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What a week!  OK, not really, but it's a nice way to start out a post.
So this week we decided to enroll Miss T in preschool.  We went for an open house to meet some of the teachers and check out the classrooms/environment.  There are a couple of our friends who send their kids to this preschool, so we felt pretty good about it.
On the way over, I wondered to myself, "Should I be wearing heels?  A skirt?  Something a little dressier than jeans and a sweater?"  Shortly after I had this thought, Mark commented on how different the process is here compared to NYC.  We didn't enroll kids in preschool while we lived there, but we did hear about friends experiences with the preschool process.
All I can say is I am glad we don't live in NYC anymore!!
Here is the registration process we went through.
1) Went to open house (completely option, not necessary for admission)
2) Filled out application card, circled first and second choices for class time
3) Wrote check to cover registration fee
4) Drove over the next morning and dropped off registration card and check (Friday)
5) Opened letter confirming registration for September (Saturday)
6) Done deal
We shake our heads about interviews, referrals, applications, essays, promises of your first born, and years of income to send your child to the "right" preschool.  What a different process outside of parts of the East Coast!

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