Tuesday's Pet Peeve

Today on Good Morning America, they had an interview with a woman, who became a model after losing 70 pounds, leaving her weight at roughly 90 pounds. She had been told that if she lost 70 pounds, she could be a super model. This all while she was on high school, totally healthy and on the cheer leading squad. After years modelling and still being told she wasn't thin enough, she gave up trying and went back to her healthy size 12 self and is now a very successful plus sized model.
OK, Since when is a size 12 plus size?? When a size 0 became the seemingly acceptable size for models? When I was just out of high school, I paid my dues to the retail world for many years. During some of those years, I worked for a store that carried "regular" sizes (2-16) but I also worked some shifts for the "plus" size (14-26) store of the same chain. I'm not sure who started calling a size 12 a plus size, but I would like to meet that person and give them a good, swift kick.
While I was going to University, I was driving home, listening to the radio and heard a commercial for a modelling opportunity for plus sizes, size 10-14. SIZE 10???? What? Seriously people, someone has got to stop with this arbitrary labelling of plus sizes. Why can't we just go with being healthy and not numbers? You might be a size 2, but have 30% body fat - it doesn't automatically mean you are the picture perfect image of health. Just as someone may be a size 12 (gasp!), but be in perfect health.
At one of the malls I worked at, I worked across from a store that catered to young teens, and we would see them dress their mannequins sometimes, as they struggled to get outfits on, or done up. We would often tell them just to put a bigger size on the mannequin and clip it if they needed to, so it looked like it fit properly. We were shocked when they told us that they were using the biggest size they had. If the clothes you sell, don't even fit the mannequins in your store, how do you expect them to fit people??
Perhaps if we stopped obsessing with celebrities and cellulite, young girls could grow up feeling good about themselves no matter what size the label on their pants say.
And that's today's rant. Thank you.


Mary said...

Amen Sister!!!!

Emma said...

I wholeheartedly agree.

Scott and Elly said...

I completely agree. I wish I knew how to begin to change society's way of thinking.

Alisha and Dave said...

If you want be technical about numbers... anything above 0 is a plus...