The Incredible Shrinking Feet

After having my first baby, in the hopes of quickly losing the baby weight, I decided I would also try to lose some pre-baby weight.  I figured while I was at it...why not?  I succeeded to lose a few extra pounds, and when I had baby #2, I decided to do the same thing.  Thankfully, with exercising and eliminating peanut m&m's I was able to lose even more.  Of course, baby #3 came around and this point and brought back all of the weight.  Yay.  Losing that weight took much longer, but it eventually took a hike.  It took a ton more effort and work the third time around!  The strangest thing about the weight loss this time around, is that it seems I have lost weight in my feet.  Oh I know, poor me, lost some weight...wah wah.  But, it is sad. I am now finding that my shoes (oh my shoes), are too big!!  If I only had a couple pairs of shoes, maybe this would be okay.  But...if you know me, then you know I have a few more than a couple pairs of shoes. Every Sunday, I try on probably 4 or 5 pairs before I can find one that doesn't start slipping off after three steps. Or that doesn't make the dreaded "air fart" noises.
So, can someone explain to me how my feet can seemingly shrink half a size?
And, if you are a size 8 and are looking for some good/great condition high heeled shoes...let's talk.  I think we can work out a deal.
On the bright side, I foresee lots of shoe shopping in my future!


If a Tree Falls...

in the forest, does it make a sound?? Kind of like, if a blog hasn't been posted to in a year...does anyone still read it?


New Year Interviews

I'm a little late posting this, but in January I asked the kids the yearly questions...here are their answers!  Except for Marlowe of course!
Fave book - The Berry Blossom Festival
Fave movie - The Lorax
TV show - My Little Pony
Song - What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction)
Place to go - Grand Slam
Food - cereal
Dessert -Banana Split
Thing to do - play the wii
Toy - My Little Pony train
Holiday - Christmas
Outfit -owl t-shirt
Color -pink and purple
Best friend - Maya
Fave thing at the park - firetruck
Drink - lemonade
Store - kohls
Veggie - carrots
Fruit - watermelon
PJs - fleece owls
Restaurant - Bakers Square
Cereal - Cookie Crisp and Krave
What I want to be when I grow up - a Dancer

Book - dinosaur Train
Movie -Cars
TV Show - Chuck
Song - Dinosaur Train theme
Place to go - Grand Slam
Food - Mac and Cheese
Dessert - ice cream
Thing to do - play the wii
Toy - scooter
Holiday - Christmas
Outfit - Dinosaur shirt
Color - red
Best friend - Alex
Thing at the park - swing
Drink - flavored water
Store - Rainbow
Veggie - carrots
Fruit - cantaloupe
PJs - Buddy
Restaurant - Buffalo Wild Wings
Cereal - Cinnamon Toast Crunch
What I want to be when I grow up - Big Truck Driver

Funny...if I asked them these things today, I don't think any of their answers would be the same!!


Road trip!

I guess there is nothing quite like a trip to a government office to get me riled up enough to blog, seeing as it has been quite awhile.
Since the birth of bambino #3, I seem to have "misplaced" her social security card.  And as it would have it, that number is needed if I want to claim her on my taxes.  So, off we went this morning.  And by we, I mean me, the 4.5 year old, the 3.5 year old and the nearly 7 month old.  We drove the half hour to the one and only office location serving more than 3 million people, lucked out with someone pulling out of a spot just as we got there....no then it changed.  We sauntered up to the door only to discover the line to go through security and get a number was out the door.  As we stood in line, I peered into the office and saw the waiting area.  Luckily for us there was a nice lady in front of us and a nice lady behind.  We chit chatted about the line, how long it would take, if there was any other offices, or another way to do this...etc.  The older two kids got squirrely right away, so I knew this was going to be fun.  In the end, we walked away after 15 minutes, but I learned a few valuable lessons.
#1) any city area of over 3 million people needs multiple government office locations.  Especially when you are only open 9:00-3:30.  People get in line an hour or more before the location opens.  And they still have to wait 2 hours.
#2) there will be friendly, understanding people in line and there will be everyone else.  We are all in line, we all have to wait, let's try to be friendly.  No one, especially young children, need to hear that kind of language upon your arrival in line.
#3) I'm not sure if Hell has a waiting room, but if it does, it may be located at a government office.  I'm almost certain none of the people I saw sitting in there looked like they did when they arrived at the SS office.  That waiting room had the innate ability to suck the light, life, joy, and years out of anyone,
#4) to the employees at these Government offices, the ones who work hard and the ones that don't...lets try to speed it up.  I know some situations are trickier than others and may require more time to get things sorted out, but when the waiting room is that full and the line to enter the waiting room is out the door, is there any way we could hurry it up?  Just asking.

Luckily for me, I had an brain surge and was able to locate the number through other means, so a trip back to the social security office has been postponed!  Hopefully until all children are in school and only I have to suffer through the wait.  Mind you, three hours alone, no children pulling on me, begging for snacks or tv, three hours to sit, read, snooze, play games....sounds more like the waiting room to Heaven!! :o)



I haven't solved the hair dilemma, but maybe I will just attempt to bring the ladies mullet back!! If you see me and it looks like I have a mullet...just smile and keep on walking.
While I know this blog doesn't get a lot of traffic, I used to enjoy blathering on and on about whatever random thought popped into my head.  These days, it seems even my random thoughts have been lost in the wind.  Between making meals, cleaning up, getting snacks, cleaning up, stopping fights, changing diapers, feeding a baby, doing laundry, getting groceries, running errands...I don't have random, fun thoughts anymore!  That or it just seems silly to waste my time with my silly thoughts and ramblings.  
How do you find something to keep you sane, give you some me time, when life keeps you running back and forth taking care of the needs of other people?  That being said, I certainly don't feel like I accomplish much in any given day.  However, I suppose if all three children are fed, dressed and relatively clean, we've had a productive day.  If we can get through it without too many tears or raised voices, then it's been an even better day. 
One day there will be time for random ramblings again.  But by then, they may be voiced from my bed in the asylum  :o)