Excuse Me?

It finally happened.
When I was pregnant with T, it was pretty uneventful.  Nothing major to complain about, pretty easy, no one harassed me with advice or tried to touch my belly.  Strangers didn't walk up to me and say crazy things if my kid wasn't properly dressed in heir minds or try to tell me how to calm a crying baby etc., etc.
This time around, the pregnancy's been pretty much the same, just more tired and sooner onset of GD.  Other than that, I won't complain because I know I have it pretty easy.
But tonight, while shopping in the card section of Target, a woman, probably in her late 40's maybe early 50's (I can never tell), came up to me and said, "Please tell me you're due tomorrow or that you're having triplets?"  I looked at her, completely speechless and finally managed to utter, "no, I have about a month left."  To me, I felt like I had the most horrified, appalled look on my face and that the woman would see she had been completely inappropriate in saying that, apologize and hurry on her way.  Nope, she just looked at me, in utter disbelief that I was not about to pop my kid out on the floor right then and there and concluded with, "Good luck to you."
I just stood there, still shocked and speechless and a little dumbfounded.  It's not like I was laying on the floor having contractions or that I was in the card aisle and my belly was in the main aisle.  I might be big, but I'm not THAT big lady!  How does a person, especially a woman, not realize how rude that is to say?  I mean you could just ask, "When are you due?" and then when it's further away than you thought, gasp when you leave my sight.  Nothing makes a girl feel better than having someone tell her she looks like she is about to pop out triplets.
And pride aside, here is a picture from T's birthday photo shoot...just she and I walking.  You tell me, do I look like I am about to have triplets??  Wait, on second thought, if you think so...don't tell me.


Krista said...

Well obviously, I can totally relate. I get those kind of comments on a semi-constant basis. First of all, do NOT be offended. My guess is that she probably has never been pregnant. I also find myself scratching my head at the assortment of random comments I get. Just please try not to be too bugged about the comments, and realize that people a lot of times just really have NO idea what it is like to be super pregnant. Second of all, you look cute. I wish I could still go to the store...my mom has to go for me now cuz I can barely walk these days. Enjoy your mobility as long as you can. Who cares what some random Target lady thinks anyway?

Ming said...

No you look great! WHY DO PEOPLE...ESPECIALLY WOMEN (hello you should know better)DO THAT?!!! SO RUDE! When I was pregnant with Jack and only about 7 months pregnant I was getting a pedicure (this is when we were still in NYC) and the small Asian woman working on my feet asked me how far along I was and when I told her she said, "Ohhhh, why so big?!" with a disgusted look on her face! I wanted to smack her. Needless to say she didn't get a tip :)

Erin said...

lol. what is wrong with people!?

No way you could be having triplets, or popping out tomorrow. So stupid!

You look darling by the way. So fashionable... I did not fare so well when I was prego.

Grandma Smith said...

I think you look great! Not large at all just cute with that little round belly going on. Next time just look at her calmly, smile sweetly and tell her to "cram it" or "suck it" as you Canadians say. You're doing great, oh what fun pregnancy is, what great memories you will have.