Hungry Like the Wolf

Alright blog readers (those of you I know and those I don't)... I need your ideas.
For those of you stopping by, reading this post, will you share with me what kind of items you have in your food storage?  Not long term, like 50 pound bags of wheat and rice, but food for the short term (a year or so);  Food you use daily, cook meals with etc.
It doesn't have to be specific, like brand names or specific types of cereal, more like staples/basics that you always keep on hand for making dinners, baking, whipping up masterpieces!
Help me out with what's in your pantry/storage so I can get my year's food storage back on track before food prices start requiring layaway programs at grocery stores!


The Biggest Loser

Probably won't be me.
The in-law side of the family has embarked on yet another run at a Biggest Loser contest.  The first time around I wasn't allowed to participate due to pregnancy/having a baby/dropping pregnancy weight, but this time they can't keep me out!
The only question I have is:  Why couldn't we do this after baby #1??  When I actually had time to exercise, could go to the gym, did not have a clingy newborn's schedule to work around?  Man I would have won it then!I don't think I will be so lucky this time around.  Between the toddler, the newborn, the husband and everything in between, getting 45 minutes in on the treadmill is a miracle.  I am not a person to get up at 3AM to exercise or stay up until midnight to fit it in.  Since I never know what time a child will wake up, or how many times they will wake up, sleep is a precious commodity around here.  I have decided that it's okay if I lose this contest, I will revel in rubbing DQ Blizzards, chocolate chip cookies and key lime pie in the faces of those still participating (evil?  Yes.)  OK, so I won't really, and I am still participating, but not at the level I would like.
Also, who schedules a weight lose contest during Super Bowl, Valentine's Day and Easter?? Really?? Mini Eggs and Creme Eggs anyone?  
So....anyone want to watch my kids for me so I can go to the gym during the day? I  promise the boy won't scream....for that long anyway! :o)
Oh...anyone have any great snack ideas?  I am about quantity.  None of this eat 6 almonds or half a banana.
And has the term "the  biggest loser" been entered into the dictionary yet?