Manners Anyone?

So I didn't watch the VMA's (does anyone watch them anymore?), but I did catch the news this morning. One of the morning news shows was going through the headlines and when they covered the VMA's, they mentioned how Taylor swift was interrupted by Kanye West while she was accepting her award. I guess Kanye wasn't too happy that Taylor had beat out Beyonce and he had to let the world know. Beyonce later won for best video and graciously asked Taylor to come up and give her acceptance speech without interruption this time. That was all wonderful, and friendly and all that. However the best part was when they cut back to the news guy, all he said was "What a jerk." Man, if I had been eating my cereal, I would have spewed milk everywhere I was laughing so hard!! LOVE IT!
Kanye seriously needs to just go away.

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Trisha Martin said...

I couldn't agree more! I just caught the video tonight and he really was a "jerk"!