Karaoke Battle

So who's the winner? Well... I don't know yet. The Singing Bee was on Tuesday night, and it was a lot of fun. They pull 6 people from the audience, and they make them sing the song once the band stops playing. The first four singers to get the words right moves on to Round 2. It was funny to watch singer after singer get the words wrong to Venus by Bananarama... you think you knonw the words, but you're wrong. In Round 2, they face off in two pairs and the first to flub the lyrics is gone, until 2 players are left, and then they battle it out in Round 3, until one person is left. In the final round, they have 7 songs to sing to, if they get 3 wrong they are out (lose the money) if they get 5 right they get $50,000. Not a bad deal. It's faster paced, and Joey is funny... a decent 30 minute show.
On Don't Forget the Lyrics, it is Who Wants to Be a Millionaire karaoke style, with Wayne Brady instead of Meredith Viera or Regis Philbin. I like the set up of this show over the Bee. They have 9 catagories of song genres, and the contestant gets to pick the order. Then they give them 2 song choices to sing along to (I really like this option). The music starts, the contestant sings along with the words on the screen, and when the screen goes blank they karaoke-er has to fill in the missing words. The biggest downfall to this show, is the same thing that stunk about Millionaire... it is too slow. In 30 minutes there was only one contestant and she only got 5 songs done.
It's obvious NBC ripped Fox off... they both use bands to play, have girls dancing along, similar stage set-ups... NBC was supposed to air the Bee in the Fall but moved it up to get on the air before Fox. The format is different, and I think lends itself more to those with ADD since it is in the style of sing a line, you're wrong, get off, next person! Fox's contribution though is a little more fun to watch, well as far as the actual singing part goes... I fast forward through the fake quasi-suspense moments and the drag out the "is it right???" moments.
Either way, I'll keep watching both of them and discover if I really do know a lot of lyrics to songs, or if I just think I do! Anyone else watch them?


Krista said...

We caught the end of The Singing Bee- we thought it was pretty entertaining. Haven't seen the other one, so no comment there. But I thought Joey was kinda cheesy. I would definitely watch it again.

Suzi said...

I haven't seen either of these, which is surprising since I watch so much tv. I need to check them out.

jenn said...

Mel, I watched them both and I agree ... I'm not sure which one is better ... guess I'll have to watch them both! You can win so much more $$$ on DFTL, but the dancing bees were pretty entertaining ... happy tv watching this week :")