Third Times a Charm

Week 3
Got to the gym three times! Woohoo! Only because the folks were down and I could go first thing in the morning. It was nice starting the day that way, but now we're back to evenings and forcing myself that it's worth it.
Food wise was okay. I only had fries once, and I didn't even have cake/cupcakes on T's birthday celebration (don't worry, I made up for it yesterday)!
So I am still plugging away. Intending on getting to the gym 3 times this week. I made it there yesterday - 2 cupcakes means I have to go - and hoping to get there tonight. Luckily the cupcakes are gone, now I just have to get rid of the leftover lime flavoured icing in the fridge.
Not sure if I can get 5 off by next week, that would require a lot of work...if I could manage 3 before we leave for Idaho I would be happy. If I can keep it off or even lose a few while there I would be even happier!! Think I can do that Eva? Your house has no treats in it right?? Maybe I should bring my runners and gym clothes to pretend I have plans to exercise while there.
Anyway...we did hit a great burger place this past weekend. If you're ever in St Paul, check out The Nook. Great burgers, even better fries, and CHEAP. Luckily I had a salad for lunch that day!
Only like 13 more weekly updates for you to put up with - it seems just the thought of someone reading this and holding me to it sort of keeps me on track, so bear with me! It will be over soon enough. What should I reward myself when all is said and done and I've reached my goal? I'm thinking a cheesecake, brownie, fudge sauce creation from Coldstone. Oh and some new clothes!


Grandma Smith said...

Hey, I think you are doing great! Bring your runners and gym clothes we can walk to the corner everyday and you can call it a workout. Remember we have a hike in the plans so that is sure to count as one workout day. 3 by next week is in my plans also. So it is throw down. Or whatever they call it. As for the treats I'm stocking up on fruits and veggies, but the candy jar will be full.

Trisha Martin said...

I'm all for walking/jogging, whatever, with you while you're here too. We can all encourage each other:) I'm proud of you too!

Mindi said...

I'm impressed that you post the details- good and bad... if we were closer, I might admit to you in person of what I am and am not doing in regards to your goal... which might be mine too, again, if we were closer... and could be workout buddies.

Keep up the good work, sounds like you are doing awesome. Love the "Ode to Rigby"... Mark :) Enjoy Idaho!