Mental Wanderings

Apparently blogging is not on my to-do list these days.  Probably because no one cares to read about my daily struggle to cross things off said list.
Today however has been an especially productive day.  No sarcasm there.
Now that the room has been painted, the curtains were made today!! Just need some curtain rods put up so I can hang the curtains.  I am holding on to a slim slice of hope that we will get everything done by the end of the month (minus finishing the deck of course). 
No more insulting pregnancies remarks this week, but it still makes me shake my head every time I look in the mirror.  
It's a good thing summer TV is sucking big time or I would never get anything done.  I think we only have three regular shows set to tape all summer long...L&O Criminal Intent and SYTYCD (that one's for Mark! haha) and The Soup (the only way we know about most of the other shows on during the summer!)
On an exciting, non baby, non to-do list note, we are going to see Cirque du Soleil this weekend!!  I am excited.  The last shows we saw were Yo Gabba Gabba Live and Sesame Street.  Time for some non T-themed entertainment.  Hopefully I can sit through all of it without having too many bathroom breaks!
Looking forward to visiting with some old NYC friends this weekend too!  
Only three weeks (give or take a few days) of listening to (or reading) me complain about not eating peanut m&m's...I promise it will end soon.
Should complete and total hypnosis of a 2 year old by a certain children's show cause me concern??  How much do you let your two year old (or other kids) watch TV?  Every day? Half an hour? Hour? More? Does it depend on what's going on that day?  Never?  I don't want to hear if it's never.
Hopefully the rest of the week can be as productive as today, but I won't hold my breath.  Small steps, right?


Excuse Me?

It finally happened.
When I was pregnant with T, it was pretty uneventful.  Nothing major to complain about, pretty easy, no one harassed me with advice or tried to touch my belly.  Strangers didn't walk up to me and say crazy things if my kid wasn't properly dressed in heir minds or try to tell me how to calm a crying baby etc., etc.
This time around, the pregnancy's been pretty much the same, just more tired and sooner onset of GD.  Other than that, I won't complain because I know I have it pretty easy.
But tonight, while shopping in the card section of Target, a woman, probably in her late 40's maybe early 50's (I can never tell), came up to me and said, "Please tell me you're due tomorrow or that you're having triplets?"  I looked at her, completely speechless and finally managed to utter, "no, I have about a month left."  To me, I felt like I had the most horrified, appalled look on my face and that the woman would see she had been completely inappropriate in saying that, apologize and hurry on her way.  Nope, she just looked at me, in utter disbelief that I was not about to pop my kid out on the floor right then and there and concluded with, "Good luck to you."
I just stood there, still shocked and speechless and a little dumbfounded.  It's not like I was laying on the floor having contractions or that I was in the card aisle and my belly was in the main aisle.  I might be big, but I'm not THAT big lady!  How does a person, especially a woman, not realize how rude that is to say?  I mean you could just ask, "When are you due?" and then when it's further away than you thought, gasp when you leave my sight.  Nothing makes a girl feel better than having someone tell her she looks like she is about to pop out triplets.
And pride aside, here is a picture from T's birthday photo shoot...just she and I walking.  You tell me, do I look like I am about to have triplets??  Wait, on second thought, if you think so...don't tell me.


Does It Ever End?

So since LOST is over does that mean I have nothing left to say??  Hardly.  I just don't think my day to day life lately has given me any gems to share with the world.  Unless you want to hear about how many time I have heard the phrases, "I want a snack" and "I want a show."  Please don't ask, I can't count that high even if I tried. All that's been going on at the homestead is deck building (please, PLEASE, stop raining on the days the Mark is home to work so he can actually get this beast completed), room painting (actually progressing faster than the deck building), dresser painting (only begun today), and a plethora of other to do items in various stages of completion or non-starting.
Is it possible to hire someone to just come and vacuum and do dishes?  That would seriously help out a ton (any takers? Email me!)  Oh and of course someone to watch the soon to be two year old so the painting can be finished, the curtains sewn, the bed put together... Why hasn't one of my nieces volunteered to come down and be my slave, helper?  It's not like one of you is in school right now, and the other is about done.  Come on girls, you know you want to!!  No sales tax on clothes and shoes here....hmmmm, what do ya say??
Anyone have any super easy, quick, yummy freezer meals I can stock my freezer with?  Or anyone just want to bring me some already made I can just throw in my freezer?   Mom, you feel up to some meal making when you get here??  I guess we could just stock it with Lean Cuisines....?
Here's to hoping the week is filled with productiveness, but I don't hold up hope.  If the deck can just be done by Saturday so we can have the wee one's little birthday BBQ out there, that would be great.  And maybe if the Boy's room could be painted by the weekend too, that would be awesome.  Although if it means early mornings with no naps just so the child goes to bed early so I can paint... I'm not sure I will survive long enough to see the weekend.
There's life in a nutshell.  And don't ask if we've picked a name, because it's nowhere near the top of the to do list right now!!