Idol Recap Redux

Just a quick post tonight, not nearly as many uncorfortable and offensive comments, I promise. It looks like America got it right by putting Adam and Matt in the bottom two and sending Matt, JT jr., home. I will admit one embarrassing thing tonight, and that is that I don't hate Justin Timberlake. Trust me, I want to despise him, he gets hot tail, has tons of money and sings in a flasetto, but everytime I see him on SNL or Sportscenter I can't help but like him.

The one thing I wanted to point out tonight is how lame it is to have a guest singer on a show who uses an auto tuner. It reminded me too much of this video not to post it.


Idol Recap

So I decided that in Mel's absence I would give a brief recap of tonight's American Idol. I know it doesn't seem like something I would be into, but don't worry, I won't make it as effeminate as Adam makes all of his songs.

To begin, can Fox come up with any less relevant theme's than the last two weeks. Maybe tweens aren't tuning in so Fox is going after an older demographic. Also, does it strike anyone else as strange that the mentor was this guy:
Kris started it off tonight, and I don't know about you, but I was too lost in his eyes to even pay attention to whatever he was singing, I mean, he's a good looking guy, wait, I meant to say grrr football. The judges seemed to really like it except for Simon who said it "was wet." I don't know if he was talking about Kris's performance or Paula's seat. And talking about Paula, did she look like the people behind Lexus' Christmas commercials are dressing her now?

Allison went next and I thought she was, meh. She has never really done it for me and I didn't think that she had a great night. I did notice during her song that Chef, from South Park, got a job playing piano which is nice.

Matt, JT without personality, went next and I thought he failed miserably. It sounded like he spoke most of the words and sang every fifth word. I think he's a gonner.

Danny's performance was the best of the night, in my view. He started off a little slow and didn't seem to get into it until about half way through, and then he brought the thunder. The growl and soul was a nice change of pace for him compared to singing sappy ballads. I think that he or Kris are the ones to beat KD Lang in this contest.

Adam finished the night and you can tell the producers want him to win. He had a very dramatic entrance, but I thought he looked a lot like a lesbian Elvis impersonator in his white suit. Is it just me or does he take every classic song he sings and take a big dump on its grave? Maybe I still hold a grudge over the whole Johnny Cash thing, but does he really have to "Claudioize" every song.

Well, that's enough homophobia and homoerotica for one post. What do you think, does Adam really suck as bad as I think, is Kris super delicious, am I going to hell? If you want to read a real recap then check out Jeff's blog.


North vs North

The wee one and I will be heading off for an international escape tomorrow...wish me luck on the drive, any hints for well behaved 10 month olds in a car for 7 hours would be welcomed! Perhaps I will treat you all to some foreign words of wisdom as we explore all that the great motherland has to offer, well that which is located in our city anyway.Hopefully the spouse survives without us...as I suspect he will, albeit with dirty dishes and unwashed clothing! But survival nonetheless. Perhaps he will keep our readers occupied with his political blatherings, sports statistics or random ventings since there will be no one here censor or shut down such ideas!!
To the North!!


Adam Adam Bo Badam

Ok, so I just lost my Adam Lambert blog. Stupid keyboard.
Anyway, I have no idea what I wrote and of course it saved after the words magically disappeared.
The gist: loved Adam in Hollywood week, thought he would go far, probably finals. Each week he fades a little more for me, don't know why. His high notes make me die a little inside. He should pull off a rocking cover of The Darkness' "I Believe in a Thing Called Love". Would probably be better off to not win Idol so he won't have to sell his soul to 19 Entertainment. They won't like an album full of Ring of Fire covers. Commercial is better so Danny or Kris would most likely be the 19 folks choices to win.
Either way Adam will be Top 3. Think we should vote him off? Besides, think the Idol folks will provide costumes like this one for the Top 10 tour?? If so, maybe I'll buy me some tickets!!
So now I have lost 2 blogs on this topic. The first was the 2 AM laying in bed blog (which was awesome by the way - I even distinctly remember thinking to myself "this blog is awesome"), and my second attempt. They say the third times a charm...we will see.
So Jeff, disagree away, I know you are mush more of a music expert than I ever will be.
Trish, hope this helped on the whole "who is Adam Lambert" thing.
Everyone else, hope I didn't bore you to death.
Man, I even worked the word muzak into blog #2....stupid lost blogs.


Midnight Writings

Last night, after almost an hour of trying to get someone to go back to sleep at 1:30AM, I laid in bed writing blogs in my head. They were good too. Well written, funny, witty, almost certain to bring about my impending blogosphere celebridom. I contemplated going out to the computer to post them, but my responsible side won out and told me to stop thinking so much and just go to bed. and of course, once I woke up this morning, did I remember any of these wickedly awesome blogs? No. Well, sort of, but not well enough to jot them down. Dang it! It was like literary magic flowing from my brain....blogary magic anyway. Perhaps sometime during the day I will remember them, but I doubt it. In the meantime I'll be working on my "ode" to Adam Lambert.


Readers Choice

I realize I've been in a blogging funk. I had high hopes for myself and my quest into blogosphere celebridom, but alas, I do not think this will be the year it happens.
Even as I sit here typing, I really don't have anything to blog about. Well, that's not true, it's more that I don't feel like blogging about:

  • the current Miss California/Perez Hilton flap
  • my utter disdain for drivers how refuse to use their turn signals, but ranting about it isn't going to change anything.
  • my frustration with paypal and those who try to steal my money? Oh wait, I already did? Okay, we don't need to go there again.
  • my thoughts as to why I can't seem to jump on the Adam Lambert train?
  • the disappointment I had with the new John Grisham book
  • why the Today show feels like it has to use 2.5 of it's 4 hour run to air commercials.
  • why this child of mine doesn't seem to ever want to nap longer than 30 minutes even though she's been up for 7 hours
  • the non excuses I have for not going to the gym last week

So, any one want to hear me spout off on any one of these pressing topics? Or do you have something you want me to ramble on, share my expertise on or just pretend to be an expert on?? Let me know, I'll whip you up a great blog that the blogosphere will be ever so envious with and will bring me that pseudo fame I am so craving!!


Stealy Dan

Don't people have better things to do with their time other than try to fraudulently tap into my paypal/bank account and steal money from me? What's the deal?
I guess they think I won't notice some odd withdrawal, from a man with an obviously made-up name, for hundreds of Euros. Wrong!
And so now I have nothing better to do than spend time online and on the phone making sure this person (probably from Nigeria - scam central or so I have heard) doesn't take my money. Keep trying buddy, there isn't a whole lot to take!
At least I can be happy that they tried to take it from the closed account and not the open account account! I would like to say thank you to paypal for noticing this apparent fraud and putting a hold on my account as to ensure the validity/invalidity of this purchase.
Usually when I see an ad about identity fraud and such, I don't pay much attention, but seeing as this is the third time someone has tried to infiltrate a bank account/credit card maybe I should...thankfully only one of those times resulted in lost money that our bank happily refunded to us. How someone can figure out how to withdraw money from your account, using an ATM, when both of your ATM cards are on your physical beings, I will never know.
So be careful out there kids, pay attention to your online purchases, accounts, credit/debit cards...you never know when, where or how it might happen!
Oh and to any fraudulent blogstalkers out there...STOP TRYING TO STEAL MY MONEY!!


Nightmare on Elm Street

The worst thing almost happened to me this weekend...almost.
Saturday, Mark got the mail and discovered a coupon for a free bag with purchase from DSW (woohoo!)...so I said to myself, "Sweet, I have not 1, but 2 coupons for DSW and some birthday money - this is a no brainer!" So I go to the coupon drawer - no coupons to be seen. That's okay, I put them in the dresser in the bedroom. Nope, no coupons. Oh wait, they are in the door of the car. No, still no coupons. Oh wait, it's the other car. No. Horror of horror!!! How do I lose a $5 off AND a 20% off coupon?? I began to come to terms with the lost coupons and the fabulous pair of shoes that I would not be calling my own. Sunday morning came, and as I was making a mad dash out the door on my way to church I was struck with a thought!! No, nothing to do with Easter, I thought, my brown purse!!! So I unbelievingly opened the purse fully expecting to be disappointed, when what did I see? The coupons!!! Oh happy day! I hadn't lost the coupons, I just forgot where I put them. There is nothing as senseless as wasted DSW coupons, and I am not one to be wasteful. So hopefully sometime this month I will head out on the just over 1 mile drive to my local DSW and do my best to try to stimulate this economy! We all need to do our part, right?


This One's For You Trish!

We might live in the most hick, red-neck sounding town...but our DQ knows how to decorate a birthday cake!! AND they know how to spell birthday too!



Gather The Kids, It's Time for Some TV Watching!

When did The Simpsons become a go-to when in need of a more time appropriate television show? I guess when it is compared to the Osbournes.
Apparently nudity and adult content is appropriate when it is animated, because kids won't watch that, will they?


False Idols

Sorry Mark...your blog needed to be pushed down a few!! :o)
Not that I have anything important to say - we just needed a change of scenery.

So. Idol. What's up?
I've kind of been on the Gokey train since the beginning. I won't say he is the world's best singer, but he is darn good and I like him. After last night though, I am thinking about de-boarding said train. It's no secret I am not a fan of country music, I don't hide it. It's no bigger secret that I don't like Rascal Flatts. It's no mammoth sized secret that I detest that song he sung last night. I will admit that as soon as I hard him say he was going to sing it, I cringed; however I am a benefit of the doubt kind of person, so I stuck around...for about 15 seconds of the song, just until the vomit started to creep into my throat and then I hit fast forward (thank you DVR). I'm sorry, I don't care how good of a singer you are (and sorry RF fans - which would be the entire group of my in-laws) that song is just wrong. I've hated it since the first time I heard it...which wound up being about 30546732098520547092580249824671851 times with radio overkill. Danny won't go home tonight, and I still like him, but Danny, no more RF, okay?
Megan - go home. That's all that needs to be said.
Adam - we like you, just dial it down a notch. A tad theatrical for Idol. I do think he might pull off an awesome Queen song though. I think he might be able to reach some of the notes that Freddie could hit. Think about it. Just don't do Bohemian Rhapsody. Also, I would have gone with some Vanilla Ice, Ice Ice Baby last night instead of That Funky Music.
Scott - sorry bud I think you're next on the go home path, right behind Megan.
Kris - Understatedly (is that a word?) good. I'm going to see some more life in you though.
Alison - you rock! Last week's Papa Was a Rolling Stone was awesome. This week, not as good. You better not go home. If you do, we might see the judges pull out the save card.
Lil - always good. I want to see her do an upbeat, newer tune. No Mary J Blige though because when she does, she will draw the inevitable critique of trying to imitate her and not make it Lil's. Even though the judges told her to sing Mary.
Matt - come on Matt! Last week was great. I didn't think this week was as bad as the judges thought, but it wasn't as good as last week. Matt needs to pimp it out. Maybe some Prince. That would be cool.
Anoop. Oh Anoop. I really, really like you. You've got to stop having awesome weeks followed by crappy weeks. Maybe sing some Boyz To Men or try some Maroon 5. I'd like to hear that.
Actually I'd like to hear Matt sing some Adam Levine too. Maybe Lil could do some justice to a Prince song as well. Prince night would be awesome.
On a more pressing note...why are there even judges? Their jobs are moot. Since it's the peoples vote, their opinions are solely blowing hot air. Paula's might be laced with Helium. They all say the same thing over and over dawg. There's no artistry, but you look really pretty tonight, even if it was reminiscent of a hotel lounge singer.
If you're going to have judges why not use them?? Let the people vote in the bottom 3, let them sing for survival and let the judges have the final say. If not, just put some cute kitties in those judges chairs and give them a ball of string to bat around. Makes about as much sense, right?
And what in the world is up with Paula's outfits? It looks like she's raided the 1987 closet of prom dress rejects. Generously, she decided to share her findings with Alison last night. Alison, don't go back into that closet.
Anyway, that's just my opinion.