As I sit here wiping my seemingly, never-ending runny nose, I have discovered what it is in life that I want. It's really quite simple actually, and I have wanted this for years...about 8 years to be exact. I don't remember when I first discovered this want, but I know it was probably some time around September 2001, maybe October, but not much after that.
Sadly, there are many reasons I will never have one of these for my very own, but if you don't mind, may I dream about it for just a second?
How nice it would be to have one of these when I come home, when I have an errand to be run, or when I have chores to be done. It would be so lovely to not worry about simple things, mundane things, messy things or day to day things. To have all of the little things taken care of, the extra things done without asking, the wheel oiled that makes the days go by.
I don't know how much I would have to pay, but I am thinking it wouldn't be a very high price tag, actually I could probably get one at a pretty good deal. Sure, there would be some work on my part, but nothing that would cause me to pause and debate my choice. Days would be filled with the things I wanted to do, hobbies, fun, work (if I wanted), trips...all things anyone would love to fill their days with right?
As I sit here, I am even more determined that this want should be mine. I can't think of one downfall to the addition of this to my life. Oh yes, I guess there is one downfall; I would have to move to Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont or Iowa...and I hate unpacking.

*Just in case the subtlety has gone over your head...I'd like a wife, but I can only get one in 4 states right now.
**And just in case...this post is totally facetious. Although it would be awesome to have a wife.


Krista said...

Wait...I am confused...so does this mean you are a lez?

Erin said...

One word. Nanny.

p.s. But not to be your wife, just to be your nanny.

Mark said...

Does this mean I'm in trouble?
/oblivious husband