Information Overload

Ok, so maybe not THAT much info, but much more than usually goes on in our lives in a weeks time! First of all, we just got back from a trip to Idaho for Mark's 10 year reunion, and a visit with his family. Almost everyone was there this time, just missing two brothers-in-law. I think Mark got to do almost everything he intended on doing during the trip... fishing, golfing, eating Papa Kelsey's and bambino's, sleeping in (ok just once), visiting with family and neighbourhood friends, and seeing old high school friends. Oh, he also got to show off his new bathing suit.. I told him I was going to put a picture up on here, but I think it might cause a little too much tension in our house if I did! I promise if I get permission I will post it, but this one I can't just share with the world without his okay.
Mark with a few of the grandkids

Life was also quite eventful before we left for Idaho. We never have two crazy things happen so closely together, let alone in the same week!! Crazy.

This would be my new employer! Yes, I have re-joined the workforce AND they give me a discount to do it... awesome! I think we will be shopipng there even more in the future. While it is nice, and needed (for both of our sanities) to be back at work, there is something to be said for sleeping in until whenever you want, getting dressed whenever you want, spending the day doing whatever you want... but it also gets boring. I will have to find another way though to keep up with the shenanigans of the Bradys, Hortons, Cranes, Lopez-Fitzgeralds and all those other crazy folks on DOOL and Passions. I know, but there really is nothing else on in the afternoon, and I go crazy just listening to my brain all day long. Well, my brain and Rachel Ray.

Ok, so the last piece of info/craziness to have happened since last we posted... come the middle of September, we will no longer be apartment dwellers. Yes that is correct, we have switched teams and will be joining the ranks of homeowners!!!!! I am so very excited to not have to listen to a next door neighbour ever again, well at least through my wall, ceiling or floor that is... I am sure we'll have some crazy across the street neighbour who will sit on their stairs and howl at the moon or something insane like that; Just our luck.
Here are a couple of pictures of the new homestead.

My guess is that the next few weeks will go back to the regular uneventful pace that we usually live, but these tidbits should suffice for awhile! Appliance shopping will probably be the next big event in our lives! Is it sad that I am excited for that?


Secrets - UPDATE!!!

Ok, last night Mark and I were in the car and a song came on the radio, resulting in Mark cranking the volume. I have been sworn to secrecy so I can not tell you the name of the song, or even the artist, as Mark fears what the repercussions would be if his secret was let out (people would definitely be surprised). However, it made me wonder... what guilty pleasure songs do people have? Not the random cheesy one, but that one song, that you would die if people actually knew you loved it, knew all the words to, belted it out at the top of your lungs....
I started to think about what mine would be, and I really don't know. I am pretty open with the songs I like, and I don't really care if they are the wonderful one hit wonders of the 80's. Mark can not believe that I love the Styx hit Mr. Roboto, I really seriously love this song and check out the video! I'll even admit to knowing most of the words to Aqua's Barbie Girl.
I guess the one song, or type of song people would be surprised to learn I sort of like would be 80's metal, specifically Guns n Roses and Poison. Now I know, this doesn't keep in line with my adoration of all things 80's pop and dance, but my little sister was a huge metal head in junior high and these groups hit a nostalgic level with me, so when Paradise City comes on, I turn it up a little. I'm not afraid to admit it though, so I guess I don't have any true fears of anyone finding out about that one cd in my collection... and Mark will tell you, I had some doozies (most of which I donated to the wonderful Roosevelt Island thrift shop or Jay Edgington - hopefully someone, somewhere, can enjoy them!).

So share, if you can finally admit it, what that one song is that you love but might make other people cringe - maybe the Macarena, or the Lambada, maybe some NKOTB, the Monkees...

** disclaimer** while I do enjoy me some old school New Kids, and the Monkees, I am not a fan of the Macarena or the Lambada!
So I have Mark's permission to share with the world his secret song - since he shared it with his family, I figure the rest of the world (or at least the ones who read this blog) ought to be let in on the secret. The winner of the "Song that embarrasses Mark to let the world know he likes it" is.... drumroll please.... Kelly Clarkson's Since You've Been Gone. It would have been more embarrassing if it had been Fergalicious or something, but even if Mark actually liked Fergie, he would never, ever, ever admit it!


Trivia Master

So over the past week, I have decided two things; 1) I really should have been on Vh1's World Series of Pop Culture. Seriously. My brain is full of all of the needed information for this show. I don't know how some of the teams who are participating this year made it on. Granted, there are some good players, but really.. put me, Mark and Dawnell on a team, and we would take them all down.

#2) I Love Pat Kiernan. And no, not just because he is Canadian. He really has got to be one of the funniest hosts on TV these days. Ok, so he is really a newsanchor on New York City's Channel 1, but for the past two years he has hosted the WSOPC, and he is great. Nothing is as funny as the whitest, driest, newsanchor on tv reading lyrics from songs about butts (you had to see it). He cracks me up and makes the show so funny!! The show just would not be the same without him on it, not one little bit! He is also a very good newsanchor. If you don't live in the NYC area, you may have seen him in Night at the Museum, as himself, doing the news on Channel 1. He has also played himself on Spin Cit and in the Interpreter.

While I was not able to be a contestant on the show, we did score some tickets to two nights of tapings.... but don't get me started on that again. I got robbed of proving my pop culture prowess AND seeing (maybe even drooling on) Pat Kiernan!! I guess it will have to wait for another time.

Although this past weekend, Mark and I stopped by a place called Dave and Busters (or what I like to call Chuck E Cheese's for adults). The food stunk, but Mark wanted to play games. So after a slightly below-average dinner, we went to look at the games, and of course Mark was determined to play. So he hit some animal killing video game and then decided we needed to play the trivia game. It was all full so we had to hang out and watch. Four people had been there for quite some time and were obviously loving it, continuing to win all of the tickets! One seat opened up and I let Mark jump in. After one round another chair opened up, so I joined in. After two rounds, the four people who had initially been there decided this 3rd round would be their last. Mark is positive they left because of me, but I think anyone can answer 5 random trivia questions in about 2.5 seconds and get them all right, right? Ok, so I toot my own horn on that one... but I did also end up last in one of the rounds, but some of the history questions have me at a disadvantage since we don't learn a lot of US history in Canada! But we made out all right, won a few rounds and we won enough tickets to cash in for a food chopper AND a stuffed Cookie Monster! There isn't a whole lot of choice in the "prize room", basically stuffed animals, candy, random Dave and Busters paraphernalia (t-shirts, cups, hats), so there wasn't a lot to choose from, and who doesn't need a stuffed Cookie Monster anyway??

So I guess I wil have to wait for my chance to prove my trivia genuis (of useless information anyway) to the world, and more sadly, I will have to wait for Pat.


Greatest Music Videos

Being a poor Idaho boy, I didn't grow up with MTV or VH1, only 3, 6, 8 and 10 (Southeastern Idahoans know what I'm talking about). Every chance I had after moving out of the house to watch music videos I pretty much got sucked in. This was when MTV and VH1 actually played videos. After much debate with Melanie I decided to post some of my favorite music videos. This seemed like an easy topic at first, but is surprisingly difficult. I'm curious to hear your feedback, whether you agree with any of my suggestions, or if you are like Mel and think that a greatest videos list has to have Jacko and Madonna in it. So without further ado, the greatest music videos of all time:

1. The Darkness - I Believe In A Thing Called Love
This video has it all, nudity, rockin guitar solos, extremely tight low-cut outfits, a rotten-toothed falsetto lead singer and a gaint space squid. This is my wildcard, if you haven't seen the video before then click on the link and prepare to be amazed.

2. Beastie Boys - Sabotage
A couple Jewish rappers getting down old school Starsky and Hutch style. I don't think it gets much better then this.

3. Devo - Whip It
The coolest hats in a music video ever.

4. Johnny Cash - Hurt
A Nine Inch Nails song redone by the master. So many illusions of soul searching, pain and death. This was the best way for the great one to end his career.

5. Fatboy Slim - Weapon of Choice
Probably the best work Christopher Walken has ever done that did not involve a Cowbell.

6. Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box
Perhaps the greatest band ever and the imagery pretty much sums up what they were all about. I would have loved to have included Smells Like Teen Spirit as well.

7. Blind Melon - No Rain
Two words, Bee Girl.

8. Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg - Nuthin But A G Thang
This video turned me into the gangsta I am today.

9. The White Stripes - Fell In Love With A Girl
Most fun with Legos since you were six years old.

10. Foo Fighters - Big Me
Amazing Mentos knock off.

Honorable Mention
Missy Elliot - Work It
Fatboy Slim - Praise You
Weezer - Buddy Holly
Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

Karaoke Battle

So who's the winner? Well... I don't know yet. The Singing Bee was on Tuesday night, and it was a lot of fun. They pull 6 people from the audience, and they make them sing the song once the band stops playing. The first four singers to get the words right moves on to Round 2. It was funny to watch singer after singer get the words wrong to Venus by Bananarama... you think you knonw the words, but you're wrong. In Round 2, they face off in two pairs and the first to flub the lyrics is gone, until 2 players are left, and then they battle it out in Round 3, until one person is left. In the final round, they have 7 songs to sing to, if they get 3 wrong they are out (lose the money) if they get 5 right they get $50,000. Not a bad deal. It's faster paced, and Joey is funny... a decent 30 minute show.
On Don't Forget the Lyrics, it is Who Wants to Be a Millionaire karaoke style, with Wayne Brady instead of Meredith Viera or Regis Philbin. I like the set up of this show over the Bee. They have 9 catagories of song genres, and the contestant gets to pick the order. Then they give them 2 song choices to sing along to (I really like this option). The music starts, the contestant sings along with the words on the screen, and when the screen goes blank they karaoke-er has to fill in the missing words. The biggest downfall to this show, is the same thing that stunk about Millionaire... it is too slow. In 30 minutes there was only one contestant and she only got 5 songs done.
It's obvious NBC ripped Fox off... they both use bands to play, have girls dancing along, similar stage set-ups... NBC was supposed to air the Bee in the Fall but moved it up to get on the air before Fox. The format is different, and I think lends itself more to those with ADD since it is in the style of sing a line, you're wrong, get off, next person! Fox's contribution though is a little more fun to watch, well as far as the actual singing part goes... I fast forward through the fake quasi-suspense moments and the drag out the "is it right???" moments.
Either way, I'll keep watching both of them and discover if I really do know a lot of lyrics to songs, or if I just think I do! Anyone else watch them?


Wednesday Night Thoughts

Ok, so I know this is twice in one day, but I like to ramble and share the little crazy thoughts I have with myself with other people, so I don't turn into the lady on the corner pushing her shopping cart full of dirty, ripped plastic shopping bags.
As I was watching SYTYCD this evening, I had 2 thoughts.
#1) Pasha. I heart him.

#2) I have found Wade Robson's next routine. Remember the scene in Dumbo... with the pink elephants? The music at the beginning of that sequence... so perfect for a Wade routine!! Check it out. Never mind the animation, just listen to the music.
I think it's perfect.

Portage and Main

We spent the last week up in Winnipeg and had a great time! Mark was a sport and let me have my way to leave Tuesday so we would have more time at my folks, so to say thank you, I made him a nice, great big 4th of July breakfast on Wednesday, and left him make all the decisions of what to do that day! That included shopping at a hge sporting/fishing goods store without me (maybe that was more a gift to myself than anything else), a steak BBQ, miniature golf (I let him win) and ice cream. He also got to relax, go for some runs and take a couple of naps in the swing in the backyard, not to mention go hit some golf balls!
To top the day off, we went to a football game, AND the Bombers actually won!! It was awesome. We had great seats (thanks Dad), and the best-worst hamburgers known to man. It's been a long time since I've been able to go to a CFL game, and it's still just as fun. The only downfall to the game... there is zero legroom between rows in the stadium... and I'm not even super long-legged... imagine what tall people have to go through!
Friday Mark and I went to the zoo. I hadn't been to the zoo at home for years, so it was fun to go and see it again. It was basically the same, except now they charge admission, granted it's less than $5 a person, but when it used to be free.. anyway, we checked out the animals, hung out with some monkeys and heard a billy goat. Perhaps I am the only one who has never heard a billy goat before (really, when does one hear a billy goat in day to day life?)... luckily the zoo in Winnipeg had a billy goat and I was able to remedy what was lacking on my life. This video doesn't do it justice, but I haven't laughed that hard in a long time! Poor billygoats, only a mother could love that voice.

After the zoo, we hurried home and got ready for the real reason for the trip north. My friend Katherine's wedding. It was beautiful. She had it in her parents backyard, which doesn't sound beautiful, but when your backyard is lined with amazing trees and overlooks the river.. it's a bit different than the regular backyard. The ceremony was wonderful and the recpetion was a lot of fun. I was able to meet up with another girl I went to school with and had not seen since grade 9, and Mark was able to try his luck at the blackjack tables. Katherine and her husband decided to have blackjack tables and for every hand you won, you got $1 (paper, not real). When you had won $10 worth you traded them in for a raffle ticket and at the end of the night they drew tickets for a number of prizes. Mark enjoyed himself and really wanted to win the golfclubs, but alas, luck was not with him and we didn't win anything, but it was still a fun night!
Saturday was a relaxing day, we went to the Forks (where the two rivers in Winnipeg meet) and walked around, then we did a bit of shopping, went for dinner and ended the night with some gelati, mmmmm.
All in all a great trip.... minus the 937492674 mosquito bites I received. Apparently I must emit an irresistable frangrance to mosquitoes.... lucky me.


The wait is over.

I know you have all been waiting patiently for this, and I am proud to have you wait no longer!! I am sad to say the best video of the bunch would not load... so the allusive dancing Mark will remain hidden for a little while longer. Until then though... enjoy the Village People!!


There are no words....

Ok, so this weekend was awesome for so many reason. The first reason... I kicked Mark's butt at miniature golf! The second reason... we got a new cordless phone! Say goodbye to constant static and dead batteries.
BUT, the best reason this weekend was awesome.... the Taste of Minnesota. So we heard about the TOM and decided to check it out. We had been to the Taste of Times Square on previous years and enjoyed it, and figured Minnesota has some good restaurants, so it should be a good time. Well, let me tell you... it wasn't like the Taste of Times Square. Here in MN, they seem to pride their Taste of, to be more like the county/state fair. The food vendors consisted of burgers, fried cheese curds, french fries, pork chop on a stick.... not quite what we were expecting, and it was a little pricey for what it was. Anyway, we won a coupon for a free pizza thanks to my inate ability for random celeb/tv/pop culture trivia, so it couldn't be that bad, right? Of course not!! Especially since I haven't even told you about the BEST. PART. EVER.

Yes, that is the ORIGINAL Village People! In all their glory. Here's some more of them...

I wish I had been able to get a clear shot of the Indian in his YMCA headdress, but the crowd wouldn't let me have it! There were arms everywhere, swaying back and forth, heads jumping up and down... there was just no good shot! There's nothing quite like 6 men all in their 50's or older, shaking their bums, and thrusting their pelvises (is that the proper plural form??) in our general direction.
Now the bonus part about this concert experience was the crowd. It was quite the cross section of people. There were the cool kids like us, the moms bringing their 10 year olds, random dancing guys by themselves, and the grandfolks like these...

This picture cannot do justice to the amount of entertainment this lady and her husbnad provided to us. From the moment the guys took the stage she had her camera glued to her face taking thousands of pictures and/or video, it was hard to tell. She did take the odd break from her camera but quickly went back to it when the boys started with the pelvic thrusts!! Never have I seen such excitement over the girations of 50+ year old men.. well not from someone wearing a fanny pack. In addition to this lovely lady, was her husband, who also had his camera glued to his face the entire time. I guess they thought one camera would not suffice in capturing all that is glorious about the Village People. Now don't get me wrong, I am the first one to sing along to Macho Man... but that night was probably one of the most fun nights ever. Just the crowd, the music... and finally seeing Mark let loose of his inner disco moves. It was like a Mastercard commerical... Priceless.
It did bring around a question to ponder.... do you think the Village People are having a great time, or do you think they feel a little bit of sadness to the whole thing. We tend to think there is a bit of both, but this group is constantly touring. The day after they busted a move at the Taste of Minnesota, they whisked off to a concert in California. They've been playing in Europe... it seems nonstop. I never would have guessed they still had such a busy touring life! I think it is just the younger crowd that might feel a little of the "sadness", not the tear inducing, tug at your heart strings kind, but the "sad", sort of pathetic, feel sorry for them kind. Looking around, the older folks were going to town loving it up. Maybe that's what we will be like 30 years from now, when any of the current bands we like go on tour and we find ourselves at the concert, rocking out while we wear our fanny packs being laughed at by all the young whippersnappers!

I am in possession of some great video, but can't for the life of me figure out how to upload it!! If anyone knows, will you please pass on the info either in the comments section or email me, video this good MUST be shared with the world.

Oh, did I mention the concert was FREE! Another reason it was so amazing!

One more thing, for anyone who finds themselves at an event when the YMCA is played, just a bit of advice, straight from the mouths of the Village People.... the "M" in YMCA is not done with your fingertips meeting on your head (like monkey arms they said) you make the point of the M in front of your body, elbos out to the side. So let's all make sure we do it right from now on!!