That would be "For My Information."  This post is mostly for me, to remind myself on a day like today, that sometimes the house is clean and does not always look like a tornado has hit it.
Yes, the cleanliness may last less than 24 hours, but it WAS clean, even for the shortest time frame.  On days like today, I will look at these pictures with a fond remembrance and start all over again.
From these next pictures, you'd never guess that they are the hooligans responsible for most of the mess!


Random Monday

Random thoughts for a random Monday

  • it's amazing what a successful Live tour can do to ticket prices.  Two years ago Yo Gabba Gabba tickets cost $17 (not the primo "party package" seats); this year...we won't talk about it.
  • it can not be described how different the day feels when the kids sleep in until 7:40 and 8:05...without waking up once during the night!  Even if it is supposed to feel like 100 degrees today.
  • this month sees the departure of many food friends to many different, faraway places...I do not like this.
  • trying to decide where to take a vacation to is proving more difficult than I thought.
  • I have never been less excited to go clothes shopping, ever, in my life.
  • it's birthday week in our house...two cakes, one birthday. 
  • having a boy who LOVES (and loves might be an understatement) the vacuum....you would think I would vacuum all the time.  Not so much.  Probably because he wants to hold the vacuum, walk on it, hit it...all things that make actual vacuuming difficult.
  • if my last name was Weiner...I would change it.
  • I think I have bought every single Care Bear item in the county.  Now why can't I find a single plush Care Bear...is that too much to ask?
  • can not wait until the weight loss contest is over.  Not that I am trying very hard these days, but I think I will try to give it my all these last two weeks.  We'll see how that turns out.