Looking Ahead

I wish I had something exciting to say kids, but I don't.
I've been trying to come up with something witty, thought provoking, even something mildly amusing, but I've had no luck. Many posts have been started and deleted...I just want to update my blog so I don't have to see that last post. So I guess I will just give you a here's to list:
Here's to:
new shows this week
25 days until Christmas
no snow in MN yet
shopping without the wee one in tow
family members to entertain said wee one
online shopping
Christmas candy
cookie exchanges
shortened upcoming church services
Christmas lights and wreaths up on my house
a hubby who puts them up for me
Nanaimo bars - oh how I can not wait for you!!!
appetizers on Christmas Eve
watching T on Christmas morning
Christmas tree shopping next week (yes Mark, next week)
no more work travel for Mark this year
holiday dresses
candy cane kisses (and mint and cherry cordial)
going to the 'Peg for the holidays this year


Pinky and the Brain

Something strange happened today. Given my last post, it shouldn't come as a surprise at all!
At some point between going to bed last night at 10:00 and waking up at 6:40 this morning, I seem to have lost my mind. I'm not sure where it could have gone, but I'm pretty sure it's not under my skull.
Here's the evidence so far: 1) A week or two ago I was helping at a church service project sewing fleece hats. I had a bit of trouble with my machine to start off but after some re-threading of the bobbin it was smooth sailing, up until the last 10 minutes or so. For some reason my machine would not sew forward anymore; the needle would stop when it got to the top. If I turned the wheel backwards it was fine, but if I turned it forward, nothing. Great, new machine busted. so I called a local repair place this morning and they said to bring it on it. T and i hoped in the car and away we went. So the guy there is a genius. I had barely walked in, told him the problem and about 10 seconds after he set it on the counter, problem solved. The bobbin holder (for when you're winding thread on it) was in the locked position - hence why the needle would only go backwards. It was a cheap fix monetarily, but quite pricey for my pride. Oh well, at least I didn't have to dip into the bank account for that one.
2) After the sewing shop incident we headed out for a few groceries and a quick, albeit unnecessary, trip to Target. I know better than to shop on an empty stomach, but I think I had safely passed from an empty stomach to a never ending pit. I bought way more crap than I should of including ready to bake chocolate chip cookies, and 3 packs of the refrigerated jello puddings (they were on sale, and only 60 calories!!). The worst was in Target however, we stopped by the cafe on the way out since it was almost lunch and I downed the bread sticks. SO. GOOD. Pizza Hut bread sticks have to be the best, but I know I must check my brain at the door to eat those things.
3) This one is the kicker. It sealed the case of the missing brain. Mark is in New York today, well he should be there by now. He called me this morning from Boston and asked me about a few restaurants we had been to while we lived there. I told them what they were called and where they were. Then I got sad. I wanted to go eat there. It almost made me want to be back in New York. ALMOST. Until I remembered what the cost of rent was, and the loud neighbours, and the smells...and that I have a kid now and I would probably become a hermit if I lived in NYC with a kid. And Mark would have to make a LOT, and I mean a LOT, more money.
Maybe it's just because it's getting close to Christmas and the Rockettes touring show isn't coming to Minneapolis, and all that other holiday stuff. Christmas was really the only time I enjoyed NYC. But you've already heard that story.
So I guess for now I will live vicariously through Mark eating all that yummy food while T and I dine on pancakes this evening. Maybe next year I'll head out for a Christmas time visit and enjoy the holiday scenes. Until then, the Holidazzle parade will have to suffice, along with the snow, the cold and the warmth of my car, not the freezing subway platforms.
4) Still waiting on this one, but I am guessing it will happen some time around when dinner is being made. The pancake mix calls for water, but I'll dump vinegar in or something. Maybe I will forget to turn the stove on and stand there yelling at it for 10 minutes. Whatever it is, I have no doubt about it happening before bed.
So if anyone has any idea where my brain may have run off to, please feel free to let me know!


The Neverending Abyss

I'm at a loss for blogs. Nothing seems worthwhile to blog about. Or if it does, I've already blogged about it and no one wants to read me go off on my soapbox again (seriously, why does the fashion world insist on either size zeros or relegating "normal" sized women to plus size modeling?? Why not just have a lovely mixture of models of all sizes? It would be so much easier and so much more realistic.) Ok, I am done with that rant.
Other than my above mini rant....I am really at a loss. I could continue with odes to family members when I am having a mental block, but I'm not sure any of my family want their mugs up on my blog and the embarrassing stories that accompany them...oh the day the dog ran over my sister will forever live on in my mind, complete with a running laugh track. Still makes me laugh every time.
Perhaps my brain has finally given up on me now that it gets zero to no exercise anymore. Well, if you can call TV exercise, then it does get some. Someone in my family recently asked me what I wanted for Christmas, specifically if there were any books I wanted, and I sat there blankly, trying to think and all that went through my head was "books...books...books..." followed by a very loud silence. I don't even know the last book I read. Well, I do, but I think it's the only book I've read all year and it took me much longer than it should have for me to finish it, and I didn't care for it that much in the end.
Maybe I need to have some political debates with Mark, if only to get my brain going again. But who wants to read about my political thoughts?? If any of my readers are like Mark, than no one wants to hear/read/see them. Thank goodness for Entertainment Weekly and W...I can at least blog about celebrity crap and the absurd prices of designer clothing (oh if only I could afford them).
Oh well, at least the last post has been pushed down from immediate viewing.