One Foot, Two Foot...

For Christmas, the hubster gave me a gift card to DSW.  Awesome, right?  It would be, except I can't decide on anything to buy!!  The kicker is he got a bonus gift card with his purchase and it expires at the end of this week! I know, I know, to have such problems, but do you ever experience the same thing?  You see exactly what you want, but don't have the money for it and then when you do have the money for it, you can't find what you want!?  Maybe it's just me.  Perhaps my shoe taste has become too picky, or I have lost the ability to pick out a rockin' shoe.  Oh, let's hope not.  Shoes are the pick me up of a drab outfit.  The sparkle on a worn out sweater. They just make you feel good.  I do need some more casual, practical shoes, but it's so hard to spend money on plain old boring shoes.  Who wants to do that?  It's no fun at all.  And I've also discovered shoe shopping online is no fun at all, but it beats dragging two kids with you in attempts to try shoes on, when it is cold and snowing outside. So online shoe shopping it is.
This week's to-do list item (other than the laundry, dishes, vacuuming, cleaning, making meals/snacks, etc etc): BUY SHOES!



I'm sure I am supposed to update this thing every now and again, but I just can't seem to be bothered.  That darn lazy thing again.  That, and what is there to blog about anyway?  Cute kid pictures and stories? That's on the kids blog...whenever I get around to updating that, if anyone is even still looking at it.  Politics? Don't get me started.  The weather? Nothing to complain about there.  How I miss Lost?  I do. A cooking blog? If I made anything that wasn't already "cooked" and in a box... 
Maybe I should turn this blog into a theme blog...or a "by request" blog.  I could take suggestions and ramble away.  Or I could turn it into a cupcake blog!  But then I would have to make cupcakes more often.  And then I would have to eat them.  And then my pants wouldn't fit me anymore.  But the hubby and kids would be happy. If we actually left the house more I could blog about funny, interesting, annoying things I see out in the world around me, but that would require getting three people dressed and fed before lunch/nap time.  Perhaps this could be a sports blog.  Or maybe, for the time being, I could turn it into a Politics Watch blog.  But not like the other political blogs.  This would be a "why was that question so ridiculously stupid?', "can you not just answer the question they asked you?", "is this election over yet?", "I could give a better answer than he (since there are no more "she" contenders) just gave...or was that an answer?"
What say ye?  Do ye even care if the blog is updated? I'm beginning not to care, but I feel as though I have an obligation.  Not sure to whom, but... maybe I should start a Life Blog.  Ways to improve my life.  Or a blog about the Real Housewives of Minnesota.  Now THAT's an idea!
Stay tuned. :o)