Wednesday Night Thoughts

Ok, so I know this is twice in one day, but I like to ramble and share the little crazy thoughts I have with myself with other people, so I don't turn into the lady on the corner pushing her shopping cart full of dirty, ripped plastic shopping bags.
As I was watching SYTYCD this evening, I had 2 thoughts.
#1) Pasha. I heart him.

#2) I have found Wade Robson's next routine. Remember the scene in Dumbo... with the pink elephants? The music at the beginning of that sequence... so perfect for a Wade routine!! Check it out. Never mind the animation, just listen to the music.
I think it's perfect.


Steven and Erin said...

I've never watched SYTYCD but I like this post because you said you heart him. It made me laugh. :)

Suzi said...

I don't love Pasha, but I do heart Wade. Good idea on the new routine!

Melissa said...

You don't love Pasha Suz? Come on!
That music would be cool for one of their group dances.

Mark and Melanie said...

Pasha rocks!