I haven't solved the hair dilemma, but maybe I will just attempt to bring the ladies mullet back!! If you see me and it looks like I have a mullet...just smile and keep on walking.
While I know this blog doesn't get a lot of traffic, I used to enjoy blathering on and on about whatever random thought popped into my head.  These days, it seems even my random thoughts have been lost in the wind.  Between making meals, cleaning up, getting snacks, cleaning up, stopping fights, changing diapers, feeding a baby, doing laundry, getting groceries, running errands...I don't have random, fun thoughts anymore!  That or it just seems silly to waste my time with my silly thoughts and ramblings.  
How do you find something to keep you sane, give you some me time, when life keeps you running back and forth taking care of the needs of other people?  That being said, I certainly don't feel like I accomplish much in any given day.  However, I suppose if all three children are fed, dressed and relatively clean, we've had a productive day.  If we can get through it without too many tears or raised voices, then it's been an even better day. 
One day there will be time for random ramblings again.  But by then, they may be voiced from my bed in the asylum  :o)

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Julie said...

I know exactly what you mean. Struggling with the same thing. And btw, I LOVE short hair on you. So classy!