Jeff has posted quite a bit about music and his favorite songs and it got me wondering what my favorite songs are and why. I've previously listed my favorite all-time music videos, but wanted to try something different today. For those that know me, you have seen my eclectic taste in music. So what makes some music, or some musicians, great? I think more than the beat, lyrics or genre it comes down to feeling the emotion behind the music. Some musicians are simply creations of producers looking to send mindless pop to impressionable youth without any substance or feeling behind it with the purpose of making millions of dollars (see most eighties and nineties pop music for an example). When I listen to music I want something that I can feel because the person singing it is "in it". So without further ado, here are some songs and artists that I think personify being "in it" and created great music:

Otis Redding: watch this video and I think you'll agree that Usher doesn't have enough soul to wipe up Mr. Redding's ball sweat after a show.

The Who gave voice to a whole generation.

Sam Cooke: this is change you can believe in.

Marvin Gaye: listening to this gives me a little songasm every time.

Eric Clapton: whether it's Layla, Tears in Heaven or numerous others, you can always feel his music.

Queen. Three words, Freddie F'n Mercury.

Nirvana makes me want to chase the dragon more than anything else, except maybe Lou Reed singing.

What do you think? Who did I miss?


Dolphinsbarn said...

That Otis Redding video is awesome.

Also awesome? The trifecta link on Freddy Mercury. Bloggin' skillz Mark. You've got 'em.

Great post.

Melanie said...

I will forgive you this time since you never saw the one and only in concert, but missing from your list would be Michael Hutchence of INXS fame....one of the best frontman EVER.
Also missing from the list... Prince and Jacko, even though he's gone nutso.