That would be "For My Information."  This post is mostly for me, to remind myself on a day like today, that sometimes the house is clean and does not always look like a tornado has hit it.
Yes, the cleanliness may last less than 24 hours, but it WAS clean, even for the shortest time frame.  On days like today, I will look at these pictures with a fond remembrance and start all over again.
From these next pictures, you'd never guess that they are the hooligans responsible for most of the mess!


Erin said...

If it makes you feel any better I am completely envious of your clean house. And your hooligans are pretty cute too.

Catherine said...

WOW! I'm not sure that my house has ever been that clean. Do you want to come over here next?

Trisha Martin said...

I'm just curious what you "gave" the hooligans while you were cleaning so they wouldn't follow you and destroy all your hard work:)

Grandma Smith said...

Your house is beautiful, all sparkling clean and the hooligans are beautiful also. It is light outside when you took the house pictures?? My house only looked clean like that if I stayed up until the early morning hours and the kids were all in bed. Wait we didn't see a picture of the closets, were the kids locked inside them??