False Idols

Sorry Mark...your blog needed to be pushed down a few!! :o)
Not that I have anything important to say - we just needed a change of scenery.

So. Idol. What's up?
I've kind of been on the Gokey train since the beginning. I won't say he is the world's best singer, but he is darn good and I like him. After last night though, I am thinking about de-boarding said train. It's no secret I am not a fan of country music, I don't hide it. It's no bigger secret that I don't like Rascal Flatts. It's no mammoth sized secret that I detest that song he sung last night. I will admit that as soon as I hard him say he was going to sing it, I cringed; however I am a benefit of the doubt kind of person, so I stuck around...for about 15 seconds of the song, just until the vomit started to creep into my throat and then I hit fast forward (thank you DVR). I'm sorry, I don't care how good of a singer you are (and sorry RF fans - which would be the entire group of my in-laws) that song is just wrong. I've hated it since the first time I heard it...which wound up being about 30546732098520547092580249824671851 times with radio overkill. Danny won't go home tonight, and I still like him, but Danny, no more RF, okay?
Megan - go home. That's all that needs to be said.
Adam - we like you, just dial it down a notch. A tad theatrical for Idol. I do think he might pull off an awesome Queen song though. I think he might be able to reach some of the notes that Freddie could hit. Think about it. Just don't do Bohemian Rhapsody. Also, I would have gone with some Vanilla Ice, Ice Ice Baby last night instead of That Funky Music.
Scott - sorry bud I think you're next on the go home path, right behind Megan.
Kris - Understatedly (is that a word?) good. I'm going to see some more life in you though.
Alison - you rock! Last week's Papa Was a Rolling Stone was awesome. This week, not as good. You better not go home. If you do, we might see the judges pull out the save card.
Lil - always good. I want to see her do an upbeat, newer tune. No Mary J Blige though because when she does, she will draw the inevitable critique of trying to imitate her and not make it Lil's. Even though the judges told her to sing Mary.
Matt - come on Matt! Last week was great. I didn't think this week was as bad as the judges thought, but it wasn't as good as last week. Matt needs to pimp it out. Maybe some Prince. That would be cool.
Anoop. Oh Anoop. I really, really like you. You've got to stop having awesome weeks followed by crappy weeks. Maybe sing some Boyz To Men or try some Maroon 5. I'd like to hear that.
Actually I'd like to hear Matt sing some Adam Levine too. Maybe Lil could do some justice to a Prince song as well. Prince night would be awesome.
On a more pressing note...why are there even judges? Their jobs are moot. Since it's the peoples vote, their opinions are solely blowing hot air. Paula's might be laced with Helium. They all say the same thing over and over dawg. There's no artistry, but you look really pretty tonight, even if it was reminiscent of a hotel lounge singer.
If you're going to have judges why not use them?? Let the people vote in the bottom 3, let them sing for survival and let the judges have the final say. If not, just put some cute kitties in those judges chairs and give them a ball of string to bat around. Makes about as much sense, right?
And what in the world is up with Paula's outfits? It looks like she's raided the 1987 closet of prom dress rejects. Generously, she decided to share her findings with Alison last night. Alison, don't go back into that closet.
Anyway, that's just my opinion.


Krista said...

LoL I love it! I agree with much of what you said. Idol has been pretty interesting this year. I am loving it, dawg.

Ming said...

I second most of what you said and can I just say that Kris is my FAVORITE! Why aren't more people talking about him? I think he is SO cute, so talented, and ummmm, I just love him. Actually it's good he's not getting talked about as much. I think when people get over hyped they end up getting voted off. I think Kris is playing it just under the radar and will hopefully come out at the very end.