The Last Team to Arrive, MAY Be Eliminated!

Three things I miss almost as much as LOST during the summer came back this weekend. Last night TAR started up for their 15th season, which meant Phil AND Browsie (loved his appearances last night) and this morning I was greeted to an always stomach pain inducing, eye watering hilarious recap on www.ew.com by Josh Wolk (I think I love him almost as much as I love Phil....but not quite).
It was so great seeing Phil back. I am most excited for this season, it should be a good one!!



As I sit here wiping my seemingly, never-ending runny nose, I have discovered what it is in life that I want. It's really quite simple actually, and I have wanted this for years...about 8 years to be exact. I don't remember when I first discovered this want, but I know it was probably some time around September 2001, maybe October, but not much after that.
Sadly, there are many reasons I will never have one of these for my very own, but if you don't mind, may I dream about it for just a second?
How nice it would be to have one of these when I come home, when I have an errand to be run, or when I have chores to be done. It would be so lovely to not worry about simple things, mundane things, messy things or day to day things. To have all of the little things taken care of, the extra things done without asking, the wheel oiled that makes the days go by.
I don't know how much I would have to pay, but I am thinking it wouldn't be a very high price tag, actually I could probably get one at a pretty good deal. Sure, there would be some work on my part, but nothing that would cause me to pause and debate my choice. Days would be filled with the things I wanted to do, hobbies, fun, work (if I wanted), trips...all things anyone would love to fill their days with right?
As I sit here, I am even more determined that this want should be mine. I can't think of one downfall to the addition of this to my life. Oh yes, I guess there is one downfall; I would have to move to Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont or Iowa...and I hate unpacking.

*Just in case the subtlety has gone over your head...I'd like a wife, but I can only get one in 4 states right now.
**And just in case...this post is totally facetious. Although it would be awesome to have a wife.


Happy Thoughts

First there was this:
(Dawson's Creek, for those not in the know)

Then came:
(The Skulls....Walker and Jackson, could it be a bad movie??)

And now:

For every stage of my life, Joshua Jackson is always there...could I ask for anything more? :o) How do you mark the stages in your life?


Deep Thoughts

Here's what's been on my mind lately.

I don't think I can get to any of those places on one tank of gas can I?


Manners Anyone?

So I didn't watch the VMA's (does anyone watch them anymore?), but I did catch the news this morning. One of the morning news shows was going through the headlines and when they covered the VMA's, they mentioned how Taylor swift was interrupted by Kanye West while she was accepting her award. I guess Kanye wasn't too happy that Taylor had beat out Beyonce and he had to let the world know. Beyonce later won for best video and graciously asked Taylor to come up and give her acceptance speech without interruption this time. That was all wonderful, and friendly and all that. However the best part was when they cut back to the news guy, all he said was "What a jerk." Man, if I had been eating my cereal, I would have spewed milk everywhere I was laughing so hard!! LOVE IT!
Kanye seriously needs to just go away.


Paradox or Pessimism?

Ever notice that the people telling us that we don't need a lot of money for style, we don't have to be a size 2 to be happy, we are beautiful no matter what...are always rich, skinny and gorgeous?
When do we see a middle income person showing us decorating or fashion tips, a size 12 person telling us about the secrets to a happy life or an average looking person showing us beauty tips? Do you think that Miley Cyrus shops at WalMart now that she has a clothing line there? Did Isaac Mizrahi shop at Target while he designed for them? He did come to target headquarters (and I met him), but I never saw him buying things in the store. When Oprah shows us her favourite things (that none of us can afford) is she just rubbing it in our faces?
Just things to ponder this Wednesday morning.


Tuesday's Pet Peeve

Today on Good Morning America, they had an interview with a woman, who became a model after losing 70 pounds, leaving her weight at roughly 90 pounds. She had been told that if she lost 70 pounds, she could be a super model. This all while she was on high school, totally healthy and on the cheer leading squad. After years modelling and still being told she wasn't thin enough, she gave up trying and went back to her healthy size 12 self and is now a very successful plus sized model.
OK, Since when is a size 12 plus size?? When a size 0 became the seemingly acceptable size for models? When I was just out of high school, I paid my dues to the retail world for many years. During some of those years, I worked for a store that carried "regular" sizes (2-16) but I also worked some shifts for the "plus" size (14-26) store of the same chain. I'm not sure who started calling a size 12 a plus size, but I would like to meet that person and give them a good, swift kick.
While I was going to University, I was driving home, listening to the radio and heard a commercial for a modelling opportunity for plus sizes, size 10-14. SIZE 10???? What? Seriously people, someone has got to stop with this arbitrary labelling of plus sizes. Why can't we just go with being healthy and not numbers? You might be a size 2, but have 30% body fat - it doesn't automatically mean you are the picture perfect image of health. Just as someone may be a size 12 (gasp!), but be in perfect health.
At one of the malls I worked at, I worked across from a store that catered to young teens, and we would see them dress their mannequins sometimes, as they struggled to get outfits on, or done up. We would often tell them just to put a bigger size on the mannequin and clip it if they needed to, so it looked like it fit properly. We were shocked when they told us that they were using the biggest size they had. If the clothes you sell, don't even fit the mannequins in your store, how do you expect them to fit people??
Perhaps if we stopped obsessing with celebrities and cellulite, young girls could grow up feeling good about themselves no matter what size the label on their pants say.
And that's today's rant. Thank you.