Adam Adam Bo Badam

Ok, so I just lost my Adam Lambert blog. Stupid keyboard.
Anyway, I have no idea what I wrote and of course it saved after the words magically disappeared.
The gist: loved Adam in Hollywood week, thought he would go far, probably finals. Each week he fades a little more for me, don't know why. His high notes make me die a little inside. He should pull off a rocking cover of The Darkness' "I Believe in a Thing Called Love". Would probably be better off to not win Idol so he won't have to sell his soul to 19 Entertainment. They won't like an album full of Ring of Fire covers. Commercial is better so Danny or Kris would most likely be the 19 folks choices to win.
Either way Adam will be Top 3. Think we should vote him off? Besides, think the Idol folks will provide costumes like this one for the Top 10 tour?? If so, maybe I'll buy me some tickets!!
So now I have lost 2 blogs on this topic. The first was the 2 AM laying in bed blog (which was awesome by the way - I even distinctly remember thinking to myself "this blog is awesome"), and my second attempt. They say the third times a charm...we will see.
So Jeff, disagree away, I know you are mush more of a music expert than I ever will be.
Trish, hope this helped on the whole "who is Adam Lambert" thing.
Everyone else, hope I didn't bore you to death.
Man, I even worked the word muzak into blog #2....stupid lost blogs.

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Trisha Martin said...

I think I was better off not knowing who Adam Lambert is. He looks like a freaky "Elvis Does Glitter while imitating Billy Idol"! He'd have to have one heck of a voice to get my vote!!