I haven't solved the hair dilemma, but maybe I will just attempt to bring the ladies mullet back!! If you see me and it looks like I have a mullet...just smile and keep on walking.
While I know this blog doesn't get a lot of traffic, I used to enjoy blathering on and on about whatever random thought popped into my head.  These days, it seems even my random thoughts have been lost in the wind.  Between making meals, cleaning up, getting snacks, cleaning up, stopping fights, changing diapers, feeding a baby, doing laundry, getting groceries, running errands...I don't have random, fun thoughts anymore!  That or it just seems silly to waste my time with my silly thoughts and ramblings.  
How do you find something to keep you sane, give you some me time, when life keeps you running back and forth taking care of the needs of other people?  That being said, I certainly don't feel like I accomplish much in any given day.  However, I suppose if all three children are fed, dressed and relatively clean, we've had a productive day.  If we can get through it without too many tears or raised voices, then it's been an even better day. 
One day there will be time for random ramblings again.  But by then, they may be voiced from my bed in the asylum  :o)


Hair Today...

To cut or not to cut...to grow or not to grow?  This is my hair in its various stages since Tennyson was born. Prior to that, my hair was straight and almost down to my waist.  We're not going there again.  However I don't know if I want to let it grow or if I should hack it off again or stay in the middle.  If any one feels so inclined, please leave me a comment.  


Dilemma Dilemma

The hardest thing about having a baby is trying to figure out what to wear, after having that baby.  Unless you are some celebrity with a crazy trainer who gets you back into your pre-baby clothes three days after giving birth, most of us probably struggle with our clothing choices.  I lucked into being back into most of my clothes after baby #2 three weeks later, but that was due to a baby who didn't let me sit down for more than 2 minutes at a time and made it impossible to eat anything remotely resembling a sit down meal.  I don't recommend it.  So, here we are four weeks after baby #3 and I prefer staying home for the main reason that it allows me to wear my pajamas and not have to worry about trying to find clothes that fit.  Maternity clothes are too big, pre-maternity clothes are too small, but I don't want to spend money on in between clothes!  What's a girl to do?  So far it's been maternity capris/jeans that haven't fallen down around my knees yet and a couple regular tops.  Tops.  That's the trickiest because you have to find one that doesn't accentuate the left over baby weight but that also allows for nursing.  Double whammy!!  So far my shirts have either been stretched out, baggy maternity tops or pre-pregnancy t-shirts that are a little tighter than they should be.  Not sure what look is more appealing:  frumpy, poorly dressed slob, or is that lady four month pregnant?  As long as I am toting the newborn with me, the too tight look seems more acceptable because people can hopefully see I've just had a baby, instead of alerting TLC's What Not To Wear that I need a makeover.
So, if you see me around and I am wearing the same outfit for the fourth day in a row...I promise I wash my clothes! :o)
And if you have any solutions/suggestions that don't require a new wardrobe for this extra weight, please feel free to share them with me.  Unless it requires me going on a liquid only diet for the next 6-7 weeks, because that's not going to happen!


Feeling Lucky?

Anyone want to place bets on when this babe decides to make an appearance? The winner gets the satisfaction of knowing they were right! Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section. And name guesses too. It would be interesting to see if anyone is on the same brain waves as we are heading. Don't burn too many brain cells over this one.


Six Weeks. SIX WEEKS??

It's amazing how 6 weeks can feel like the longest time frame ever, yet can also feel like if you blink it will be here.  Right now, I think I am in the middle somewhere.  Probably deluding myself by leaning more towards to the "6 weeks is forever" mentality.  I think it is going to bite me in the bum!!
When I think about all the things that need to be done, bought, organized, decided....there is not enough time.  But when I think 6 weeks, 42 days...man that's forever from now, there is tons of time for everything.  There is one thing I have realized about myself from all of this...it's just easier to worry about it later than figure it out now.  If I don't think about it, it will all work out, right?  The thought of making a list of everything to do stresses me out, so if I don't make the list, then no stress, but the kid might not have a name, things to wear, somewhere to sleep...
Why is it exciting the first time around, but not so much the third time around.  Maybe because I don't get to go buy cute little outfits, pick out room colours, bedding etc.  Instead I get to wonder who gets to share a room, can we put someone into an unfinished, unheated basement, will the boy hate the new baby and try to hit her on the head with the butterfly net???  Definitely not as fun and day-dreamy as preparing for baby #1.  I suppose it will all get done in time, and if not...well as long as we set up a "crib" and have a name, she won't mind so much if she doesn't have her own room to start life out.
Now, if we can just figure this name thing out.  Seriously people...no suggestions?  We're running out of time!


Monday Lessons

Three things I've realized today, all before 9AM:

  1. I will never be able to fold a fitted sheet so that it looks remotely presentable (and I am okay with that).
  2. There is no point in buying any type of new furniture when there are small children in the house.  So if you come over, please ignore the scratches, stains and gauges that may appear in/on tables, couches, chairs, floors....
  3. The one thing I have on my to-do list for the weekend, is the one thing that never gets done.


Brain Scramble

I'm not sure which I am finding more difficult... name picking or car shopping.  Today, I think car shopping is winning.  Who comes up with prices on cars anyway?? It's ridiculous!  And there are so many cars!!  Why can't we just limit it to three choices?  It would be easier for me that way.  Too many choices makes me want to run away and forget that I have to decide.  Between names, cars, to finish the basement or not to finish the basement, sell the car/trade it in...I am in need of running away.  And in need of more money (donations are welcome).  You think there is all the time in the world, but then slowly but surely, we're in June already.  One weekend after another gone.  Work responsibility, church responsibility, fun times, trips, commitments here and there...we are out of time!  So much for a girls trip.  Not even sure we'll get one last family trip in before I am forbidden to travel.  I guess I need to hire a decision maker for me.  Someone who can sort out all the options and tell me which one is the best, when I need to do it and how long it will take to get it done.  Do they have people for that?  On a positive look, the bedroom might get painted this weekend!! It's only taken four and a half years and 12 color samples on the wall...but the end might be in sight!  
So here is to getting decisions made, in a timely manner and to a fresh coat of paint!


Today's Lesson

As I was perusing my Parenting magazine over lunch today, I came to a conclusion.  The magazine exists solely to make me (and perhaps a few other SAHM's) feel inadequate.  If we're not using cloth diapers, we are not only harming our children but also the environment.  If we are forcing our children to sleep in a crib by them selves (gasp!) from a few months old, we are making sleep a terribly scary, lonely event.  If, heaven forbid, we are not feeding them all natural, organic, non-processed, frozen food, well then who knows what kind of sickness and health issues they will develop.  On top of all of that, if we are not running a business of earth friendly baby products, writing books on eating kindly, working in television or having our own line of ridiculously overpriced children's clothing, then what are we doing with our time?
Yes, I know, it's celebrities who have an entourage of folks (trainers, chefs, assistants, money) but I am guessing most of Parenting's readers are NOT celebrities.  So...what about us folks who manage to find 5 minutes for a shower, throw in some processed, frozen chicken nuggets for dinner (carrots on the side), stay in pj's all day, maybe throw in a load of laundry or two....
Parenting, here's an idea for your next month's edition...A Day In The Life of a SAHM.  Show me some pictures of the dishes piled up, last night's dinner on the floor under the high chair, the pile of laundry waiting for someone to put it away, Mom in her pj's with disheveled hair and kids running wild, tearing pages from books, leaving a trail of toys behind them as they whiz by in a blur.  Sounds like a regular day around these parts!


The Name Game

Now the fun begins.
Since we have eliminated one gender, we can focus on actually picking a name! I thought it would be fun to get suggestions this time around...see what the people think.  (Quick disclaimer: we do not have to use any suggestions given!)  Might be a good way to get the name juices rolling to figure out to call this cupcake!
So, if you want to leave a comment/name suggestion, please feel free.  Just be aware, no entries that begin with the letter "T" will be accepted.
IF we end up choosing a name someone suggested...I'll make you cupcakes, any flavour you want!  of course, if you don't live near me, well...you'll just have to bask in the glory of knowing we picked your suggestion!  Or, come visit me and I will make you some!
Let the games begin!
Oh, and friends of Mark, if you read this...nothing that rhymes with any vulgarity or body parts please!


Drum Roll Please....

Tennyson wanted to tell you something (or just be in the picture at least, Truman wasn't really interested and wanted to take his nap..).  So here we go....again. :o)


Boys vs Girls

How I wish I had something intelligent to share with you today, but I don't.  I was just tired of seeing that previous blog title.  Even if it is true.
So, next week we will hopefully know what this little "cupcake" (as a friend referred to it) specifically is, other than a baby of course.  No, we have no hopes one way or the other.  We are mostly set for either, minus a car that can fit us all, of course, so whichever way it rolls is fine with us.  Although the last three and a half years have shone some light on the pros and cons of girls vs boys, I'm still not convinced one is easier than the other.  They are just different.  I don't know which I prefer...especially since it ultimately comes down to personality, not gender.  The things I love about having my girl are wildly different than the reasons I love having my boy.  This third one could be a girl and be totally different than girl #1...you know what I am saying.  So, that said...whatever.  As long as it is one, and not two! Of course, now I have jinxed myself and we will get an even bigger surprise next week (and an even bigger car!)
I debated having a "Gender Poll", but really, you have a 50-50 chance of being right, how hard is that?  However, if you feel the need to share a feeling, or a thought on the subject matter, go right ahead and comment away.  You've got pretty decent odds.  Maybe we'll make it interesting once we know and hold a name contest...that would be much more interesting!
In the meantime, if one more person tells me I look bigger this third time than I have with the previous two...I may just have a public meltdown.  I tell myself it's because I'm 40 pounds smaller than I was the other times, not because I am having multiples, as people like to inform me.  So, if you see me and you think I am already resembling a whale, or any other creature of such girth, do me a favour and keep it to yourself or whisper about me behind my back, don't tell me. 


A Whole Lotta Nuthin.

My lovely sister candidly told me today that I am "sucking at the blogging thing, FYI."  So I thought I would appease her with a blog.  A blog about what? No idea, but a blog nonetheless. (Do you know how much the day improves when I use the word nonetheless in an unforced situation?? LOVE that word).  Anyway, I digress.  From what? No idea.  
There have been a few thoughts that have been swirling around in my head the past week or so, and they are probably issues I have vented about on here already, but maybe they bear repeating.
1) People who back into parking spots.  WHY???  I was going to pick up T from pre-K and this huge, HUGE pick-up truck was in the parking lot, BACKING into a spot.  In an almost empty lot.  No cars on either side, just the wind blowing through the spacious parking spaces.  So he backs in, I drive by, and park my car, nose first. Get out of my car, unbuckle the boy from his seat, take him out, shut the door and lock the car.  The man in the truck? Still backing his truck in. I don't think he was finished and out of his truck before I was already inside the school.  I don't get it.  It was brought to my attention that sometimes in tight spaces, it it is easier to back a big vehicle into a spot, but I don't know.  I'm not buying it.
2) I was trying to think of the last time I picked up my camera.  Other than to move it off the counter to clean under it.  So sad.  Well, not that anything exciting has been missed....rather, nothing's gone on to warrant picture taking I suppose.  You can only have so many pictures of you and the kids in your pj's in the midst of a tornado ravaged home.
3) Car shopping sucks.
4) Feeling like you're 8 months pregnant when you are only 4.5 months pregnant does not bode well for the rest of the pregnancy.
5) I really want my house organized, but I think when organizing skills were handed out/learned/up for grabs, I must have been daydreaming about shoes or French macarons or something, because it is something I can not do.  And I really need some organizing.  Sure, I can look up tips, even pin some fantastic ideas on my boards thanks to www.pinterest.com, but honestly?  Where do these people live with the amount of space that most things require? And how much money do they have to go buy everything they need for the awesome organizing projects??  If anyone close by, or far away, wants to come to my house and do an organizing overhaul...COME! NOW!  If not, you might find me under a pile of matchbox cars, recipes, or random nick knacks.
6) Anyone have any inexpensive, awesome vacation spots?  I think I might need one before June.


Today's Post Is Brought To You By The Letter F

It's been an eventful week or so...nothing to write home about, but who writes letters these days anyway?  We've been a quasi single parent home lately since the husband has been (and will be) travelling quite a lot, so I think the kids try to put on their best behavior to help me out.  And by best behavior I mean, biting siblings, screaming matches, the beginnings of refusing to take naps, back talk, temper tantrums..you know.  Behavior fit for a visit from the Queen.  Oh! The best was the learning of a new word.  Sadly, it wasn't the non-talker who decided to start speaking, no it was the older sister who decided her vocabulary was not colourful enough. 
I was standing in the kitchen putting some dishes away while the girl played nicely in the living room.  She asked me a question, and I wasn't really paying attention (as usual since we could set a record for number of questions asked in a day) until she asked me again.  Now, her repetition of things is nothing new, so I may have ignored the question another time or two except this time her question almost made me drop whatever dish I had in my hand at the time.  I wasn't sure if I should laugh, cry, pick my jaw up off the ground or just keel over...but I picked my jaw up, held on to the counter, looked her in the eye and said, "Excuse me?"  To which she nonchalantly looked at me and said, "Mom? What's a ___ (rhymes with truck, duck, luck, puck...you get the idea)."  Since I continued to stare at her for what must have been forever, she decided she would just keep asking until I answered her.  I had no idea what to say!!  At first I was sure I had just misheard what she said, so I made the mistake of asking, "a what?"  and she told me.  Plain as day.  Then naivety set in and I said, "you mean a fork?"  Nope.  A ____.  I lost track of how many times she actually said it, but let's just say if she had been in a movie, it would have been rated R.  After I was able to convince her it wasn't a real word, I was more concerned with where she heard it from.  She first tried to blame it on her brother, but since he really only says "mama", I figured that wasn't true.  Her answer was that it was just in her head.  She never budged from that answer all night.  Thankfully, she has not uttered that word again.  I choose to believe that since she is into discovering rhyming words she must have been going through some "uck" words and the alphabet and...voila!  The Christmas Story live in my living room.  I am just waiting to get pulled aside at her school or in church to discuss her new vocabulary!!  Oh kids.  They say the darndest things.  Maybe Truman's first word will be something as awesome and he's just waiting for the right time to drop that bomb.
Hopefully it's just a phase.  They say everything's a phase, right?  It can't last that long, can it?  Maybe it's because it's winter and we don't get outside much.  Or maybe it's too much Yo Gabba Gabba?  Nope, they teach you to NOT bite your friends.  Well, whatever it is, if you hear my 3.5 year old curse you out like a sailor...please don't hold it against me.  I'll just blame it on pregnancy brain.


One Foot, Two Foot...

For Christmas, the hubster gave me a gift card to DSW.  Awesome, right?  It would be, except I can't decide on anything to buy!!  The kicker is he got a bonus gift card with his purchase and it expires at the end of this week! I know, I know, to have such problems, but do you ever experience the same thing?  You see exactly what you want, but don't have the money for it and then when you do have the money for it, you can't find what you want!?  Maybe it's just me.  Perhaps my shoe taste has become too picky, or I have lost the ability to pick out a rockin' shoe.  Oh, let's hope not.  Shoes are the pick me up of a drab outfit.  The sparkle on a worn out sweater. They just make you feel good.  I do need some more casual, practical shoes, but it's so hard to spend money on plain old boring shoes.  Who wants to do that?  It's no fun at all.  And I've also discovered shoe shopping online is no fun at all, but it beats dragging two kids with you in attempts to try shoes on, when it is cold and snowing outside. So online shoe shopping it is.
This week's to-do list item (other than the laundry, dishes, vacuuming, cleaning, making meals/snacks, etc etc): BUY SHOES!



I'm sure I am supposed to update this thing every now and again, but I just can't seem to be bothered.  That darn lazy thing again.  That, and what is there to blog about anyway?  Cute kid pictures and stories? That's on the kids blog...whenever I get around to updating that, if anyone is even still looking at it.  Politics? Don't get me started.  The weather? Nothing to complain about there.  How I miss Lost?  I do. A cooking blog? If I made anything that wasn't already "cooked" and in a box... 
Maybe I should turn this blog into a theme blog...or a "by request" blog.  I could take suggestions and ramble away.  Or I could turn it into a cupcake blog!  But then I would have to make cupcakes more often.  And then I would have to eat them.  And then my pants wouldn't fit me anymore.  But the hubby and kids would be happy. If we actually left the house more I could blog about funny, interesting, annoying things I see out in the world around me, but that would require getting three people dressed and fed before lunch/nap time.  Perhaps this could be a sports blog.  Or maybe, for the time being, I could turn it into a Politics Watch blog.  But not like the other political blogs.  This would be a "why was that question so ridiculously stupid?', "can you not just answer the question they asked you?", "is this election over yet?", "I could give a better answer than he (since there are no more "she" contenders) just gave...or was that an answer?"
What say ye?  Do ye even care if the blog is updated? I'm beginning not to care, but I feel as though I have an obligation.  Not sure to whom, but... maybe I should start a Life Blog.  Ways to improve my life.  Or a blog about the Real Housewives of Minnesota.  Now THAT's an idea!
Stay tuned. :o)