Ode to Rigby

It's time once again for my annual pilgrimage to Rigby, Idaho and it's got me thinking about my hometown. I love my hometown and wouldn't be the bitter shell of a man I am today if I had been raised anywhere else. Although I am one of the few who left the meth labs in my rearview mirror long ago, I still pine for the bambinos, big hair and pickup trucks of my youth. To give you an indication of what Rigby is like, I now live in a town named Coon Rapids and it is a cosmopolitan mecca of culture compared to Rigby.

Here are some quick facts about Rigby:
  • Rigby has about 3,000 people, and four bloodlines.
  • The largest exports from Rigby are Methamphetamines, babies and crippling depression.
  • Rigby was once featured in Playboy magazine for it's abnormally high teen pregnancy rate, but little did they know that most of these girls had been happily married for five years before having kids.
  • 90 percent of all Senior pranks involve sheep.
  • My highschool janitor was elected mayor.
  • Other towns taunt Rigby dance team members with sayings like, "It's a vagina, not a clown car".
  • The best restaurant in town is on a street named after a racist slur.
  • Joseph Conrad once visited the town and then wrote a novel based on his experience.
  • Most women don't change their last name when they get married; this isn't due to feminist ideals, it's because they don't have to.
  • Kate Gosselin is often listed as young girl's most admired public figure.
  • Most rape incidents involve a harness and oats.
  • This cake was decorated in Rigby.
  • Rigby's international sister city is Shitterton, England, but the citizens of Shitterton are too embarassed to put it on their sign.
  • John McCain made a campaign stop in Rigby and said, "this is the worst place I've ever been".
  • And perhaps the most telling sign that the standards in Rigby are too low, my life is viewed as a resounding success.


Third Times a Charm

Week 3
Got to the gym three times! Woohoo! Only because the folks were down and I could go first thing in the morning. It was nice starting the day that way, but now we're back to evenings and forcing myself that it's worth it.
Food wise was okay. I only had fries once, and I didn't even have cake/cupcakes on T's birthday celebration (don't worry, I made up for it yesterday)!
So I am still plugging away. Intending on getting to the gym 3 times this week. I made it there yesterday - 2 cupcakes means I have to go - and hoping to get there tonight. Luckily the cupcakes are gone, now I just have to get rid of the leftover lime flavoured icing in the fridge.
Not sure if I can get 5 off by next week, that would require a lot of work...if I could manage 3 before we leave for Idaho I would be happy. If I can keep it off or even lose a few while there I would be even happier!! Think I can do that Eva? Your house has no treats in it right?? Maybe I should bring my runners and gym clothes to pretend I have plans to exercise while there.
Anyway...we did hit a great burger place this past weekend. If you're ever in St Paul, check out The Nook. Great burgers, even better fries, and CHEAP. Luckily I had a salad for lunch that day!
Only like 13 more weekly updates for you to put up with - it seems just the thought of someone reading this and holding me to it sort of keeps me on track, so bear with me! It will be over soon enough. What should I reward myself when all is said and done and I've reached my goal? I'm thinking a cheesecake, brownie, fudge sauce creation from Coldstone. Oh and some new clothes!


The Beat Goes On

So I told Mark he needed to post something on here because it's been far too long since he has offended anyone, but I'm not sure he'll have the time to find a way to offend everyone (he doesn't like to leave anyone out)....so I guess we're all stuck with my ramblings.
Since it seems the only way to keep myself on track is to post my weekly doings and assume everyone is on the edge of their seat waiting to find out how the week went, here I go!!
I got to the gym twice, only ate 1 cookie all week, drank lots of water and skim milk (I know, it's pretty much water anyway), danced around the house with T (Mark wouldn't join in), walked around at the outdoor shops nearby....and tried to limit my intake at Denny's. I am happy to say that I think I have parted ways with a pound or two over the last two weeks.
This week I have made it my goal to get to the gym 3 times and I think Mark's schedule may allow for it, now just to make myself get there!! There are still no treats in the house, although that might change this weekend for the little one - everyone needs a birthday cupcake or two, right?? (Anyone have any awesome cupcake recipes they want to share?) I may still reach 10 pounds by the middle of July, although it would be nice to hit 10 by the end of next week but since I don't live at the Biggest Loser ranch I am pretty sure that won't happen without losing a limb.
Now everyone just needs to stay on my butt to make sure I get to the gym and don't make a cake or two while we are stuck inside on a rainy day!
On a different note, anyone seen any super cure sandals I should buy? I stopped by the mecca this past week and saw a couple pairs, but without a coupon to use I had to pass...perhaps one will come in the mail today? That would brighten the gloomy skies and give me a reason to procrastinate cleaning the house even longer. Visitors don't really care if your house is clean, do they?
Until then...


Crazy People

  • Total Recall
  • Footloose
  • Flight of the Navigator
  • Tron
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street
  • Fame

What's the common thread? All movies from the 80's that were loved then, and many still loved now. So why in the world people feel the need to remake ALL of them is beyond me. Seriously we need to remake Footloose? What was wrong with it...nothing!
I know I have rambled on before on this topic, but every time I hear a new remake in the works I just shake my head. I guess the movie folks have not stumbled upon my blog ranting yet. So until then, a-rambling I will go!!

Now, not everyone will admit to loving any or all of these movies, but can't these Hollywood folk remake the movies that bombed instead of the good ones? I mean there are plenty of crappy movies that might have been good if there had been better special effects etc., so why not tackle those instead of the "classics"? I mean Footloose will never be Footloose without Kevin Bacon and Chris Penn. Just like Hairspray is not Hairspray without Ricki Lake and Divine. I have not watched the new Hairspray (and will not) and there is no way I will watch a Footloose remake.
Next thing you know they'll be remaking E.T.
Come on folks, let's get some new ideas...or some old bad ones and work our magic with those instead!


It's Been One Week

I never used to like the Bare Naked Ladies...but I sure do now.
Anyway that has nothing to do with anything other than the post title.
So, it has been one week of my challenge. Let's recap (for my sake).
  • gym - twice (I know, I won't win a body building challenge or even an arm wrestling contest, but twice a week is my goal - an attainable goal with an 11 month old and a husband who seems to work more now than he did when we lived in NYC)
  • dessert - just once, but it was one of those mini, personal ones from Famous Dave's, but I didn't eat the bun that came with my brisket sandwich and I sent most of my fries back
  • one nice long fast paced walk with the kid
  • no mid day cookie baking, did make some pudding, but it's the low fat low sugar jello pudding, so it doesn't count right? :o)

No huge accomplishments but it's put me in a more motivated mood for the week. So much in fact that I am contemplating getting dressed before 10 and taking the wee one for our walk this morning. AND I also told the husband to be home so I can go to the gym. We'll see if that happens though.
I did notice that it's not just the drive home from the gym....it's every where I go - to church, to the grocery store, to Target....McDonalds, DQ, Coldstone, Chipotle...it's like they're multiplying overnight when I am not looking. Trips to Target become more difficult as I walk by their food court and smell those fantastic Pizza hut bread sticks...oh how I love them, but I resist!
Anyway, there's my report...feel free to ignore it, it's not anything to gloat about but I am hoping telling the world (or the few folks who read this) will help me to stay the course and not give in when I go to Costco and buy that XXL bag of peanut M&M's and eat them for dinner. But what a fantastic dinner that would be.....
I've also been debating getting the new Wii Active - anyone tried it or know anyone who has...any thoughts on it? Worth the money? Waste of money??

Oh, and just as a side note, I've totally been kicking Mark's trash in Scrabble lately. I think we've played 10 or 12 games and I think he's won 2 or 3. So we're both thinking we're pretty good players, but maybe we're just good against each other. Anyone else play? If so, what's your typical score...we need something to gauge ourselves against.