Paradox or Pessimism?

Ever notice that the people telling us that we don't need a lot of money for style, we don't have to be a size 2 to be happy, we are beautiful no matter what...are always rich, skinny and gorgeous?
When do we see a middle income person showing us decorating or fashion tips, a size 12 person telling us about the secrets to a happy life or an average looking person showing us beauty tips? Do you think that Miley Cyrus shops at WalMart now that she has a clothing line there? Did Isaac Mizrahi shop at Target while he designed for them? He did come to target headquarters (and I met him), but I never saw him buying things in the store. When Oprah shows us her favourite things (that none of us can afford) is she just rubbing it in our faces?
Just things to ponder this Wednesday morning.

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Alisha and Dave said...

I also love how the rich people talk about how they've been affected by the economic downturn... I feel so bad that they can't drive their expensive cars due to people vandalizing them becuase they are pissed the rich people have to rub it in their face as they drive by.
I'm going to start a show...
Do not get me started on Oprah... did you see her season opener... I may blog about it..