Mental Wanderings

Apparently blogging is not on my to-do list these days.  Probably because no one cares to read about my daily struggle to cross things off said list.
Today however has been an especially productive day.  No sarcasm there.
Now that the room has been painted, the curtains were made today!! Just need some curtain rods put up so I can hang the curtains.  I am holding on to a slim slice of hope that we will get everything done by the end of the month (minus finishing the deck of course). 
No more insulting pregnancies remarks this week, but it still makes me shake my head every time I look in the mirror.  
It's a good thing summer TV is sucking big time or I would never get anything done.  I think we only have three regular shows set to tape all summer long...L&O Criminal Intent and SYTYCD (that one's for Mark! haha) and The Soup (the only way we know about most of the other shows on during the summer!)
On an exciting, non baby, non to-do list note, we are going to see Cirque du Soleil this weekend!!  I am excited.  The last shows we saw were Yo Gabba Gabba Live and Sesame Street.  Time for some non T-themed entertainment.  Hopefully I can sit through all of it without having too many bathroom breaks!
Looking forward to visiting with some old NYC friends this weekend too!  
Only three weeks (give or take a few days) of listening to (or reading) me complain about not eating peanut m&m's...I promise it will end soon.
Should complete and total hypnosis of a 2 year old by a certain children's show cause me concern??  How much do you let your two year old (or other kids) watch TV?  Every day? Half an hour? Hour? More? Does it depend on what's going on that day?  Never?  I don't want to hear if it's never.
Hopefully the rest of the week can be as productive as today, but I won't hold my breath.  Small steps, right?


Ming said...

I feel like I'm the wrong person to comment here because I let my child watch way too much TV. He just LOVES it :) It definitely depends on the day and I try to limit it, but I could totally be better. yikes! So if you ever feel guilty just think of me ;)

Grandma Smith said...

I think you are doing great, progress everyday and complaining about no M&M's totally justified. Have fun at your show this weekend and as for the T.V. don't worry YGG is not on all day everyday. She'll be fine.

Shelly said...

Hey Mel...wow...I really did fall off the blogging band wagon. You're preggo again!! Congratulations!!!!
Hey, look me up on facebook. I can't remember your maiden name and Melanie Smith is WAY too common! lol
I'm under Michelle Pratt Stephen

Corinne said...

Ada currently has zero interest in tv so ask me again in 4 months. I like to think I'll be the mom who never lets her kid watch tv and fills the day up with awesome/creative projects and activities. Haha.

Meg said...

Do I get to see pictures of the painted room and homemade curtains? Oh and um did I read that your coming to NYC?

Mindi said...

Oh to have an extra room to paint and hang curtains in... you have quite the life! :)