Dilemma Dilemma

The hardest thing about having a baby is trying to figure out what to wear, after having that baby.  Unless you are some celebrity with a crazy trainer who gets you back into your pre-baby clothes three days after giving birth, most of us probably struggle with our clothing choices.  I lucked into being back into most of my clothes after baby #2 three weeks later, but that was due to a baby who didn't let me sit down for more than 2 minutes at a time and made it impossible to eat anything remotely resembling a sit down meal.  I don't recommend it.  So, here we are four weeks after baby #3 and I prefer staying home for the main reason that it allows me to wear my pajamas and not have to worry about trying to find clothes that fit.  Maternity clothes are too big, pre-maternity clothes are too small, but I don't want to spend money on in between clothes!  What's a girl to do?  So far it's been maternity capris/jeans that haven't fallen down around my knees yet and a couple regular tops.  Tops.  That's the trickiest because you have to find one that doesn't accentuate the left over baby weight but that also allows for nursing.  Double whammy!!  So far my shirts have either been stretched out, baggy maternity tops or pre-pregnancy t-shirts that are a little tighter than they should be.  Not sure what look is more appealing:  frumpy, poorly dressed slob, or is that lady four month pregnant?  As long as I am toting the newborn with me, the too tight look seems more acceptable because people can hopefully see I've just had a baby, instead of alerting TLC's What Not To Wear that I need a makeover.
So, if you see me around and I am wearing the same outfit for the fourth day in a row...I promise I wash my clothes! :o)
And if you have any solutions/suggestions that don't require a new wardrobe for this extra weight, please feel free to share them with me.  Unless it requires me going on a liquid only diet for the next 6-7 weeks, because that's not going to happen!

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Jen Richards said...

THis post made me laugh! I remember that all too well (this was me last summer!). You feel so cute with your baby bump and then after you deliver you feel like a frump with a lumpy stomach (or at least this was my experience). I know you Mel, and I am sure you look great. And if you are not feeling good about your clothes on any particular day, look at your beautiful baby to try take your mind off it :)