The Biggest Loser

Probably won't be me.
The in-law side of the family has embarked on yet another run at a Biggest Loser contest.  The first time around I wasn't allowed to participate due to pregnancy/having a baby/dropping pregnancy weight, but this time they can't keep me out!
The only question I have is:  Why couldn't we do this after baby #1??  When I actually had time to exercise, could go to the gym, did not have a clingy newborn's schedule to work around?  Man I would have won it then!I don't think I will be so lucky this time around.  Between the toddler, the newborn, the husband and everything in between, getting 45 minutes in on the treadmill is a miracle.  I am not a person to get up at 3AM to exercise or stay up until midnight to fit it in.  Since I never know what time a child will wake up, or how many times they will wake up, sleep is a precious commodity around here.  I have decided that it's okay if I lose this contest, I will revel in rubbing DQ Blizzards, chocolate chip cookies and key lime pie in the faces of those still participating (evil?  Yes.)  OK, so I won't really, and I am still participating, but not at the level I would like.
Also, who schedules a weight lose contest during Super Bowl, Valentine's Day and Easter?? Really?? Mini Eggs and Creme Eggs anyone?  
So....anyone want to watch my kids for me so I can go to the gym during the day? I  promise the boy won't scream....for that long anyway! :o)
Oh...anyone have any great snack ideas?  I am about quantity.  None of this eat 6 almonds or half a banana.
And has the term "the  biggest loser" been entered into the dictionary yet?

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Leesh said...

You should try the weight watchers diet... you still get to eat the DQ blizzards and such. Here's a website with the point system and recipes. :)