with itself. World hunger has been cured, global warming is over and the U.S. economy is nearing heights it hasn't seen in 54 decades.
I love how entertainment "news" shows now seem to be on par with "hard hitting" news shows.
Celebrities have overtaken top news stories and we all have the 24 hour news crawl announcing Brad and Jen's divorce to thank for the mainstreaming of all things celebri-news. Personally, I'm just glad that I can find out what Britney's favourite gas station snack is since 8364 paparazzi's are there capturing it on film to sell to the highest bidder.
That's my pet peeve for today! Thanks for reading.

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